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ICO marketing firm
ICO marketing firm

A great business plan is crucial to bring about a solid product for enhancement in this digital world. Be it any kind of product, without marketing them, it is impossible to reach the target audience. Once you get the relevant people for your project, you can get the desired benefits and profits. Being an ICO Marketing Firm looking forward to demonstrating how things can go way better than you have a clear vision!

This is applicable to the Blockchain industry as well. One of the services called Initial Coin Offering which is ruling the cryptocurrency world since 2017. ICO era still continues and hence to popularise them, the ICO Marketing plan should be collectively prepared. 

If you readily have an ICO and looking to promote it to your target audience, then this article is a must-read for you! In this article, we aim to show you how to come up with a fantastic ICO Marketing plan and implement them instantly in the ICO Market.

How to do successful ICO Marketing? 

What is ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering or ICO is a fundraising strategy through which the startups & enterprises raise the funds instantly. These firms create an ICO Tokens with their experts and offer them to the crypto market. On analyzing the future scope of these ICO Tokens, investors around the globe start purchasing them. Once the agency acquires the expected funds, the ICO is ended.

ICOs are similar to IPO Initial Public Offering but with three major differences. ICOs are decentralized in nature with no single authority to govern them. Secondly, Initial Coin Offerings are completely unregulated around the globe. Though most of the countries have imposed regulations, we can expect them to hit the globe in a few years. Finally, with both these features, ICOs are free in terms of structure than IPOs.

Thus, if you are an ICO Enthusiast you would probably know how to launch an ICO. To move towards the next phases, one should also know what are the ICO Marketing strategies and how to advertise ICO instantly.

Importance of Digital Marketing in ICO:

In the early days, online marketing was just a neoteric strategy in the market. But within a few years, the importance of digital marketing reached a drastic growth. It has become an integral part of what the business is to its customers. We as an ICO marketing firm know the current scenario of Transformation happening in Digital Platforms and Especially with Crypto-Related products and Services.

As the internet is evolving to greater heights every single day, people have started using them. Let me explain to you some latest statistics which outlay the importance of digital marketing in the industry.

1. Digital marketing can help you to reach people where they spend time & money

In the year 2018, the average internet user has at least 7 social media accounts it seams. While 97% of US individuals under 65 are available on social media not less than a month. In addition to this, social media is considered to be the most popular platform for customer support.

Social Media is where people are. 57% of people say social media is the place where they can view the relevant ads they were looking for. Hence, you can start to advertise your ICO to build a great community of audiences. This is one of the strategies which shows the importance of digital marketing in ICO.

2. Digital Marketing is more targeted & efficient

If in case you run a paid advertising, you would definitely choose the desired set of an audience from a location. Depending on the pricing, you can receive a specific set of views from your audience.

One of the major benefits of Digital Marketing is to access the huge set of people around the globe regardless of anything. Hence with ICO Marketing, the process becomes hassle-free by targeting the set of countries where you can expect your tokens will be bought.

3. Render live advanced analytics feature

The top reason which shows the importance of Digital Marketing is the futuristic analytics feature. With this feature, you can enhance the ICO Marketing strategy by identifying the schemes which worked and which haven’t.

With the Analytics feature, you can know about the following information:

  • You can know whether they actually viewed it or not. In traditional marketing, like TV ads, radio ads you may not get actual results.
  • You would know the accurate results such as whether they liked it or not if they have shared with their friends, etc.
  • You can know whether they have prompted and navigated to the next sections, etc.

So with this real-time statistic, none of the top ICO marketing firms can hide data or make an imaginary number! 

With these high-end features, you can do and market your ICO instantly! If the strategies work, you can continue them. Else you can make use of new strategies to streamline your campaigns to optimize the results. 

4. Best ROI approach

While speaking about Return On Investment method, Email Campaigns top positions by delivering a 3800% return. This campaign acts as a conversion tool when you have right and lead-driving content.

Thus, you need to build your email community with feature-rich content. While Marketing your ICO for promotion, you can mention the top features of your ICO, how profitable your ICO Tokens are, etc.

5. Integrates Marketing with Mobile Technology

Around 70% of people make use of Mobile to perform their daily activities. They are looking for reviews and ratings for the product before they buy it. Hence, a digital marketing strategy in ICO connects you with your target audience through mobile devices.

Types of Campaigns for promoting an ICO

Here are a few ICO Campaigns one should implement to make your ICO reach the target audience:

1. ICO Air-Drop 

To gain a potential audience and investors for your ICO, we assist you in offering ICO Airdrops. This means that a small amount of ICO Tokens are distributed to the investors at no cost with the motto that they would be benefited in the future.

