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“Crypto” is not a new term in the world of blockchain technology. Because after the introduction of crypto, many businesses and investors started to use various cryptocurrencies and made more profits. Cryptocurrency is digital money and one can use crypto for multiple purposes. Such as trading, staking, leverage, payments, and a lot more. Digital currencies are widely used in many major countries in recent years. Because with one click, the user can transfer their desired crypto from one address to another wallet address within a minute.

In general, digital currency comes without regulation, so some countries restrict crypto trading and crypto payments. But the hidden benefit is crypto has a regulated functionality that helps several traders and investors to earn profits. On the flip side, usage of digital currencies is surging daily, and the crypto market is expanding everywhere. So many global companies and merchants started to accept crypto as their payment. But they need a secure crypto payment platform for accepting crypto payments. Thus, startups and entrepreneurs are showing their interest to develop their own crypto payment gateway platform.

If you are searching for the top crypto payment gateway development companies in 2021 to build your own crypto payment gateway. Then this mind-blowing article will help you to find the best companies for your crypto payment business.

Let us begin this Informative article with… 

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway?

The Crypto payment gateway is the payment network that supports digital currencies for payments. It enhances the speed of crypto transactions and helps to make a secure crypto payment instantly. The crypto payment gateway works the same as the traditional payment gateway. As we know, a Payment processor is the most needed one to facilitate the credit/debit card transactions for both the online & offline stores. The process helps to transfer only the crucial information. Likewise, the Crypto Payment gateway platform is an Online payment processing network that helps users and merchants to make secure digital currency payments or transactions.

Traditional crypto payment processors support multiple fiat currencies for payments. Likewise, crypto payment gateways support all the major cryptos for making crypto payments. Such as Bitcoin, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and the list of crypto coins goes on. The Crypto payment processor allows easier payments for users and it is mostly used in crypto exchanges, crypto-wallets, online stores, offline stores, and more.

If you are gonna launch a crypto payment gateway platform, then you need to connect with the best crypto payment gateway development company. As per today’s blockchain market, there are lots of development firms available to create a crypto payment gateway. Everyone knows the proverb – All Glitters are not Gold. Thus, you need to choose the right development company for your crypto payment gateway development.

So, now let us dive into our main topic…

Best 5 Crypto Payment Gateway Development Companies that you need to know

Here is the list of the top 5 crypto payment gateway development companies in the blockchain marketplace.

1. Zab Technologies

Zab technologies is a standard and prominent cryptocurrency payment gateway development company in the blockchain space. We are specialized in providing the finest crypto payment gateway development service with top-notch outcomes at affordable rates for startups & entrepreneurs who want to start a crypto business by launching a crypto payment gateway platform. Zab Technologies is highly concerned about this advanced technology and we use only updated technology tools to develop the secure crypto payment gateway.

Zab technologies have a pool of experienced blockchain developers, designers, and QA specialists to check our products before reaching the client’s hands. Our Admin dashboard in the platform has multiple functions so it is easy to control and manage. We offer faster adaptability solutions. So that your users will find it easy to adapt your crypto payment gateway processor for instant crypto payments. Zab technologies will help you to build a crypto payment processor similar to bitpay, coinpayments, and more.

Zab Technologies offers productive 24/7 technical and customer support to clients. In case, if there are any technical interruptions or bugs. Then our team of experts will help them out and solve those issues instantly. We enable updated technical features in our crypto payment gateway development service. They are…

User Features

  • Home Page
  • User Sign-In/ Sign-Up
  • My Wallet With Deposit And Withdraw Functionality
  • Deposit & Withdraw History
  • Support Ticket Submission
  • Transaction History
  • Merchant Tools

and more… 

Admin Features

  • Admin dashboard
  • View users deposit/withdrawal history
  • Merchant payment history
  • Merchant API Category
  • Control management system

and more…

Zab Technologies enables these extraordinary features while creating a crypto payment gateway platform. We also offer a crypto payment gateway mobile application for both Android and IOS devices at a reasonable price. Apart from this service, we also offer crypto exchange development, ERC20 token development, crypto wallet development, ICO development, and much more. So connect with Zab technologies and create a bug-free and secure crypto payment gateway platform for your business.

