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What is a crypto payment gateway?

Crypto Payment gateway is a method of digital payment where the merchant can accept payments in cryptocurrencies from the users through a virtual address. It is software that facilitates the transaction of cryptocurrencies for any kind of service or product. Integrate your crypto wallet with your crypto payment gateway to facilitate your client to receive crypto payments. Zab Technologies provide you a ready-made cryptocurrency payment gateway along with API integration features so that your client can generate cryptocurrencies by injecting the API with their website.

The intention of the market is about facilitation. Crypto payment gateway development is one of the best advancements in the financial sector to make the payments more facilitative for the customers. Through an updated crypto payment gateway software, you can allow your users to transact cryptocurrencies within seconds. If you want to make your business stand out of the crowd, then create your crypto payment gateway and help your clients to accept payments with ease. We, at Zab Technologies, helps businesses to initiate a cryptocurrency payment gateway software and expand the availability of cryptocurrencies to various users. We offer multi-cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions that will help your client can receive payments via any cryptocurrencies.

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How Does Crypto Payment Gateway Works?

The Crypto Payment Gateways works similar to a normal fiat currency exchange platform. The only difference is their time, efficiency of its conversion, and usage of coins.

1. Like Account numbers, the crypto payment gateways work on the basis of addresses. Each cryptocurrency has a specific address.

2. If a user wants to send payments through cryptocurrencies, he should get the address of the particular cryptocurrency from the recipient.

3. The merchant has to integrate a multi-cryptocurrency wallet to the crypto payment gateway. This will help him to receive the funds and they get stored in the wallet automatically.

4.If the user likes to send BTC as payment, then the business executive should provide the BTC address to receive payments.

5. After the transaction, the user and the merchant will receive information regarding the transaction via mail or SMS, etc. Transactions are secure as they are protected by blockchain technology.

6.The merchant can either convert those cryptocurrencies into fiat using the exchanges or he can stake the currency in his integrated wallet.

7. The transaction may take less than a minute to happen and do not attract any fees like the fiat point of sale devices.

8. No sort of intermediaries are involved during the payment process with our cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Crypto payment gateway development services

When it comes to cryptocurrency associated services, Zab Technologies is the finest among others in the world. It is not a matter of boasting because we are proud of providing quality services to our clients.

In terms of Cryptocurrency payment Gateway development services, Zab Technologies offers exceptional crypto payment software along with an integrated crypto wallet to facilitate your clients’ payment via cryptocurrencies in a hassle-free manner. We have a quality team of developers and software engineers who can assist you to get your crypto payment gateway in a short period. Packed with Blockchain technology and additional security features, all the transaction information is stored in a ledger and protected. With a stunning Admin Dashboard, we provide you the best admin features to monitor your payment gateway without any technical hassles.
Apart from the payment procedures and functions, we provide you the best API for your cryptocurrency payment gateway so that you can integrate with your client’s website to enable automated payment processing and non-payment functionalities. Our crypto payment gateway software is best suitable for all kinds of businesses and hence you can set your payment gateway to any kind of business irrespective of their website structure. If you are searching for the best cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions, then Zab Technologies is your one-stop solution.
Private Blockchain is a Decentralized type of a Blockchain

Features of Cryptocurrency payment gateway software development

User features :
home page
Home Page
home page
User Sign-in/ Sign-up
home page
My Profile
home page
home page
home page
home page
My Wallet with Deposit and Withdraw Functionality
home page
Deposit & Withdraw History
home page
Support Ticket Submission
home page
Transaction History
home page
Merchant Tools
home page
Button Maker and Examples
home page
HTML Post Fields
home page
IPN and IPN History
home page
API Key Generation
home page
Account Settings
Admin features :
home page
Admin Sign-in
home page
Admin Dashboard
home page
View Users
home page
View User Deposit/Withdraw History
home page
Merchant Payment History
home page
Commission Settings
home page
Merchant API Category
home page
Merchant Details
home page
Security Settings
home page
Content Management System
home page
Support System

Benefits Of Crypto Payment Gateway Development

We, at Zab Technologies, offer you the best cryptocurrency payment gateway solutions with all the benefits indulged in your payment gateway. We have a quality team of developers (backend and frontend), designers, technology tools and customer support to craft you the best outcome.

global reach
Global reach

As crypto payments are becoming more widespread all over the world, people would love to approach the service provider with a crypto payment gateway.

 lower cost
Lower transaction costs

Crypto payments are known for their scarce transaction fees and so the crypto payment gateways.

