How to Create ERC20 Token? – Complete Guide

How to create ERC20 tokens

One of the frequent and the most asked questions on the internet is “How to Create ERC20 Token?” It is not a surprise that the price of the Ethereum coin is on the hike and Ethereum 2.0 is on the cards. In short, the quench for the ERC20 tokens had taken off already.

There are nearly 49 million unique addresses on the Ethereum Blockchain according to the sources. With such a drastic emendation, Ethereum has gained popularity and status as the topmost altcoin in the crypto race. It is a known fact that several altcoins are launching their DeFi strategy, Ethereum is still constructing its Defi platform to get a hold on the ground so strong to outlaw other cryptocurrencies. 

We all know about Ethereum a little. It is a popular altcoin in the entire crypto trading platform. Do we know about their relationship with the Smart contract? This is really important and we should have some knowledge about it. When it comes to creating a cryptocurrency token or Smart Contracts, Ethereum remains to be the winner.  Here in this blog, we can take a knowledge walk over the ERC20 token, the Process of creating ERC20 token and its relation with smart contracts.

ERC20 Tokens & Smart Contracts Explained

Smart Contracts are digital legal tender between two bodies or companies that govern the entire business function in an efficient way. When it comes to cryptocurrency, smart contracts look over all the parameters of the newly created tokens. They are automatically executable programs that run on specific conditions based on the code. 

You can create ERC20 Token in compliance with certain token standards. It is because of their functionality. No other ERC token standards have a specific feature that offers you the smart contract functionality.  It has to specify a lot of information such as

  • Name
  • Symbol
  • Number of tokens that one purchases during the ICO trade.

Similar to cryptocurrencies, these ERC20 Tokens can also be transferred from one trader to another within an exchange platform. These tokens can be created and distributed during ICO or Crowdsale.

Once the company launches the ICO, they get funds either in the form of Ether tokens or cryptocurrencies/fiat currencies. The investor can connect the Ethereum Blockchain to their account and fund their wallet with Ether tokens.

Smart contracts handle the rule of how crowd sale works. When an investor purchases these tokens, they can send crypto coins from their wallets to the token holder’s account with respect to the standards prescribed by the Smart Contract. This immediately dispenses the tokens to the trader’s account. Are you interested to create ERC20 Token now? Wait, let me explain how it works for your business.

How do ERC20 Token Works?

  1. The Smart Contract stores the admin account as a crowdfunding wallet address.
  2. The price of the token and the number of limitations of the trade-related to the tokens are stored in the smart contract.
  3. The Smart contract implements those functions required to purchase the token and conduct a successful token sale.

Create ERC20 Token Wallet

You know how to create ERC20 token online and it is time to integrate the ERC20 wallet along with your token to generate crowdfunding successfully. All you need is to create a professional ERC20 wallet for your token to capture the funding. You can secure your crypto assets through your ERC20 wallet and store them in either a hardware wallet or a software one. It is completely based on your choice. I prefer choosing a warm ERC20 wallet where you can store your cryptos either offline or online. 

How to Create a Token on Ethereum?

If you think that you can create ERC20 token all by yourself in one hour or one day, kindly ignore those. Because, you can create ERC20 token in one hour, but think about its credibility. Here, I want to indicate the nicest proverb that will prove the above words – “Rome was not Built in a Day.” If you want to build Rome, then you can continue to read.

Before you make Tokens, you need to decide whether your project is in need of an ERC20 Token. Since there are already other Ethereum based token standards such as ERC23, ERC621, ERC721, ERC 827, etc. Make sure whether you need to create ERC20 token. For ERC20 Token Creation, you need to follow certain criteria which is listed below:


You can create your desired ERC20 token with available languages that include

  • Mutan: Similar to Go Language
  • LLL: Lisp Like Language
  • Serpent: A Python Language
  • Solidity: A Javascript Language

You can select the language and get started with coding the smart contracts. Test the Smart Contracts with the Etherscan verification. Validate the tokens and check if they are working well or not. Finally, you need to deploy the code in the Ethereum Blockchain.

If you are good at programming, you can choose any of these desired languages. Anyhow, this can be a daunting task and would require an ample amount of time for development. You can get in touch with a solution provider like us to get a customizable ERC20 Token of your choice.

While you creating ERC20 Token, it is important to note that it is in compliance with the ERC Token Standards. To remain compliant with this standard, you need to have the following:

2. Token Name

It depends on certain factors:

  • Available number of tokens for sale
  • Ability to get wallet balance
  • The functionality of transferring between the wallets

Once you’ve created your ERC20 Token, your Smart Contract will store all the information on it which can be beneficial for the future. The token can be utilized in different ways where one can be traded, spent, or given away.

3. Cost to create ERC20 token:

The cost depends on the requirements and the duration it takes to craft. The cost can start anywhere from $5000 and would vary based on your desire. To be short, it is the client who determines the prices of the tokens and the service providers play a very minimal role.

Benefits of ERC20 Token Standard:

Prior to ERC20 Standards, most of the DApps and startups have set their own standards and implementation to launch tokens on the Ethereum platform. There are already more than 20,000 Smart Contracts existing for Ethereum Blockchain. 

The emergence of DApps had triggered the entire cryptocurrency platform to go for it. People preferred Decentralized applications to centralized exchange platforms. Smart contract-based ERC20 is undergoing updates and the arrival of Ethereum 2.0 is on-grid.

The process is indispensable to Blockchain which is in need of funds. Since it allows one to develop tokens that can be applied to crowdfunding with investors. Once the tokens are released and the project gets started, investors will have the chance to acquire gains.

Yet another benefit for those who create ERC20 Token Standard is its diversity. Anyone can create this token. Since the standard is open-source, which means that everyone can make use of it.

Here are the major benefits if you creating ERC20 token standard

  • Uniformity of Tech and protocol standards.
  • Reduced Complexity in understanding the terms of Token implementation.
  • Top-notch liquidity of ERC20 tokens.
  • Reduced risks of breaking contracts as it is signed under a smart contract.
  • ERC20 Tokens are accepted by most of the cryptocurrency exchanges and hence there are greater chances of your tokens getting sold by the traders.

ERC20 Token Creation Service – Zab Technologies

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