How Much Does it Cost to Create ERC20 Token?


how much does it cost to create erc20 token

If you are a person looking to create an ERC20 token at an affordable cost. Then you are in the correct place. Currently, blockchain is an emerging technology in various industries across the globe. Such as finance, banking, insurance, real estate, and more. This technology is also widely used to create crypto tokens and other complex projects for the business. When it comes to digital currencies and tokens, Bitcoin is the leading currency in the crypto market. On the other side, Ethereum is the second largest crypto and acts as a public blockchain platform. 

Presently, ERC20 tokens are becoming prominent in the industry. So many people are showing their interest to create ERC20 tokens using the Ethereum network. When it comes to the ERC20 token development phase, many people aren’t aware of the cost to create ERC20 tokens. If you are one among them, then this article will be definitely helpful to know the cost of ERC20 token creation. Before seeing the ERC20 token creation cost, let us see what is an ERC20 token with its features, benefits, and other essential factors.

So, let us begin with…

What is an ERC20 Token?

ERC20 is the popular Ethereum token standard that helps to create Ethereum-based crypto tokens and smart contracts. It stands for Ethereum Request for comments. ERC20 standard defines a set of rules that apply to all Ethereum-based tokens. We know that Ethereum is an open-source software platform so you can create your ERC20 token using the Ethereum network. An ERC20 token is a digital asset that holds a certain value for trading in the crypto exchange.  In other words, the ERC20 token is a blockchain-based digital asset with similar functionality to Ethereum. These tokens are widely used for transactions and other payments. 

The difference between ERC20 tokens and bitcoin is, ERC20 tokens are developed on the powerful Ethereum network. Whereas Bitcoin is created on its own blockchain network. Generally, ERC20 tokens are mostly created to raise the funds. You can also create such Ethereum-based crypto tokens for your fundraising with the help of the ideal ERC20 token development company.

Experts in the blockchain community say that ERC20 is the most significant crypto token standard. ERC20 is the technical standard and is used for all smart contracts. By using smart contracts, you can avoid fraudulent activities and the interference of third parties. Thus, many startups and entrepreneurs preferred creating ERC20 tokens to raising funds. 

Popular ERC20 Tokens in the Global Marketplace

As per the current crypto market, there are many ERC20 tokens available for trading and payments. But only some ERC20 tokens gained huge popularity among traders and investors in the crypto sector. Here we list the top ERC20 tokens that are prevailing in the marketplace. Such as

  1. Qtum
  2. Shiba Inu
  3. Uniswap token
  4. Sushi token 
  5. Wrapped bitcoin 
  6. Aave token
  7. Chain link
  8. Sushi token
  9. ICON
  10. Augur
  11. Golem
  12. IOST
  13. Maker
  14. Basic attention token

These above-mentioned tokens are the best ERC20 tokens in the marketplace. Currently, most Ethereum tokens are completely created based on the ERC20 standard. Thus, many investors and traders prefer these Ethereum tokens for trading. Now, let us see 

Reasons to develop ERC20 Token for Your Business 

Here we list some eminent reasons to create an ERC20 token for your business.      

  1. Cost-effective – The cost of creating an ERC20 token will be less so you can easily create a ERC20 token.
  2. Easy creation – For the Ethereum developers experts, the ERC20 token creation process will be simple and easy.
  3. Less time is Enough – if you are a person looking to create an Ethereum-based crypto token. Then you can create your ERC20 token within less time with the help of a top-notch ERC20 token development company like Zab technologies. We have an in-depth experienced team of token developers who can create crypto tokens in the Ethereum blockchain.
  4. Easy usage – ERC20 tokens are easily usable and anyone can handle these tokens & perform secure transactions.
  5. Secured with a smart contract – for secure token transactions, powerful Ethereum smart contracts have been built within this Ethereum (ERC20) token.
  6. Deployed with mobile wallet app – An Ethereum-based mobile wallet app will be deployed with our ERC20 token creation service. So that users can store, receive, transfer, and ensure the ERC20 token safety.
  7. Automatic Transaction –  As we already mentioned, smart contracts are already built inside the ERC20 tokens. So according to the smart contract, once the transaction is done. Then assets are automatically transferred to the user’s Ethereum token wallet.
  8. Quick fundraising – ERC20 tokens already grabbed a vast amount of prominence in the crypto space. Thus, many business-class people, investors, and entrepreneurs will show their interest in ERC20 tokens. So you can raise your funds quickly without any hassle.

These are the valuable reasons to create ERC20 tokens. Now, let us see…

How to Create ERC20 Token Easily?

