How to Invest in Blockchain Technology? Blockchain Investment guide for all Business!


Blockchain Technology has ventured into a desirable number of changes in recent years. With Cryptocurrencies coming into existence, traders have already marched to experience a reap of benefits! So how to invest in Blockchain Technology? This blog answers to all your queries!

2018 was the most active year in the Crypto World with its decade of history. While the internet has created a place for info exchange, Blockchain records and exposes transactions in a way that services can make use of it.

If you are a newbie in Crypto Industry, you could unveil our suggestions to lead you to the right destination since blockchain explained with this article.

What is Blockchain Technology initially? How Blockchain benefits for businesses?

A Blockchain is an open-source technology that consists of a growing list of records that are being managed by a cluster of computers and not owned by a single entity.

A Blockchain carries no transaction cost and it is completely free. This is a simple yet intuitive way of passing information from a system A to B in a completely automated manner.

How Blockchain Technology works?

As Blockchain is going to be a platform for the transaction to happen, one party to the transaction initiates the process by creating a block. This block is then verified by millions of computers across the globe.

Even the popular payment platforms such as Uber, Airbnb charges transaction fees while Blockchain acts to be an alternative for these platforms with no transaction fee.

Coming to its working, just imagine a Google Spreadsheet or a document that is spread across the world. It just means that the whole network is decentralized which is easily verifiable as well. One more thing is it is accessible from any part of the world.

To make it simple, consider A and B. A needs to send B a Google Document with edit access. B cannot edit the document until it gets unlocked by A. The same thing happens with the database today! Two owners can’t be interloping into a single record at once.

Why is Blockchain Technology important?

Blockchain technology has been an admiration due to the following factors:

  • The blockchain is not owned by a single entity and so it is decentralized.
  • The data is stored cryptographically.
  • Blockchain technology is immutable hence no one can tamper with the data which is inside the blockchain.
  • It is transparent technology. So one can track the data if they need to do it.

How to Invest in Blockchain Technology? Tips for Crypto Traders 2020

So, now let’s start with the basics when it comes to cryptocurrency investing tips. The concept of Blockchain has entered into every possible sector in the world. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are creating a transparent distribution of money with a fixed supply, free from economic manipulation of few people.

Here are the primary tips you need to know if you are planning to invest in the Blockchain Industry.

Make a high-end research

Blockchain must be a part of your portfolio. Never overreact and take positions in a gradual way. It is one of the types of investments that could gather in potential profits in upcoming years.

If you were probably aware of how the internet was in 2002, the same is the Blockchain for now. Added, you should make very good research before planning to invest in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Choose the right Assets

If you look at most of the blockchain assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, stocks, etc could become ineffective in the future. So by choosing the right assets carefully, your position will remain vitally important.

By doing so all the existing principles in investment right from past still remain applied to cryptocurrency investing.

Following the perfect discipline

All these investing principles apply to Cryptocurrency investing as well. They are more important than ever before. Having a strict discipline is must crucial for maintaining long term success which will remain mandatory.

Even the chart and statistic analysis from the past do apply to the present and even in the future as well.

Have an eye on recent statistics & principles

All investing principles and analysis techniques get applied to cryptocurrency investing. All the cryptocurrencies have a chart and statistical patterns. They serve as the basis for timing with great entry and exit points.

Have a wide selection of cryptocurrency

Don’t restrict yourself with one cryptocurrency and select wide currencies of different categories. Choose two or three cryptocurrencies which will have a drastic impact in the future and will solve the real-life problems as well.

If you look for public cryptocurrency it is limited to a few. Other than cryptocurrencies, there are a handful number of blockchain opportunities in the public domain.

The venture of Security Tokens

When it comes to Decentralization strategy, Security Tokens are the new assets. With fundraising as the primary concern, Security Tokens remains to be the great opportunity for Blockchain investors for the year 2019, even in 2020 and beyond.

Cryptocurrencies are generally hyper-volatile which should also be considered.

Volatility factor

With the Volatility factor, Blockchain and Crypto Industry tend to be faster. High-Volatility leads to making the investment and transaction a bit faster. However, the number of trades on the list shouldn’t rise often but should go down.

Trade Less

Due to the Volatility nature, trading less could lead to a high amount of profits provided the timing is accurate.

Working with very high-investment with small positions is a risk when compared to a small investment with good positions.

Deal with your emotions in the right way

Emotions are considered to be the number one enemy factor of any business. This applies especially to Crypto Industry since cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Moreover, this is an individual place. And the market doesn’t care for your nervousness, emotions, depression, disappointments, nothing!

