Remitano Clone Script – Complete Guide for Startups


Remitano Clone Script

Remitano clone script is a pre-defined software used to create a peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform with all the features and functionalities similar to Remitano. By using this clone script, you can start your P2P crypto exchange business shortly and cost-effectively. 

It is simpler to succeed in the cryptocurrency market with a distinctive presence thanks to the Remitano clone script’s complete customizability, which allows for the integration of new features or services as and when needed.

As a pioneer in the development field, ZAB Technologies utilizes top-notch trends and technologies to build the P2P crypto exchange like Remitano. Especially,  we provide you the well functionating crypto exchange platform that supports a wide number of crypto coin listings for trading. Our experienced developers are well-known for their abilities and consistently learn about new features and technologies that rule the crypto market. 

Features integrated with our Remitano clone software

ZAB Technologies offers you a feature-rich Remitano clone script that helps many startups to create a crypto exchange like Remitano. We provide you with a plethora of core and security features to Create P2P crypto exchange platform that stands ahead of the crowd. 

User Interface

Our Remitano clone has a stunning user interface. This allows your user to view the current status of the cryptocurrency in real-time. 

Admin Dashboard

Our clone script offers a visually appealing admin panel. This feature allows the admin to manage every aspect of the exchange platform. 

KYC Verification

The KYC verification we build into the clone script requires your user to enter their credentials. You can validate your users with this. 

Escrow Service

Our Remitano clone script offers a robust service because it is escrow-based. The escrow system will handle your users’ transactions.

Multiple Language Support

We integrate a multilingual option with the Remitano clone script we create so that you can communicate with your users worldwide. 

Integration of wallets

Our Remitano clone script incorporates a cryptocurrency wallet so that your users may safely keep their digital coins there. 

Transaction History

Your user can access the complete history of every trade, deposit, withdrawal, and other action with this feature. 

Support for multiple currencies

The Remitano clone we develop supports Multiple currencies which offer an accessible trading experience to your users. 

Referral Initiative

With this in-build feature, your users can recommend their friends and relatives. Your users can earn rewards and as well you can get more users.

Fiat Assistance

Our Remitano clone software supports various payment options such as ADV cash, international wire transfer, credit card, Moneygram, etc.

Chat Programs

With this feature, Your users will be able to communicate with one another during the trading process. 

Ads posting

Your users can publish buy/sell ads that have the number of cryptocurrencies to buy/sell, the payment mode, and other details

Security features of Remitano clone software

  1. Two Factor Authentication
  2. SQL Implementation
  3. Email Authentication
  4. HTTP authentication
  5. SSRF Protection
  6. DDoS Protection
  7. Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)
  8. SSL implementation
  9. Jail Login
  10. CSRF Protection

Now let us see the…

Additional modules of our Remitano clone software

Basically, the Remitano clone script comes with the pre-build features which means it has already been designed and developed software. It has certain in-built features similar to Remitano in it. But our Remitano clone software that we develop has additional modules to make your P2P crypto exchange platform unique. 


With this function, you may reward your users for securing digital assets on your platform, which will boost the liquidity of your exchange.


There are no restrictions on the number of times users can swap their digital assets. Additionally, your users can pick the switching price independently. 

Dispute Management

Our Remitano clone script has an inbuild dispute management feature. If a problem arises, you can take the initiative to fix it according to the user’s complaint. 

Integration of the Liquidity API

By integrating API from well-known exchanges, you may boost the liquidity of your P2P exchange and immediately attract users to your freshly launched exchange platform.

Content Management

You may easily control the complete site’s contents, including all formatting tools and settings, with the help of this content management function. 

So far, we have seen the features and additional modulus that comes with our Remitano clone software. Being a technical expert, we also provide a P2P crypto exchange like Remitano using the Remitano clone app for our clients to attract mobile users.

Remitano clone app development

Remitano clone app development is the process of creating a P2P exchange app that enables your users to experience the capabilities of your cryptocurrency exchange platform via smartphone. Your user can trade cryptocurrencies instantly with their mobile phones from anywhere at any time with the crypto exchange app we create similar to Remitano. 

As a well-known Remitano clone app development firm, we provide you with a user-friendly UI/UX and frequent updates to keep the app up to date with changes in crypto technology. Your user may securely purchase, sell, stake, or trade cryptocurrencies with our classy P2P cryptocurrency exchange clone software. We build a remitano clone that runs smoothly on Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

CTAOur development process to create your P2P crypto exchange like Remitano

An experienced team from ZAB Technologies develops your P2P cryptocurrency exchange using a model-driven process that includes a thorough assessment of business goals and technological execution. 

Preliminary Documentation

Our team of experts will collect and examine the client’s requirements to provide you with the best-in-class crypto exchange platform.

Planning and Confirmation

To supply you with a superfine P2P crypto exchange like Remitano, we make the appropriate preparations based on your business requirements and investigate the most recent cryptocurrency developments. 

Platform Designing

We begin the development process when our team of professionals creates a virtual design that is appropriate for the exchange environment. 

Exchange Development

We design and develop software that includes API, wallet, backend, frontend, and advanced security modules based on the needs of our clients.

Multifaceted Testing

The clone script that we provide is put through a number of testing procedures, including security testing, performance testing, wallet functionality testing, trade engine functionality testing, and API functionality testing.

Application Deployment

Finally, in response to the client’s business needs, we install a super-fine P2P cryptocurrency exchange like Remitano. 

Why choose ZAB Technologies for Remitano Clone Script?

ZAB Technologies is the reputed Remitano Clone Development company in the crypto industry. Our team of developers offers the P2P exchange script with extensive knowledge and skill. 

With the help of our high-end Remitano clone software, you can create P2P crypto exchange like Remitano right away. Within a short period of time, our qualified experts will give you an efficient P2P cryptocurrency exchange script. With the help of our clone software, we help you to create a P2P crypto trading platform with all benefits to the fullest.

  • ROI with multiple revenue streams
  • Customizable clone software and app
  • Affordable investment
  • Readymade clone script for instant launch
  • Trust building
  • Multiple trading options
  • No need for technical expertise
  • High-end security

We have a skilled group of designers, quality analysts, and blockchain experts who work together to provide a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform like Remitano. We have 100+ customers across the globe who are now a millionaire. Be one among them by quoting your business requirements with us.

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