2. Blockchain app factory

Blockchain app factory is one of the leading cryptocurrency payment gateway development companies in the marketplace. Blockchain app factory was one of the early birds to arrive in the blockchain market. They excel in offering blockchain services with high-end security features. Also, they are specialized in providing Defi development services at an affordable cost.

Blockchain app factory has a team of experienced and in-depth knowledge developers in the field of blockchain. Those developers will help clients to develop and deliver the project with cutting-edge solutions. So far they have helped many international clients across the globe to launch their blockchain-based businesses successfully. They integrate some desirable features in their crypto payment development service. Such as 

  1. Seamless conversion
  2. Multiple payment options
  3. Multi-language support
  4. Merchant tools
  5. Transaction history
  6. Two-factor authentication
  7. Data security

and more…

They have dedicated blockchain experts who will deeply analyze and execute your crypto payment gateway business. Blockchain app factory also offers crypto exchange services, white label solutions, ICO development, STO development, tokenization, Defi development, and other blockchain services.

3. Bitexchange systems

Bitexchange Systems is a well-known crypto payment gateway development company across the globe. They so far delivered 100+ blockchain projects and gained a considerable number of clients in all parts of the world. Their crypto payment gateway development supports all the virtual digital assets for crypto payments. Such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, and more. Like other blockchain development firms, the bitexchange system also provides all types of blockchain services with utmost perfection. Their services are crypto wallet development, crypto exchange software, decentralized exchange software, ICO development, Stablecoin development, crypto MLM software, and much more.

So far BitExchange systems have developed and deployed many blockchain products in different industries. They have a team of skilled blockchain developers to implement cutting-edge technology and build a crypto payment gateway platform with ideal technical features. BitExchange system has an experienced blockchain development team for developing all sorts of blockchain-powered products within the given time frame.

4. Merkeleon

Merkeleon is a well-known crypto payment gateway development company in the blockchain industry. They have done many successful crypto-related projects for various industries. Merkeleon earned the best name for its time management and customer support. They provide effective crypto solutions services to their international clients around the world. Their crypto solutions include crypto exchange solutions and crypto wallet solutions. Apart from these services, they also offer premier crypto payment gateway development services with outstanding features. Let us see the ideal features of their crypto payment gateway development.

  • Support 50+ crypto coins including stablecoin
  • Extensive financial system
  • Automated payout features
  • B2B and B2C wallet
  • Simple API for business customers
  • Instant payments and more

Merkeleon’s primary motto is to offer the best crypto payment gateway solutions to their clients. They have some priorities while developing and delivering a crypto product. Such as security modules, ease of use, and productive customer support. They have a rich expertise development team for developing all kinds of crypto projects. Their best crypto solutions will help you to build a secure crypto payment gateway platform in a hassle-free manner.

5. CryptoSoftwares

If you are looking for ideal crypto payment gateway development services, then you can reach CryptoSoftwares. Cryptosoftwares is a renowned crypto payment gateway development company in the crypto space. They offer all sets of crypto solutions and blockchain development services to various industries. Such as finance, legal, healthcare, and more.  Cryptosoftwares is one of the early players in the crypto domain and gained more than 2000+ clients across the globe. As the name suggests, they are well versed in offering crypto-related software solutions.

Cryptosoftwares offers the finest white label crypto payment gateway development service to all the buffing startups and entrepreneurs. Apart from crypto payment processor development, this company also offers some reliable blockchain solutions. Their services include blockchain application development, ERC20 token development, cryptocurrency development, crypto exchange development, ICO development, and mobile app development. They use updated and latest frameworks to improve the quality of the service.

These are the top 5 crypto payment gateway development companies that have great experience in blockchain development, skilled developers, ideal reviews, and feedback.

Wrapping up

If you are launching a crypto payment gateway platform, then it will help you to gain enormous amounts of profits within a short period. Even some experts in the crypto space say that building a stunning crypto payment gateway platform with a mobile app is an excellent business to generate more income.

So, all in your hand is to choose the best and trust-worthy crypto payment gateway development company from the above-mentioned firms. Because these companies are masters in offering feature-packed crypto payment gateway solutions with the necessary security modules. However, do some market research, check the client’s feedback & reviews before choosing the company for your crypto payment business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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