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KuCoin Clone ScriptNowadays, crypto nerds are all about trying out different trading methods. With all the hype, a lot of crypto trading platforms are trying to keep up with the latest trading strategies. Among them, some popular crypto exchanges are being recognized for their trading methods. Like, Paxful is known for its P2P trading; coinbase is known for its OTC trading. And Kucoin is known for both P2P and OTC trading along with more trading options including basic spot, future, and margin trading. 

With being one of the largest crypto exchanges offering services at reasonable rates, it’s easy to see how it earns the trust of millions of users. KuCoin is available on both mobile and web-based platforms. It makes money through trading, listing, and withdrawal fees. These kinds of revenue streams and the huge number of users draw a lot of startup interest to build a crypto exchange like KuCoin. 

So as a startup, if you want to build a KuCoin like crypto exchange, first you have to think about your budget and time. If you are a startup and have enough time and budget, you can build it from scratch. On the other hand, if you are a startup looking for an instant launch within your time and budget constraints, the KuCoin clone script is an ideal solution. Let us see how it is…

What is KuCoin Clone Script?

It is a ready-made crypto exchange software that arrives with the fundamental functions and features of KuCoin. This software allows you to integrate required features as per your business goals. Also, you can customize the interface, logo, and theme to bring an appealing look. In addition, the high-grade security keeps your Kucoin-like crypto exchange a safe and trustworthy platform. 

So to create crypto exchange like KuCoin as a feature-rich platform, you should stick with a prominent crypto exchange development company. In this regard, ZAB Technologies will be your perfect partner for your development needs. Because we follow a value-added developing methodology. And we prioritize meeting your business objectives technically within the budget. So, having a look at our development process helps you understand further. 

How do we create a crypto exchange with a KuCoin clone script?

To bring you a crypto exchange that looks and works just like KuCoin exchange, we use a well-tuned development process that’s already proven successful in other crypto exchange projects. 

So first, we gather business requirements from our clients. And do market research about the requirements. Since the clone software has fundamental features and functions, the need is to implement the essential things to meet the client’s business requirements. Like, additional modules and advanced security features will be integrated by our team of developers.

With the customization feature of the KuCoin clone software, the theme and design of the platform are customized to meet better performance. And then, our team of experts does multiple testing in the testing environment. During this phase, the crypto exchange platform’s bugs will be fixed and error-free performance will be ensured. And finally, a crypto exchange like Kucoin will be deployed successfully.  

Thus, our developers achieve your business objectives by utilizing their extensive experience. So, if you’re a startup, if you want to add the best trading options like P2P or OTC to your crypto exchange, it’s totally doable with our Kucoin clone and our top-notch development process. However, to enhance the performance of the exchange, you need to add appealing features. To make this process easier, our KuCoin clone software has come with noteworthy features.

Features of our KuCoin Clone Script 

In order to give you a clear understanding of the features of our KuCoin clone script and the modules that can be added to them, the list below is broken down into features and additional modules. First, let us start with the essential features.

Essential Features  

  1. Well-equipped trading engine
  2. Wallet Integration
  3. Order book Management
  4. Trading Indicators
  5. Multiple cryptocurrency support
  6. User Registration 
  7. Multiple signup authentication
  8. Admin Panel
  9. Multi-language Support
  10. User-Friendly Interface

Security Features

  1. Two-factor authentication
  2. CSRF protection
  3. SSL encryption
  4. Anti-DDOS Security
  5. Support to push notifications
  6. KYC and AML compliance

Additional Modules

  1. Staking module
  2. Liquidity Module
  3. Chat Support module
  4. Profit management module.
  5. IEO management module

With these attractive features and additional modules, we make your crypto exchange an outstanding one both look-wise and performance-wise. Furthermore, our clone software allows you to add extra security features such as a separate trading password and login alert notifications to keep your trade safe. So the enhanced look and upgraded security give users a convenient trading experience. As a result, the user may spend more time trading on your exchange platform. 

So far, we have seen how to build a crypto exchange like kuCoin with our Kucoin clone software efficiently. However, as a startup, revenue is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind. As I said earlier, P2P or OTC trading is a highly lucrative trading option. If you are looking for a better return on your investment, then P2P trading offers more benefits than OTC trading. In this context, let’s see the benefits you can get when using our Kucoin clone for peer-to-peer crypto exchange development.

Business Benefits of using our KuCoin Clone Script

When you choose our KuCoin clone for P2P Crypto Exchange Development, it is not only a great way to start a profitable business. But it also assists you take your business to the next level. Let’s check out some of the business benefits of using our Kucoin clone software.

Cost-effective Development

The KuCoin clone script has all the basic frameworks and features you would need to run a P2P crypto exchange, like order-matching, security protocols, API, and wallet integration. So the overall cost is thus reduced and you can save time and money.

Quicker to launch

The KuCoin clone has a prebuilt infrastructure made with the essential features and functions of peer-to-peer exchanges. So the development time is significantly lower and it is quicker to launch into the crypto market.  

Reach to Global Population

KuCoin is a well-established crypto exchange having millions of users worldwide. Since your crypto exchange will offer services like KuCoin in your brand name, your business will reach the global audience easily.


Our kuCoin Clone software allows you to customize the platform as per your needs. You can choose the user interface, branding, and additional features to meet the specific requirements of your target audience. This feature will help you get uniqueness to your KuCoin like crypto exchange.

Revenue generation

In terms of revenue generation, you can earn from trading, listing, and withdrawal fees. As stated earlier, our clone script supports additional revenue modules like liquidity, staking, or P2P lending. So you can generate additional income also.

The above-mentioned are the notable benefits of using our KuCoin clone script to build a P2P crypto exchange. So after knowing the benefits and exceptional features of our KuCoin clone, you may be clear on how it is an ideal solution to create a Crypto Exchange like KuCoin. Furthermore, our development process may provide insight into how we are technically strong in crypto exchange development. But still, there are many more to know about ZAB Technologies before getting connected in the business line. 

Why Choose Us?

ZAB Technologies is the pioneer in building crypto exchanges known for its quality standards. We are also well-known for creating top-notch crypto exchange platforms with clone scripts. The in-depth knowledge of our team of developers is visible in choosing the right technology to Develop a KuCoin like crypto exchange efficiently. And their extensive experience results in flaw-free and futuristic crypto exchange platform development.

In addition, our testing engineers make sure the exchange platforms run as smoothly as possible by running different tests. Our customer-focused approach is here to guide you throughout the entire process. Overall, this combined effort of our experts brings you a technically robust, reliable, and highly scalable crypto exchange like KuCoin. So get in touch with ZAB Technologies to build your dream crypto exchange business with consistent guidance.     

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