Fundraising Methods in ICO Industry Today

Initial Coin Offering, ICO
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The companies have used these methods of fundraising and token distribution.

Initial Loan Procurement (ILP)

ILP stands for “Initial Loan Procurement”, which is a unique fundraising method using a loan agreement structure, enabling companies to procure loans to expand its ecosystem.The loan is paid back at an agreed time and is legally binding.


It is becoming popular way of distributing the cryptocurrency token. Not similar like ICO because participating in airdrop is free. By the way you can get investors details and future you can call them for token exchange & lending program.

Security Token Offerings (STO)

Security tokens have the potential effortto modernize the trade of traditional stocks, shares, bonds on the blockchain. These tokens are different from those issued in ICOs because they have KYC/AML compliance baked into them.

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