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Use Cases of Blockchain Technology in Real World


Blockchain technology has completely disrupted the things around us. So what are the popular use cases of Blockchain technology? Why it has gained much importance? With the hype and popularity, most of the B2B Businesses such as Healthcare, Banking, Finance, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Pharma, Cross Border Payments, etc are leveraging them. Blockchain technology allows for a digital...

How Blockchain Technology is Remodelling Software and Taxi Industry

blockchain in taxi and software industry

Blockchain is renewing industrial sectors by presenting new opportunities to everyone since 2008. Blockchain is a sophisticated technology that allows cryptocurrencies to handle the transactions effectively. This means that the transactions are carried without the assistance of banks. Blockchain transactions move the data incrementally in peer to peer networks. Added, the transaction records are...

Future of Cryptocurrency has important role to play in near future

Future of cryptocurrency

Blockchain invention came into existence in early 2008. This technology has been ruling the world by making revolutions in all sorts of industry. If you are a person surviving in the Crypto industry, you would know the changes it has already caused. One such live example is about the person Kristoffer Koch. He is a Norwegian man who decided to buy 5000 Bitcoins in the year 2009. At the time, the...

Zab Technologies is among Top Blockchain Development companies in 2019!

zab technologies

Zab Technologies is a Blockchain development company that has proved its worth by delivering upscale software solutions to clients across the globe. Extensive experience in delivering full-cycle Blockchain development services along with deep technology expertise enabled the company to hit the lists of the leading custom software development firms according to prominent online analytics hubs. Now...

10 Things to Consider before you Create your Own Cryptocurrency for business!

Develop new Cryptocurrency

Crypto Mania hasn’t gone anywhere! Everyone right from enterprise millionaires to financial institutions finds this fantastic technology interesting! The primary solution they are looking for is how to bring in cash for their business. Let’s see how precisely you can create your own Cryptocurrency! With this growth every day, people want to create a currency that can bring them profits...

How Blockchain could change the world? The hidden strategy behind ruling the crypto capital!

How Blockchain could change the world

How Blockchain could change the world?  If time travel was a possible thing, most of the people would march towards 2010 to buy bitcoins! Wondering why? The thing is if you have invested no more than 10,000 INR you would probably be the boss holding 330 crores by now!  The world has already stunned with such a drastic growth of Bitcoins as a cryptocurrency. People have taken into investing in...

How to Invest in Blockchain Technology? Blockchain Investment guide for all Business!

How to Invest in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology has ventured into a desirable number of changes in recent years. With Cryptocurrencies coming into existence, traders have already marched to experience a reap of benefits! So how to invest in Blockchain Technology? This blog answers to all your queries! 2018 was the most active year in the Crypto World with its decade of history. While the internet has created a place for...

Why is bitcoin price rising as a skyrocket? Here is what you need to know!

bitcoin price rise

Why is Bitcoin Price Rising? The real reason! So Why is Bitcoin Price Rising? Change is the only permanent thing happening in the current industry. Cryptocurrencies have been the one which undergoes a lot of emendations regardless of the up or downfall. One such thing which the crypto world is experiencing currently is the fluctuations in price! Well, you would know what I’m literally speaking...

Blockchain Development Companies in India can aid you in reaping the profits for your business!

blockchain developers

Blockchain has been a promising factor for every industry in recent years. Latest Development in Blockchain has led to a drastic change in the crypto industry. Blockchain Technology is associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  With Blockchain Development Services many people can write entries into the record of information, and a community of users can control how the record of...