Create own digital tokens & smart contracts adhering to ERC-20 standard based on ethereum protocol

Launch ERC20 standardized crypto token & smart contracts

Ultimate opportunity to take a double hit of tokensale, exchange, trading businesses, if keep your side as standard that drives more standard conversions at cost-effective.If you have an idea, We make it happen.

Zab technologies - Source of blockchain coders who passionate about building your digital assets for businesses that make peoples’ lives better. Remember that, if you are going to create tokens & smart contracts for businesses, keeping its’ standard considered to be a big deal. Creating digital tokens, contracts with ERC20 standard is also important as of now, because it makes people to know measuring their convenient, value, secure when they are going to invest into it. Digital tokens, smart contracts with ERC20 standard drove good sales in tokensales platform, exchange platform based on on-going research. ERC20 standardized tokens convert your audience on businesses with revenue 10x.

If you have an idea, We make it happen.

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Features for Businesses

Unlimited Token creation

The developer writes the source code to mine tokens based on ethereum protocol.

Deploy your tokens, contracts with complete debugging

Deploymen your hassle-free tokens with smart contracts in.

Security and Faster Performance

Adapt the solidly written in solidity smart contract with meteoric high security for faster performance.

Easily integrated with businesses

Token with well written smart contract can be imposed in many of business sectors.


Make Your Mark In Social Media Through ICO PoC.

What can be done with the social media interconnectivity and cryptocurrency?


A social networking platform of sorts where we provide loyalty and reward program, mechanized by proof of stake based cryptocurrency. It also contains interoperability with ERC 20 technology, Ethereum and much more.


Riding the wave of social media networking, cryptocurrency offers not step by step growth but the meteoric rise to profits.

(Commodity Based Cryptocurrency)
Own Your Commodity Based Cryptocurrency In The Most Confidential Way Possible.

The varying fluctuations of cryptocurrency’s value and no real asset value can cause some doubts among customers.


Create your own cryptocurrency based on commodity and include the true value to the commodity. We also provide with clarity whitepapers and transaction details.


A solution which provides clarity to commodity’s value in the transaction involving cryptocurrencies.