No interference of third parties
No interference of third parties

This is a decentralized platform that facilitates peer to peer transactions.

No way of fraudulent practices
No way of fraudulent practices

Each and every transaction in the crypto payment gateway is maintained and stored in the ledger with minimal to rare cases of chargeback fraud.

security prospective
Security perspective

Apart from the blockchain technology, the crypto payment gateways are secured by additional security prospects including Anti-DDoS, 2FA, etc.

security prospective
High scalability

Millions of transactions can happen simultaneously due to the high scalability benefits of our software.

Multi Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development And Its Importance

Kickstart your business flexibility through Multi-Cryptocurrency payment gateway development by Zab Technologies

Multi cryptocurrency payment gateway is a form of decentralized payment solution that allows the merchant to receive various cryptocurrencies. It helps the user to transact in any crypto without any restriction to some coins. The main aim of the multi-cryptocurrency payment gateway is to facilitate regular usage and daily transactions. It eliminates the middlemen and promotes decentralized transactions.

Multi Cryptocurrency Payment
Why it is important?

Why it is not? International transactions and intranational payments had never been easier without the crypto payment gateways. Other digital payments are available but they take more time and limitations. With Multi-Cryptocurrency payment gateways, the user can send any kind of cryptocurrency according to the value of the product at that particular amount of time. They are secured by the blockchain ecosystem and hence there is no doubt about its encryption and security of the coins. To cut short your client’s business based latency problem, you will definitely need a multi-cryptocurrency payment gateway software.

Moreover, if you want to boost your business through innovative payment technologies where a targeted mass is focussing upon, then you should give an option of a Multi-cryptocurrency payment gateway to your customers. It enhances the flexibility of payment options that will ease your customer base.

Why Zab Technologies for Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development

Zab Technologies offer quality crypto payment gateway development solutions at affordable rates for startups and entrepreneurs who want to start a crypto business via crypto payment gateway development software. We are concerned about this updated technology and use state of the art technology tools to craft the crypto payment gateway.

You need not worry about the quality of your software. Because we have an experienced team of developers, designers, and Quality analysts who come up with a 360-degree analysis and functionality check of your payment gateway before reaching your hands. Our Admin dashboard depicts your business stand by showcasing multiple features and easy to control and manage. With a single API adaptability solution, we offer faster adaptability solutions so that your customer will find it easy to adapt your crypto payment gateway software to his business site.

We offer 24/7 customer support to our clients and help them out during technical interruptions that hardly arises. Our off-the-rack cryptocurrency payment gateway development software helps you to get your feet into the crypto business despite minimal to no prior experience. If you are planning to start a crypto payment gateway that will help enormous businesses to transact via cryptocurrencies, then you should get a bug-free, customizable crypto payment gateway software from Zab Technologies.

Crypto Payment Gateway Development

Step by Step Process involved in Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway development

It is more important to tell how we do than what we do With an undeniable experience in crypto payment gateway development we perform certain tasks in a functional way to make it perform great


First of all, we would evaluate your business. We would access certain things like whether your business is enabled with blockchain technology, your business stands without crypto payment, and prediction after the adoption of such technology, etc.


Secondly, we would analyze how to integrate the business with a crypto payment gateway that suits your business strategy.

transparency approach
Transparency and targeted approach

We specify the deadline for completing the integration of the payment gateway along with the cost components and send them to you for approval. We are transparent and customer-centric and hence we make sure that our clients get to know about each and every update of our crypto payment gateway development.


After the successful integration of crypto payment gateway development along with a series of quality testing, the project would be delivered to your on or before the prescribed timeline. We believe in customer satisfaction.


Business is all about innovation. If there is an innovation in the finance or payment option, then it is necessary to integrate it with your business to generate more profits. Moreover, crypto payments are safe, secure, and instant.

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