How to find Cryptocurrency Scammers in Online?

Beginning of Cryptocurrency Development

In the Early days it was pretty much easier to find out the popular cryptocurrency among the league!

But now in 2018 it has become obvious that anyone can suggest new cryptocurrencies in the market, suggesting to invest on it! And this rapid change given scammers a hot space to evolve around the market to fool people with Interesting taglines.

In the Recent days it is noted that, around 8 Million Dollars is been lost with cryptocurrency spammers in daily basis.

The reason for those scams depends on various factors and it depends on various people thoughts and approach towards it!



Here are the major points you need to focus on for identifying scammers

  1. Landing Page: They will not have proper professional landing page with own built content
  2. Eye catching Title: They use unnatural title which will create buzz, but absolutely wont make any sense! (For these kind of factors people who are new to cryptocurrency related topics will be fooled) —Don’t ever believe/think/trust a stranger will help you to make rich.
  3. Secret Team Members: Crosscheck their team members profile, If you feel their profile gives a mysterious or anonymous look which was created with fake address means definitely they are hiding something behind, those people are professional scammers. (Check their online presence with long term engagements)
  4. Missing Code Repositories: According to the code community the source code must be visible to all for further changes and modifications. Since cryptocurrencies are open source it should be accessible and open to all communities. If the team is trying to hide the code repositories or if the source is being hidden to due other aspects, its definitely considered as scam!
  5. No Proper Whitepaper: If the development team doesn’t have enough touch or doesn’t know to create a properly explained whitepaper they are considered as beginner scammers (Newbies in scamming)
  6. Claims from old clients: If you came to know that, the development team experienced any claims before from another investor, its a risky state of scam. It shows that they don’t have a successful story towards delivering the product right to the customer with all needed aspects
  7. Weak Online Presence: If they don’t have a better online ratings in top reputed sites and other forums, they tend to be cheaters among those audiences.
  8. Lack of Communication: They use unusual phrases and key words to confuse the client to make him believe and trust his words. You can identify them using eye coating words which doesn’t make any sense to what we recommended to do for our project

So these are the main points to be taken care of considering them as scammers in online.



Then how to find a proper Cryptocurrency Development Companies?

  1. Best Cryptocurrency Companies will definitely register their company to the concern department.
  2. Main Advice — Consider companies which purely deals with cryptocurrency solutions, don’t consider companies which has crypto solutions as one of their services. If you consider the first option you will be engaging with hardcore experts in cryptocurrency Development.
  3. Find their online presence and team size (If they are dealing with more than 20 to 100 developers, they have serious business out there in the market)
  4. Consider Experienced hands in the Industry rather than the newbie


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