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Coinbase Clone Software“Coinbase” is one of the biggest crypto exchanges around the globe. As a cryptoprenuer, you may be aware of its standard (Coinbase) and pro (Coinbase pro) trading platforms. The difference between them is trading options and conversion fees. The standard platform packs limited trading options with a high conversion fee (flat 1%). And, the Pro platform has more trading options with lower fees. But the reason for this dual platform operation is to provide unique trading options to both novice and proficient traders.    

By the way, have you ever thought, How this crypto exchange is quite popular among users and business people? The reasons behind this are the trust created by this exchange platform among the users. And the high revenue potential makes them the first preference among startups. Keeping all these factors, many startups are now interested to create a crypto exchange like Coinbase.  

However many of them are unaware of cost-effective development methods to save time and money. If you are one of the startups, there is a solution for you. So in this blog, we will show you how to build a crypto exchange similar to Coinbase cost-effectively. 

Is it possible to clone Coinbase?

When it comes to creating a crypto exchange like Coinbase at an affordable cost, a clone script is an excellent option. Speaking further, it is an instant solution to create a platform similar to that already exists in the industry. And feature-wise, there are no limitations. So the answer to the question, ‘Is it possible to clone Coinbase?’ is definitely ‘YES’. But before moving to clone Coinbase, you must understand why you need a crypto exchange like Coinbase.

The reasons are as follows, Coinbase is in high demand in the industry due to its easy trading options and user-friendly interface. And it is still growing with a market cap of 11.61 billion USD (which was $9.26 Billion in 2022). This emerging demand highlights the need for its alternatives. So when you launch a Coinbase-like crypto exchange in the crypto industry, the revenue potential of this exchange lets you succeed in your business easily. 

But the puzzle game challenge here is, how to develop an exchange similar to a Coinbase using clone script. Let me guide you in this…

Is Coinbase Clone Software a Perfect Solution? 

When you search for options to clone a Coinbase exchange, the crypto industry has numerous options. However, you should go with the option that meets your business needs. In this regard, the Coinbase Clone Software offered by ZAB Technologies will be a perfect solution for you. 

Because it is a preconfigured software solution used to create a crypto exchange like Coinbase. This software allows you to integrate all functions and features with your business logo and brand name. Along with this, you can develop your OTC Crypto Exchange with top-notch security features. These valid reasons make our Coinbase script a perfect business solution for startups. Besides, you can have a bunch of benefits when building a crypto exchange similar to Coinbase. 

So, let me explain what they are in the…    

Benefits of using Our Coinbase Clone Software

If you are unsure about the future scope of your business, the first thing you should know is your business benefits. In this case, the business benefits of using our Coinbase script are,

Cost-efficient Solution

Our clone software is preconfigured with features and functionalities of the Coinbase exchange. Therefore, the only need here is to add the required features and functionalities as per your business needs. So considering the time and money spent, our Coinbase clone software is a cost-effective solution to create a crypto exchange like Coinbase.   


Our Coinbase clone script is easily customizable. So if you wish to offer an appealing appearance in your crypto exchange, you can customize the interface as per your wish.   

Global Reach

We all know about the popularity of the Coinbase exchange. So when building an exchange with our Coinbase script, your business can easily be recognized among the global audience. Moreover, the flexibility of this clone software allows you to integrate user-demanding features that can expand the reach of your business.      

Multiple Quality Checks

Our clone software is already tested under various conditions in the Testnet to avoid bugs and lags in performance. As a result, you can offer a user-friendly experience like the Coinbase exchange.   

But considering the revenue generation, you can earn from the fees and commissions similar to the Coinbase crypto exchange. Our Coinbase clone supports adding more income modules like staking and referral programs. In addition to that, you can earn from promotional activities and reward programs. Thus you can keep your user engaged with your business with these additional income-earning opportunities.

Coinbase like crypto exchangeSo from the above-mentioned benefits, you can gain a bunch of benefits when using our Coinbase clone software. In addition to that, we at ZAB Technologies follow a world-class security protocol as per the client’s interest. In this way, you can integrate a cold wallet facility to safeguard your users from online attacks. 

Besides, we also follow certain standards during the development phase. Knowing them lets you understand how we are unique from our counterparts. So let me explain… 

How do we create a crypto exchange like Coinbase? 

When you approach ZAB Technologies to create a crypto exchange like Coinbase, you may find a set of development procedures that we follow. They are idea gathering, planning, designing, development, testing, and deployment. Each step has a set of processes. Our developers work hard to ensure graded outcomes at every stage. Thus we ensure meeting your business goals easily.

Starting with idea gathering, we analyze the objective of your business. And figure out the requirements for the development. In the planning phase, we decide on the need for technical stakes, features, and related functionalities. So that, your Coinbase-like crypto exchange becomes a feature-rich platform. The designing process involves interface designing, animations, and themes that enhance the outlook of the platform.

Then in the development phase, our team of developers builds an exchange meeting the market competition with its security, reliability, and scalability characteristics. And the platform we develop will be tested by our team of testing engineers. In this phase, the minor bugs and flaws in operation will be cleared. And finally, our team of experts will help you deploy the exchange. Notably, the overall process will take less than a month time.

Further, our real-time monitoring and customer support keep your business movement convenient. So that, you can focus on your business expansion further. So as a team, we offer you a customer-friendly Coinbase Clone Development that results in an efficient crypto exchange similar to Coinbase. These outstanding benchmark qualities keep us pioneers in crypto exchange development. 

Finally, we have seen how Coinbase clone software is a cost-effective solution. And how we at ZAB Technologies use Coinbase clone to create a crypto exchange similar to Coinbase. Our astonishing development process may give you confidence and interest to build your dream business. However, the final decision completely depends on you. So, before coming to a conclusion, have a look at the features of our Coinbase clone software. 

Features of our Coinbase Clone Software

The remarkable features of our Coinbase clone software match the functionality of the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. They are

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Full-featured admin panel
  3. High-performance trading engine
  4. Advanced API
  5. Multicurrency support
  6. Multi-cryptocurrency wallet support
  7. KYC compliant
  8. Lock Registry
  9. CSRF protection
  10. SSL encryption
  11. Two-factor authentication
  12. Anti-DDOS Security

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