How Much Does it Cost for Blockchain Wallet App Development Including Features?


blockchain wallet app developmentIn recent years, we can see the tremendous growth of Blockchain technology and its applications. So many startups and entrepreneurs started to invest in Blockchain technology in more ways. As cryptocurrencies are completely based on Blockchain. So there is a huge demand for blockchain wallet app development. As we all know that Bitcoin is a popular Cryptocurrency in the marketplace. So now people can perform P2P transactions securely with zero cost using digital currencies.

Cryptocurrency made a great impact on global business markets. So many vendors have started accepting crypto payments. To make crypto payment transactions easier, there is a need for blockchain wallet app development. In recent surveys, the community says that financial companies can save $12 billion in a year by adopting blockchain. So business magnets started to invest in blockchain wallet app development by integrating advanced features. 

But you will have a question in your mind: what will be the cost of blockchain wallet app development. Don’t worry, you are in the correct place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the cost of blockchain app development with its features. But before seeing about the cost of development, let us begin with…

What is Blockchain Wallet Development?

Blockchain crypto wallet app will help you to make crypto payments from your wallet account to other wallet accounts with almost zero transaction fees. Apart from crypto transactions, it also helps you to send, receive, and transfer cryptocurrencies. This wallet app holds all the cryptos safely. So if you are running a crypto exchange, It helps your users to trade digital currencies directly on your exchange or a mobile & web wallet app.

This bitcoin wallet app supports a wide range of major cryptocurrencies. Such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin, ethereum, dash, and more. Also, this app monitors the crypto balance in your account. It contains both the private key and public key to provide a secure crypto transaction. In this wallet app, private keys act as a password. So we need to enter the private key to perform the crypto transactions from your app. So don’t share your private key with others. Then you might lose your funds.

On the other hand, public keys act as a digital address. It is directly connected to the blockchain wallet app balance. There are different types of storage in the bitcoin wallet app. Such as the hot wallet, warm wallet, and cold wallet. The hot wallets are online wallets and you can access only with the internet. Many business people prefer hot wallet apps for storing cryptocurrencies and tokens. The cold wallet app is offline storage. So the internet facility is not needed. Many investors and startups prefer cold wallet apps rather than hot wallets. Warm wallets act as both cold and hot wallets in the blockchain wallet app. As of now, there are five main types of blockchain wallets in the marketplace. Such as

  1. Mobile wallet
  2. Desktop wallet
  3. Web wallet
  4. Hardware wallet
  5. Paper wallet

Now, let us see…

Best Blockchain Wallet Applications in Marketplace

Currently, there are plenty of Bitcoin wallet applications available in the play store and Appstore. Each blockchain wallet application has its own functionalities and features. Here we list some of the best and popular blockchain wallet applications in the crypto marketplace.

  1. Airbitz 
  2. Bread 
  3. BitPay 
  4. Copay 
  5. Keep key
  6. Trezor
  7. coinbase
  8. Trust wallet
  9. eToro
  10. Robinhood
  11. Electrum 
  13. Ledger nano s and more

These blockchain wallet apps allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a hassle-free manner. If you are looking for a premium and customizable blockchain wallet app for your exchange. Then continue reading this blog to know the exciting features and how much does it cost for blockchain wallet app development. 

Essential Features of Blockchain Wallet Development

Developing a blockchain wallet app with integrating advanced features will help you to grab more users.

  • Two-factor authentication

Integration of the Two-factor Authentication in your blockchain wallet app development will upsurge the standards of your app. It is a kind of security feature that works as a secondary layer of security for the app. So it can be completely accessed only by the user. This feature requires not only a password and username from the user. But it also requires some secondary information like OTP for granting access. So this feature can surely enhance the security of the crypto transactions that are processed within the blockchain wallet app. However, the users can choose whether they want to activate this feature in the app or not. Also, this feature makes the wallet app more flexible for crypto users.

  • Push notifications

Push notification is one of the must-have features for the blockchain wallet app. This feature is almost used in mobile applications. It will help the admin or the owner of the blockchain wallet app to notify the users with some information. Such as the price of a cryptocurrency, a transaction failure, and transaction success. Also, this feature helps the application users to be updated with all the account activity in real-time. However, push notification will also notify the app users whenever they send, receive, or transfer cryptocurrencies. This feature will also be useful for sending offers, discounts, and paramount updates to the application users.