Give importance to Discipline and Risk Management

When trading cryptocurrencies, identify your objectives and timeframe for your trade. Traders who have a shorter timeframe and lower risk tolerance will tend to be successful in the global market.

Blockchain Technology Wandering to Multiple Businesses!

Undoubtedly, Blockchain can be found in every single domain we live with. There is a diverse blockchain companies to invest in that provides flawless services for all types of businesses by hiring blockchain developer hourly rate at a low rate.

Here we have focused the major business providers in the world!

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

No matter what we say, it is impossible to overstate the importance of the health care industry. One of the most important ways the blockchain could change health care in reducing health costs.

The idea behind this is Smart Contracts which spell out exactly how money represented as tokens will be spent. Moreover, they will provide access for Doctors to edit the patient data since everything here is transparent and the rules are clearly stated.

Though it sounds to be a complicated process, it is relatively a simple concept. Thanks to the Smart Contracts, Invoices, and Bank balances are processed automatically with complete transparency.

Using the Blockchain, a decentralized system that is centered on the patient data instead of the data holder creates a shared database of the patient data. There are dozens of system which manage electronic health records (EHR) all centralized per company.

Blockchain Technology in Banking

Many Crypto Enthusiasts thought of Blockchain as a complete substitute for Banking and middleman in payment systems. Blockchain has functions that enhance the efficiency of financial systems.

In the case of Banking systems, several spheres of Blockchain are involved with Financial services which include the network of information, ledger accounting, and transaction system.

All the transaction systems and their accompanying details will find their respective place in the ledger accounts which is available for all the parties involved. Each transaction is irreversible which means that data tempering is not allowed.

The transaction system remains to be the platform where all funds can be evaluated according to the single unit of measurement. Coins that come out of this transaction will also remain worthy!

On the other hand, Smart Contracts acts as a decision-making strategy that secures the network from fraud and scams.

Blockchain Technology for Enterprise Asset Management

Blockchain has the complete potential to revolutionize the way that assets are transferred within and between the business networks. It doesn’t stop with this! Ledger also means that transactions relating to the assets are verified and are auditable.

Asset management on Blockchain Network allows solving the problems associated with dispute resolution and improves the time it takes to solve discrepancies for the data.

Blockchain’s shared ledger sets the foundation for transparency, auditability, a trusted business process in the upcoming future. Having a wide-reaching potential across different industries, it is crystal clear that asset management will definitely experience great benefits from Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Technology Benefits for Businesses

With loaded of benefits in each industry, Blockchain is still emendating every day. As we discussed, Blockchain has already ventured into different domains for which we have discussed the top three of business.

So, What are the advantages of adopting Blockchain?

Here it is!


Since the transactions are already completed between the parties with no middleman and with digitized information, settling a transaction can be an easy task now. Higher efficiency, good will be the profits!


As each transaction is recorded sequentially and indefinitely, it remains to be an indelible audit trail for the life of an asset between the parties. This results in enhancing auditability.


Since there is no intruder or middleman involved, tracing goods in a supply chain can be advantageous when seeking to trace components that are currently residing.


What more is needed when Security remains to be the crucial factor in all businesses! Since each transaction is verified within the network by making use of independently verified complex cryptography, the authenticity of the information can be assured.


With complete traceability throughout the life of an asset, the asset designers and manufacturers can support through-life asset management into their products to make them more powerful. This can enable information returning from shipping, installation, maintenance and decommissioning, etc.

Future of Blockchain Technology

With many emendations made already, Blockchain will unveil a lot of potential challenges in the future as well!

In the future, Blockchain can Eliminate trusted third parties as well!

We have sensed a huge number of Self-Driving cars. Blockchain will protect Self-Driving cars as well!

Blockchain Technology secures the future of the Internet. Moreover, it is also used for Digital Advertising!!

When it comes to Blockchain, Smart Contracts will be the most promising factor in the future!

How Blockchain Development Company can assist you with this?

Being an Entrepreneur in the industry, you would now remain interested to invest in Blockchain technology. Zab Technologies, being a top-notch Blockchain Development Company has so far assisted a good number of clients by delivering the top-notch solutions as expected.

Here are the major industries which we have rendered our Blockchain development services for:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Communication
  • Consumer Goods
  • Education
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Information Services
  • Insurance
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Technical Advisory

Our Blockchain solutions have helped them to remain to be the top entrepreneur across the globe!

Summing Up

Blockchain Technology will sound to be the best and amazing technology with small-scale applications and startups around. There are a lot of startups involved in the Blockchain industry! You can get in touch with the best ones and can invest in Blockchain Technology at minimal cost!

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