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Security Token Exchange Platform Development to double your dividends!

We the expert professionals at Zab Technologies deliver crypto exchange software with loaded security features and mechanisms. We create a trading platform, which is reliable and trustworthy to trade for your users.

We make ourselves adopted with the latest technologies and start implementing them instantly in our software. Our security token solutions are completely compliant with SEC Regulations where your users can trade security tokens instantaneously!

Security Token Exchange Development
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Security Token Exchange Features we offer

Security Exchange Platform

Our STO Exchange allows the users to get started with trading the security tokens instantly which are completely compliant in the crypto industry.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our exchange platform is blended with Payment Gateway where your users can pay either with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies like Credit cards, Debit cards, etc.

Connection to external exchanges

To enhance the liquidity in the trading platform, we make use of API modules in our crypto exchange software which drags the liquidity from external providers.

IEO Module/Launchpad

You can now list the IEO projects in your exchange as we have integrated a separate IEO module in it. You can gain additional revenues for every purchase of token.

Order Matching Engine

Our Order Matching Engine is responsible for seamlessly pairing the orders of buyers and sellers at the live market price. We support orders such as Market Orders, Stop orders, etc.

Crypto wallet Integration

We integrate Crypto Wallets which manages all the security tokens and private keys with top-notch features like Two-factor Authentication, Fingerprint sensor, etc.

Multi-currency pairing

You can integrate any cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc or fiat currencies like USD, EURO, etc into our exchange platform software.

Admin Console

As the owner of the trading platform, you can make the changes by adding, removing or altering any functionalities in your cryptocurrency exchange.

Trader Console

Your traders can seamlessly enjoy the trading experience with user-friendliness and easy navigation features for continuous trading of cryptocurrencies.

Market Making

If in case there is no liquidity in the market, our market-making counterparty will be responsible to place the buy and sell orders in the exchange platform.

Security Token Exchange Development Benefits
You can be assured of cutting-edge security token exchange which is built with protocols like HTTPS Authentication, Anti Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Data Encryption, SQL Injection Prevention, HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection, Jail Login, etc.
Hassle-free customization
We people at Zab Technologies excel in delivering 100% customizable solutions where you can make changes to your choice as per the requirements. Our futuristic CMS is designed in a way that, you can instantly alter the platform though you have limited knowledge on them.
Our security token exchange software is highly supported across the globe with various languages such as French, Chinese, Arabic, etc. Thus, your traders can choose the language of their choice to get started with trading in your platform.
Reasonable Cost
All our exchange solutions are delivered at a reasonable cost in the industry when compared to other solution providers. We yield the results of high-quality and worth of price which will help you to double your profits and uprise your crypto business.
24*7 Customer support
We provide 24*7 service support to global clients in the crypto industry. In addition to customer support, we offer bug-free software which is unhackable. We also render server configuration & deployment entirely at no cost to our global clients.
Private Blockchain is a Decentralized type of a Blockchain


Yes, obviously. You can list both utility tokens as well as security tokens in the exchange platform.

Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, Kraken, OKEx, Poloniex, tZero, Bancor are few of the early-adopting trading platforms.

As Security Tokens are considered as the future of fundraising schemes, we can expect more security tokens to emerge. Thus, these Exchanges will also be prevalent.

Cyprus, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seychelles, the United States, etc are some of the countries where you can set up the Exchange.

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