Security Token Exchange Platform: The Next Era of the Crypto Trading!

security token exchange platform
security token exchange platform

As crypto trading platforms and security token exchange platforms are becoming increasingly popular, most of the entrepreneurs are interested to create a Security Token Exchange. They are insightful offerings and act as a bridge between legally financial assets and blockchain networks. As they are backed by SEC rules and regulations, security tokens are gaining momentum among the investors.

This blog is intended to provide a clear perception of Security Token Exchange Development and its importance in today’s crypto market.

Security Token Exchange: The major reshaping & legal fundraising mechanism:

The industry has offered us with two tokens: Utility Tokens and Security Tokens.

As security tokens are heavily regulated than the utility tokens, most of the investors believe they are secure to be traded. Here are the major reasons why they can change the market:

  • Enhanced Liquidity
  • Attracts new investors
  • 24*7 Trading
  • Interoperability
  • Programmable assets & securities
  • Automated compliance
  • Fractional Ownership

According to the Inwara report, a total of around 47 Security Token Offerings were launched for the first quarter of 2019. It has been said that around 11 STO’s were launched in the United States. 8 STO’s in the United Kingdom and 4 STO’s in Switzerland.


  1. April: $237,954,484
  2. May: $1,264,487,183
  3. June: $287,332,511.00
  4. July: $ 115,383,074
  5. August: $78,125,000
  6. September: $ 293,080,170


To put it in simple words, Security Tokens shows a lot of promise. They are here to stay and with popularity every single day, we can expect a good number of users to trade these security tokens.

While speaking about the Security Token Exchange, it is a platform where users can trade security tokens with certain rules and regulations. These exchanges are becoming popular nowadays as every month a new Security Token Exchange gets launched.

Top 5 Security Token Exchanges in 2019:

  • Coinbase

Next to the Binance, is another exchange called Coinbase. Being a popular Cryptocurrency Exchange platform till the date, they allow security tokens to be traded on their exchange. Hence, startups & entry-level enterprises can now list their Security tokens here.

  • Open Finance Network

This is one of the US-based first regulated & Decentralized Crypto trading platform. Recently, they have partnered with the largest token issuers who wish to trade security tokens.

  • tZERO

This has been the most anticipated security token exchange where only tZERO security tokens can be exchanged. It has successfully raised around 300 million from their STO and remains to be a successful exchange.

  • Archax

Archax is a UK based company founded in 2019. The major motto of Archax is to act as a bridge between the digital assets & traditional finance and facilitate the trading of security tokens.

  • Cointronix

Cointronix is the first trading platform that supports both the trading of utility as well as the security tokens. They remain completely regulated in Asia and the United States. With the increase in the number of traders, there is a great possibility of liquidity.

Top Countries to launch Security Token Exchanges:

If you have a plan to launch a security token exchange with the above-desired features, here are the countries which you can take into consideration:

  • Estonia

Estonia is considered to be a crypto-friendly country to Launch a Security Token Exchange. Comistar Estonia is one such STO exchange that was launched in the previous year to the entire European nation.

  • Switzerland

Switzerland is termed to be a “Crypto-Valley” where one can instantly start a crypto exchange for security tokens. Although there are no STO Exchanges in Switzerland for now, we can expect a greater number in the future years.

  • Dubai

Dubai remains to be a powerful dominance in the crypto market. The country issued a state-backed cryptocurrency back in October 2017. In early February of 2019, the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) initiated to promote a market in cryptocurrencies.

  • Malta

Although Malta is a small nation, there has been a huge hype for Blockchain in the market. Additionally, there are a few regulations implemented already and most of the people are ready to get into the industry. Thus, if you set up a Security Token Exchange here, you can raise a plethora of profits.

  • Canada

Canada continues to lead the North America Crypto revolution for years. It was in the earlier February 2019, the Canadian Securities Exchange announced the plan of launching the Security Token Exchange platform. The platform is based on the Ethereum network. This can be a better option if you are planning to launch one.

How to create a Security Token Exchange? How much does it cost?

We people at Zab Technologies deliver fruitful trading solutions in accordance with the clientele’s requirements. As most of the crypto enthusiasts suggest now to be the best time to invest in blockchain, one can unveil their ideas with Security Token Exchange Development.

Here is the set of features we integrate into our Security Token Exchange Software:

  1. IEO Module/Launchpad.
  2. Mobile Trading Application for Android, iOS.
  3. Margin Trading.
  4. Liquidity API.
  5. Atomic Swaps.
  6. Multi-currency pairing.
  7. Crypto Wallet Integration.
  8. Admin Console.
  9. Trader Console.
  10. Payment Gateway Integration.
  11. KYC/AML modules.
  12. Trading Bot.
  13. Referral Programs.

We bring in high-end security mechanisms such as HTTPS Authentication, Data Encryption, Anti Denial of Service (DoS), SQL Injection Prevention, Jail Login, etc.

While the cost to develop a Security Token Exchange purely depends on your requirements, features you are willing to integrate, the time for deployment, etc,

If you have any requirements to start a security token exchange, you can get in touch with us!

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