Every Ethereum token enthusiast will have dream of creating their own ERC20 tokens. So many of them are searching for how to build an ERC20 token?

The answer is simple, you can create your ERC20 token in two ways. If you are an experienced developer and specialized in Ethereum blockchain codings then you can create your ERC20 token by yourself. But in the end, you might face any issues or bugs in the output. If you are a skillful programmer, then you can create your ERC20 token by considering some crucial factors. Here is the list of factors that you must consider while developing an ERC20 token on the top Ethereum blockchain.

  1. Decide how the Ethereum token should be
  2. Name of the token
  3. Token Symbol 
  4. Decimal Places in Token
  5. The number of Tokens in circulation
  6. Code of the contract
  7. Verify the source code

By considering these paramount factors, you can make your ERC20 token easily. Else, you can create Ethereum-based crypto tokens by connecting with the leading ERC20 token development company in the blockchain industry. Because companies will have high-skilled Ethereum token developers and an experienced blockchain development team. So that you can easily share your business requirements and create your ERC20 token without any trouble. That’s why people are approaching the best ERC20 token development company for developing Ethereum-based tokens.

Elite Features of ERC20 Token Development

Features will play an important role while developing an ERC20 token for your features. Because some traders and investors will buy ERC20 tokens based on the features enabled in the token. Here we list the important features that you can get in our ERC20 token creation service.

  1. ERC20 Contact generation
  2. ERC20 token mobile wallet app for web, Android, and IOS 
  3. Initial Supply setting
  4. No of Issues setting
  5. Fractions setting
  6. Deploy Contracts
  7. Generate Tokens
  8. Validate Contract
  9. Tightened security features

By integrating these features into the ERC20 token, you can successfully create your ERC20 token and reap more profits in a short time.

Advantages of Utilizing our ERC20 Token Creation Service

  1. Traders can perform instant and secure ERC20 token transactions
  2. Confirms the ERC20 token transaction effectively
  3. Easy implementation and execution of ERC20 tokens 
  4. You can reap the excellent and effective 24/7 customer support 
  5. Your ERC20 tokens can get high liquidity.
  6. It allows digital assets to be traded instantly on the Ethereum-based blockchain platform.
  7. ERC20 tokens can consistently handle incoming token transactions efficiently & quickly in Smart Contracts. 
  8. ERC20 Tokens will be accepted on all popular crypto trading platforms. Hence, any crypto trader can perform transactions by using your ERC20 token. 
  9. Your ERC20 tokens will be free from risks, vulnerabilities, and other security threats.
  10. Reduce the risk of contract interruption
  11. ERC20 token transactions will be trouble-free.
  12. After creating your ERC20 tokens, along with the token you will also get a superfine and secure ERC20 token wallet mobile app for the web, android, and ios.

Cost to Create ERC20 Token for Your Business

The cost of creating an ERC20 token plays a major role while you are developing a crypto token on the Ethereum blockchain.  Some of the crucial factors determine the shape of the ERC20 token development cost. Such as 

  1. Business Type 
  2. Features of token
  3. The design of the token
  4. Number of ERC20 tokens 
  5. The complexity of the token 
  6. Size and location of the ERC20 token development company
  7. ERC20 Token development and testing 
  8. Distribution 
  9. Ongoing support and maintenance

These factors will shape the development cost of the ERC20 tokens. But we can not estimate the exact cost of the ERC20 token creation. But approximately the cost to create an ERC20 token will range from $5000 to $6000 along with the ERC20 token wallet mobile app for web, android, and IOS. However, the cost of ERC20 token creation may differ as per your business requirements and urgent needs. 

Why Choose Zab Technologies For ERC20 Token Creation?

Zab Technologies is a noteworthy ERC20 token development company when it comes to ERC20 token creation service. You know what, we are the pioneers of the blockchain domain and have great experience in developing crypto exchanges, blockchain crypto wallets, crypto tokens, crowdfunding platforms, and more. We offer the best ERC20 token creation service with which you can create your own ERC20 token at an affordable cost. We have so far delivered many extraordinary and reliable crypto tokens that come under the Ethereum blockchain standards. And those ERC20 tokens are the best-selling tokens right now in the market as well. The best-selling part of this is integrating all the essential and security features that will induce the token to well-perform. Also, it can handle more transactions during the peak hours of trading. 

This one best-selling part of Zab Technologies thrives entrepreneurs and startups fixing their free live demo and query calls with us for creating ERC20 tokens. Zab Technologies feels happy for the success of entrepreneurs who are well-performing with our products in the market.

We are here to assist you and accomplish your business dreams come true. 

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