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Is the Hunt for Satoshi is on a climax? What does the mysterious website say?

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Does he actually exist?

The search for Satoshi Nakamoto exposing to view has been happening for years, which has now taken a freakish turn. A new website, GotSatoshi shows a time counter to the time when it will unveil Bitcoin’s mysterious creator! The reveal will happen in a week of time as the count down says!

However, experts argue this can be a way of marketing ploy or scam! Whatever it may be this site has been the only hot talk of the town for a couple of days!

There is just a single question, “ Where in the world is Satoshi?”. Added, when you subscribe to your email, you will receive a notification stating “Thank You”! How strange it is right?


Can it just be a marketing ploy?

There are rich reasons to consider this can be a marketing scam. The domain was registered in the year 2017 and has been active since the past week alone! One thing which could also happen is the Craig Wright being termed as Satoshi Nakamoto!

There have been people who claim that they know Satoshi but won’t tell. However, as the people say there can be a couple of people who can be behind this!

Either Craig Wright or Elon Musk. Anyway, Elon Musk had already said that he doesn’t have a bitcoin and we could predict he couldn’t be the real Satoshi. People who believe him to be the Bitcoin creator would be seriously disappointed!

If you had heard of John McAfee says, Wright couldn’t be Satoshi but he knows who the real one is! This is why it can be termed as a marketing ploy since it could drive the attention of people!

Added, he promised that he would narrow down himself while revealing the identity of Satoshi either by himself or by McAfee every day.

However, some people claim it is a clever marketing ploy for Consensus or another Blockchain event. Did CoinDesk launch the Satoshi brand to promote the Consensus Event? Yes, certainly possible!

Moreover, there are chances that Got Satoshi can be linked to McAfee just be making desperate headlines to grab the attention of potential investors!

If you had gone through the Twitter profile, it claims the person running Got Satoshi ‘may know McAfee’! While McAfee claims, Satoshi is 100% cannot be Craig Wright!

WHo is satoshi nakamoto
WHo is satoshi nakamoto


Can it be real?

Yes, there are chances that the site can be real and Satoshi to unveil his identity after successful years as well! If it is so, it can disrupt everything which he have learned on Satoshi till the date.

One more thing is Satoshi hasn’t revealed the identity till now, even after the successful price surge and much more! People would definitely question what could be the reason to reveal now, not the previous years?

Therefore, they consider this to be a McAfee ploy of marketing. Though there are no connections between them, McAfee just wants to make you think they have a connection.

However, we don’t know who Satoshi could be! It seems certain, however, that will not reveal the identity of Satoshi on May 14.

Being a Blockchain Development Company, we people were eagerly looking for the Bitcoin creator who was the foundation for a large set of services such as Cryptocurrency Exchange Services, Initial Coin Offering Development, Security Token Offering Services, etc!

Just a week to unveil the mysterious creator! We’ll wait and watch!



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