  • QR code scanner

The primary reason behind the blockchain wallet app development is a hassle-free transaction. Also, no intervention of third parties or any central authority. In this current time, many blockchain wallet apps are evolving in the marketplace. Those wallet apps will have a QR code scanner feature as a mandatory one. Because it helps the app users to scan the code then add security keys to the app for transferring the receiving the digital currency. So by using this feature in the app, users can perform 100% secure transactions. This made many business people integrate a QR code scanner for blockchain wallet app development. 

  • Multi-cryptocurrency support

By using the blockchain wallet app, it is very easy to transfer crypto from one wallet address to another. You need to offer multiple cryptocurrency support to your app users. So it helps you to attract crypto traders from all parts of the world. Develop your blockchain wallet app with multi-cryptos and launch them globally. So it makes the transfer easier for your app users.

  • App security feature

An additional level of security in the blockchain wallet app will always attract app users the most. Integrating top-notch security features is one of the common and essential factors of the blockchain wallet app development. As for now, the Blockchain wallet applications are transforming many businesses to the next level. Blockchain is generally considered as the modernized Mobile App Security. You can integrate some essential security features while developing a blockchain wallet app. Such as multi-signature vaults and biometric authentication. With these security features, the app users can change the password of the app as biometric at any time. Also, avoids hacking and other fraudulent activities. 

Apart from these features, some paramount features make your blockchain wallet app a successful one. Now, let us see them…

Some Standard features of Blockchain Wallet app Development

Here we list some standard features of blockchain wallet app that evolves in the marketplace

  1. Auto cancellation of payments when made twice
  2. Paper wallet import
  3. Conversion rate
  4. HD wallet and Multi-currency wallet
  5. Creating a new wallet address
  6. Secure backup of data 
  7. Share wallet address via QR code image
  8. Password and pin security
  9. Optional logout
  10. Restore functionality of international wallets
  11. Face unlock security
  12. Multi-language support

These are the primary standard features of a blockchain wallet application. Integrating all these cutting-edge features will make your wallet app rank to the top position. Now, let us look at…

Team Required for Blockchain Wallet App Development

To develop a highly responsive blockchain wallet app, you need a well-experienced team and skilled developers who can turn your business dreams into reality. An expert team of developers knows how to integrate advanced features and develop a stunning blockchain wallet app. Here is a list of important members required for a team for blockchain wallet app development.

  1. Project manager
  2. Android application developer
  3. IOS application developer
  4. Front-end and back-end developer
  5. UI/UX designer
  6. Quality Analyst & Tester

Cost of Blockchain Wallet App Development

If you are planning to develop a blockchain wallet app for your business. Then it is your choice to customize the desired features you want to add to your wallet app. Also, you can choose the platform of the blockchain wallet app along with functions and technology stacks. When it comes to the cost of blockchain wallet app development. Then several factors play an essential role. 

The blockchain Wallet application development cost depends on some essential factors. Such as 

  1. features 
  2. Platform
  3. The complexity of the application
  4. Size of the development team and location
  5. Consensus mechanism. 
  6. Technologies used

Additionally, it also depends on the cryptocurrencies you want to add to your blockchain wallet app. Also, a wallet app is financial software and it has to be 100% secure and hack-proof. So, integrating the cutting-edge security systems will also have an impact on the overall blockchain wallet development cost. Thus, to make the app more secure and bug-free you need to invest a little more. So it is a good option to implement some advanced security features to make the overall development more productive and hack free. 

Finally, the cost of a blockchain wallet app ranges around $5k to $10k. But depending upon the size, features, and platform that you choose will impact the overall development cost. However, if you want to make a feature-rich blockchain wallet app. Then you need to connect with the best blockchain wallet app development company. One such best blockchain app development company in the market is Zab Technologies.

Why Choose Zab Technologies For Blockchain Wallet App Development?

Zab Technologies, the leading blockchain wallet app development company in the blockchain industry. Being an early bird in the industry, we have years of experience in offering reliable blockchain development services. We have so far delivered 60+ blockchain products to our global clients. Also, we excel in providing top-notch blockchain wallet app development services with impeccable outcomes. We have a team of well-experienced blockchain app developers to complete the project at the desired time. 

If you are looking to develop a feature-rich blockchain wallet app at an affordable cost. Then choosing us will be the best solution. Develop your own blockchain wallet app with advanced features by connecting us. So that you can get a perfect and successful app that might help you to reap lucrative money in a short time!

Grab your opportunity!. Talk to our experts and Develop your own Blockchain wallet app now!

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