2. Content Marketing

Undoubtedly Content is the King! Investors and Crypto Enthusiasts would be much interested in your ICO Project if you deliver impeccable and exceptional content to them. Content can be in the form of Blogging, Infographics, etc in popular forums such as Hackernoon, Medium, etc.

3. Social Media Marketing

As we have discussed earlier, it is important that you perform social media marketing. There are different social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc. One more thing is, a majority of social media channels don’t require a high amount of budgets. Hence, the best social media channels can effectively introduce your projects.

4. Community & Forum Management

When it comes to ICO marketing, here are a set of community channels to advertise and promote your ICO:

  • BitcoinTalk
  • CryptocurrencyTalk
  • Bitcoingarden
  • Bitcoinforum
  • Icoexaminer
  • Cryptointalk
  • Cryptojunction
  • Quora Channels
  • Reddit Threads
  • Joining Relevant Linkedin & Facebook Groups

And much more. You can make use of these forums to introduce your Initial Coin Offering to your target audience.

5. Email Marketing

With Email Marketing one can get the right set of investors for the ICO project. By rendering the right and rich content, there are higher chances to get the relevant leads for your ICO in the industry.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing refers to the process in which traffic is gained from rich and authoritative sources. This is commonly called as Guest Blogging. There are websites such as Hackernoon, Medium, Yourstory, etc where they would assist you in bringing a drastic amount of traffic to your website.

7. Bounty Campaigns

Bounty Campaigns provide incentives and rewards in the form of free coins to those who perform tasks. If done perfectly, they would act as an efficient method.

8. PR and Media Outreach

To make your ICO more popular, one can make use of Press Releases. Once your website is ready, you can introduce them to your target audience. There are a plethora of top-notch websites that are available to publish press releases. 

9. Paid Advertising

In addition to organic traffic, you can also bring about Paid traffic with Paid Advertising. This can render feature-rich results to one. Paid Ads can be put up on websites like Google, Youtube, Facebook, etc where there is a huge set of investors.

10. Reputation Management

Managing your reputation is a crucial task which you must give importance to. Hence, one should frequently check for reviews and ratings in the third-party sites to make sure you have a good reputation in the crypto industry.

11. Video Marketing

Videos are the most preferred ways of ICO Marketing. As your video goes viral and engages millions of customers, your brand remains to have good recognition.

12. ICO Listings & Ratings

Once your tokens are well-accepted among investors, you can start listing your supreme ICO Tokens in feature-rich websites along with rating cards. This can enhance the growth of your ICO.

Why we are the Best ICO Marketing Firm?

We people at Zab, cater to the solutions which are custom-made for the clients. In terms of ICO Marketing, here is the checklist which we follow:

  1. Targeting the right audience

Once we gather the customizable requirements, the initial thing we do is to figure out the target audience. We ensure the location is comfortable with regulatory frameworks and get started with the process.

2. Designing an intuitive and unhackable website

Secondly, we design & develop an eye-catching and content-rich ICO website that is bug-free and easy to navigate. We make sure they are highly intuitive to attract a huge set of customers.

3. Rendering the complete information about the project on the website

We check for the complete information about the project on the ICO Website. Before you launch an ICO, ensure you have a well-optimized website. We people at Zab technologies are responsible to deliver them.

4. Implementing Marketing Strategies

Once we are done with all the three steps, we start implementing ICO Marketing strategies. Initially, we make use of social media channels for a wider reach. Next in the line is to frequently publish press releases and media outreach. 

5. ICO Listings

Once people are aware of your ICO projects to a certain extent, we start listing your ICO Tokens in popular websites to promote it to higher levels.

6. Answering all the queries instantly and professionally

Finally, we people love to answer all your queries. Right from stage 1 to deployment, we render high-end customer support for our global clients anytime. Hence you can get your queries answered instantly.

Why Zab Technologies is unique for ICO Marketing?

Our expert set of Digital marketers handle a unique set of ICO Marketing approaches for your project. They excel in making your ICO known across the globe with their cutting-edge marketing strategies. We, people, are responsible to educate the users about your ICO project with our premium schemes.

Zab Technologies, the superfine ICO Marketing Agency renders the following set of benefits to its clientele:

  1. Security
  2. Trustworthy
  3. Rich Expertise Professionals
  4. 24*7 Support
  5. Result-focussed.

Be it development or marketing, Zab Technologies offers 100% end to end customizable solutions for global clients. We lend our helping hands across all sets of industries such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare, etc regardless of complexity.


Last but not least, a successful ICO requires marketing as its base. Zab technologies being a top-rated ICO Marketing firm, stay with current updates, and render fruitful solutions in the Blockchain industry. As the technologies are getting emendation, we search for innovation to turn them into reality!

If you are looking for Digital Marketing Services, you can get in touch with us, one of the premier ICO Marketing firms across the globe!

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