1 in 7 Chinese invested in Cryptocurrencies!

Panews Statistics

Recently Panews has shared the stats saying almost 5000 randomly picked Chinese people have the same mind thoughts regarding cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

Apart from those 5000 people, only 2% of them doesn’t know about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin, rest of them were well aware of concepts.

14% of the example, or 598 respondents, expressed that they have put resources into digital forms of money, almost 70% of whom obtained their crypto by means of a trade stage. 266 respondents came to have their crypto through airdrops, trailed by mining, with 263.


While 4,125 respondents showed recognition with the ideas of digital money, Bitcoin, and blockchain innovation, just 372 people depicted themselves as having a solid comprehension of relevant subjects, adding up to generally 9% all things considered.

Just 17 respondents guaranteed not to have known about digital currency, while 103 expressed that they were new to Bitcoin. 60% of respondents depicted normal observations with respect to the multifaceted nature of trading and putting away cryptocurrency money as the essential boundary to more noteworthy crypto selection.

In general, the investigation found that bitcoin and digital currency have made huge steps toward infiltrating standard financial talk in China, stating that “the cryptographic money industry has gained impressive ground in the general population’s subjective dimension” since “the good ‘old days.”


Do anyone here really think worlds 90% of people still aware of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies? Please comment below your thoughts!

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