White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Utilize our top-notch white label crypto exchange development services to enter into the flourishing crypto sector.

  • With our White label crypto exchange software solution, you can launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform in a hassle-free manner.
  • To ensure your users a secure trading experience, we provide you with a well-functioning exchange platform.
White Label Crypto Exchange Software

What is White Label Crypto Exchange Software?

The term "white label crypto exchange" refers to a preconfigured, ready-to-deploy cryptocurrency platform that may be customized and introduced to the market as a separate brand. Whether you're an established crypto exchange looking for a more effective solution or a startup entering the crypto field, it's a turnkey solution for anyone interested in starting a new crypto exchange business.

ZAB Technologies is a noteworthy White label crypto exchange software development company in the business marketplace. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, our white label crypto exchange solution allows for quick customization. We add unique features to your cryptocurrency exchange platform to increase its effectiveness and legitimacy, such as security widgets, multi-signature wallets, a risk control structure, and an affiliate system. With our software solution, you can launch your own cryptocurrency exchange platform cost-effectively.

Our Premium White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Services

White Label Centralized Exchange Platform

With our white label centralized exchange development service, you can launch a CEX platform such as P2P, Order book, OTC, and P2P ads based in a hassle-free manner. We are experts in creating cryptocurrency exchange platforms that allow for lightning-fast centralized crypto trading.

White Label Decentralized Exchange Platform

Launch decentralized exchange platforms and DeFi platforms quickly and cost-effectively by using our white label decentralized exchange software. Give your consumers more power over their cryptocurrency assets by using decentralized exchange software that minimizes the hazards.

White Label Hybrid Exchange Platform

With our white label hybrid exchange software, you can deploy a combination of CEX and DEX exchange platforms and can stay ahead of the competition. In addition, our team of experts provides prominent features and functionality in your white label cryptocurrency hybrid exchange software.

Market-Ready White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions We offer

Our White Label Crypto Exchange Solutions empower you to launch your branded cryptocurrency exchange platform quickly and efficiently, without the intricacies of making from the base. Enjoy the flexibility of tailoring the platform to your unique specifications, ensuring a seamless user experience.

White Label of Binance

White Label of Binance

With our white label solution of Binance, you can experience the benefits of a fully functional and scalable crypto exchange platform, tailored to your unique brand identity.

White Label of Coinbase

White Label of Coinbase

Using this Coinbase White Label solution, we focus on building your brand, expanding your user base, and taking care of the technical intricacies.

White Label of Paxful

White Label of Paxful

Our White Label Solution of Paxful helps business people harness the power of a Paxful-like Crypto Exchange platform to grow a unique audience.

White Label of LocalBitcoins

White Label of LocalBitcoins

With our LocalBitcoins white label, startups like you, can gain access to a proven infrastructure of LocalBitcoins that combines cutting-edge technology upgrades.

White Label of Remitano

White Label of Remitano

This Remitano White Label functions as a turnkey solution for business people to establish their branding via launching a Crypto Exchange like Remitano.

White Label of Kraken

White Label of Kraken

Kraken White Label Solution is tailored to match the original Kraken Exchange and increase your brand identity seamlessly, to focus on business growth.

How does Our White Label Crypto Exchange Software Work?

The steps to understanding the working process of the White label cryptocurrency exchange software are listed below.

Step 1 : If you are a buyer or seller, you need to register yourself as a user in the respective crypto exchange platform.
Step 2 : As a user, you need to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process.
Step 3 : Then the user has to connect the crypto wallet with the respective exchange platform.
Step 4 : If they want to exchange fiat for crypto, they can select the right seller by viewing their portfolio.
Step 5 : Once the buyer and seller have agreed on the terms, they can begin the crypto exchange through escrow.
Step 6 : Finally, after the confirmation, the crypto will be transferred to the buyer's cryptocurrency wallet.

Prominent Features of our White Label Crypto Exchange Software

We integrate essential features with our white label crypto exchange software development service to provide a user-friendly platform.

Liquidity tools

Wallet integration

Matching Engine

Payment gateway integration

Referral program


Margin trading

Multi-currency support

IEO Launchpad

Staking module

Intuitive UI

Admin Console

Security Features of White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Our white label cryptocurrency exchange platform comes with extra-level security to make your peer-to-peer crypto exchange safe and secure.

Two-Factor Authentication

Escrow System

Data Encryption

Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS)

Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) Protection

SSL Integration

CSRF Protection

HTTP’s authentication

Our White Label Crypto Exchange App development

If you wish to have your white label crypto exchange app, then ZAB Technologies is the perfect place to be. We extend our excellence in providing White label Crypto Exchange app development services. The crypto trading app we provide will be compatible with both iPhone and Android. Our development of a white label crypto trading app for the iPhone includes market-leading functionality, unbreakable security, and a customized user interface under branding standards.

Additionally, your users can purchase, sell, trade, and exchange cryptocurrencies safely and effectively with the help of our crypto exchange app development for Android. With the help of our iPhone crypto exchange app development, a platform may simply compete in the rapidly expanding crypto exchange market. Our developers provide complete Android crypto exchange app development with key features that support quick, efficient, secure, and seamless transactions.

Business Perks of Choosing our White label Crypto Exchange Software

We provide white label crypto exchange software development services that are performance-optimized and come with cutting-edge advantages.

Easy customization

High-end security

Attractive UI

Instant launch

Cost-effective solution

Customer support

Privacy and confidentiality

Generate high ROI

Development Approach of Our White Label Crypto Exchange Software

We take into account every aspect of your business while selecting cutting-edge technology. You may receive a top-performing, feature-rich, dynamic crypto exchange website with our white label crypto exchange software development service.

1Gathering idea

Understanding the concept and creating a suitable report can help you close the deal.

2Project Planning

Our experts consider developing a marketing strategy as a road map for success.

3Designing software

Rough sketches on a user-friendly and brand-focused design to satisfy the client's request

4Create prototypes

The white label crypto exchange software we create is coded by qualified developers.

5Tests & Quality Control

Start looking for flaws and other problems, then correct all of the platform's defects.

6Deploying the platform

Once our clients approve the developed platform, we deploy it in the crypto ecosystem

Why prefer ZAB Technologies as your White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development Company?

ZAB Technologies is a prominent White label crypto exchange development company that has 6+ years of experience. Our experienced team has the expertise to manage challenging exchange projects. We help you to shape your creative ideas. To develop your reliable crypto trading platform, we provide ready-to-launch solutions.

Our developers have extensive experience in creating cryptocurrency exchanges using white label solutions. Depending on the demands and specifications of diverse enterprises, we offer end-to-end White label cryptocurrency exchange software development services. Our experienced staff and qualified engineers have the necessary skill set to provide a realistic crypto exchange platform as per your business needs. Additionally, we make an effort to get the necessary outcomes in a short amount of time.

Technology Stack

technology stack


White label cryptocurrency exchange software is a ready-made cryptocurrency trading platform that may be modified and released on the market that enables traders and investors to buy, sell, trade or stake digital assets without a hassle.

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