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Blockchain is the core element of the crypto industry that stores the data regarding crypto transactions. When a single chain is handling all these transactions, during high traffic, it takes a lot of time and cost which hurts the performance of the chain in terms of scalability, and interoperability.  

This is the problem that has been managed by popular blockchains like Bitcoin, and Ethereum for some time now, And for this, polygon came to the market as an optimal multi-chain solution. Polygon Network is a second layer chain of the Ethereum network that rectifies the performance lag of the Ethereum. 

Polygon Network is fueled with the polygon token called MATIC, which has exceptional features and can be used in different De-Fi applications. With their popularity and unique working, Polygon tokens are highly likely to create profitable businesses in the future that will serve as ideal Business ideas for startups. 

Regardless, this article is going to explain everything about polygon tokens and also the step-by-step process of polygon token development for the business whereas in the form of an informative guide.

First, let us start with…

What is Polygon Token?

Polygon Token is a crypto token with the symbol MATIC. Likewise, It is also a technology platform to share the burden of the main network Ethereum in terms of scalability, flexibility, and sovereignty. And, It was launched in 2017 to connect Ethereum-compatible projects and blockchains. 

MATIC is a token of a polygon network that are used in paying transaction fees and also traders can buy MATIC on the exchanges like coinbase or Kraken. In that case, The polygon platform gives flexibility and scalability to the blockchain project which can still afford the interoperability, security, and structural benefits of the Ethereum network.

Hence, the polygon is an ideal platform to create tokens easily. And there are many popular polygon token lists in the market. They are

 Popular Polygon Token list

The popular polygon tokens that top in the market capitalization is

  • Gains Network GNS
  • Vulcan Forged (polygon) PYR
  • PolyDoge (POLYDOGE)
  • Kommunitas (KOM)
  • Flare Token (1FLR)
  • Polycat Finance (FISH)
  • Paw
  • Cipher (CPR)

In general, To develop these popular tokens carefully, the step-by-step process is done in the polygon network.

So, let us see those steps in the next section.

How to create a Token on a polygon?

Below explained the sequential steps in a simple way for you to know how to create a token on a polygon network

First, Head to Remix

The first step to create polygon token is developing a smart contract. To do that, go to an integrated development environment called remix to write and executes the program.

On reaching the Remix, click on the contracts button and then the option “create new contract”. At last name your contract relevant to your project.

Go to OpenZepplin

Despite, The template can be used to create polygon tokens in a few steps. For that, you have to go to an open-source platform OpenZeppelin to find the right template for your token. 

Find the token template

The next step to create polygon token is to choose the suitable template in the OpenZepplin. Then, Choose the template on OpenZepplin, then Click on the option “share” in OpenZepplin to import the file. After importing, come back to remix and paste it into the created smart contract 

Create a Smart Contract 

To create polygon token, copy the line of code specifying the solidity version from OpenZepplin and paste it on the imported file of the picked smart contract template. Then, write the name of your token on the constructor line along with the ticker fixed for the token. Ticker represents the token with the four maximum characters.

Compile the Smart Contract 

The next step to create polygon token is to compile the smart contract to make it error-free software. To do that, select the compiler option located on the left side of the menu and then click “Deploy and Run Transaction”.

Finally, Deploy the token on Polygon Network

This is the last step to create a polygon token. In this step, make sure to select “Injected Web3” in the environment tab. And also the wallet address for the token transfer will be found below the account tab. In either case, click the deploy token to send the token to your wallet.

After Deployment, click confirm in your metamask wallet to finish the transactions.  

And These are the basic steps followed to create polygon tokens. However, you might face many technical difficulties when you create polygon-based tokens on your own. As you are creating a polygon-based crypto token for your business, having a professional touch is mandatory and vital too. So seeking professional assistance from a Leading development company like Zab Technologies will help you to create crypto tokens on the Polygon network with strategic processes by embedding them with exemplary features and using new technology tools. 

Now let us see the…

Features of Polygon Token Development

Polygon Network offers the best of Ethereum with sovereign blockchain to create a fully functional multi-chain solution. Also, It tackles the issues on the Ethereum blockchain such as poor operation performance, security, and expensive gas fees. This multi-chain method is similar to the platforms like cosmos, avalanche, Polkadot, and others. 

The token developed on such a polygon network comes with exceptional features. We at Zab Technologies build the token with extraordinary features according to the business requirements. And such features will help businesses in getting ROI back in a short time.

Hence some of the key features of polygon token development include

Availability: In a polygon network, Polygon sidechains enable quick transactions at an inexpensive cost.

Security: Transactions on the polygon network are safe with a strong security mechanism on the main chain. 

High Throughput: Polygon can enable up to 7000 transactions per second on the single side chain with the internal testnet. Indeed, many chains you can create with horizontal scaling. 

Great Customer Experience: Polygon network provides wallet connect support, SDK, native mobile applications, and developer abstraction from mainchain to polygon chain.

Public sidechains: Polygon token sidechains are permissionless, open to the public, and support numerous protocols, unlike individual dApp chains.

Besides all these features, there are additional benefits in polygon token development. 

Let us see that…

Benefits of Polygon Token Development

Despite, the few advantages of creating a crypto token in the polygon mainnet network are given below

  • Compatibility with the Ethereum platform
  • Improved security
  • High scalability
  • Increased Interoperability
  • Easy to code

On seeing the benefits above, now you know that it is an ideal choice to choose the polygon network to create a crypto token. 

Moreover,  Another optimal solution that makes the process of creating your token easier is to connect with a professional polygon token development company – Zab technologies.

But why Zab Technologies, let us see that… 

Why choose ZAB Technologies to Create Tokens on the Polygon blockchain?

Zab Technologies is the foremost Polygon token development company in the crypto industry. As an early bird in providing blockchain development services, Our team is masters in crafting the token with reliable features and exceptional functionalities. We provide top-quality software at a budget-friendly price. So far, we have worked on various crypto projects and aided many startups in developing the crypto token according to their requirements. Also, we delivered 100+ crypto-related projects to our reputed clients in different countries across the world. The most significant part of our Polygon token development service is we develop it delicately with all the must-have features that perform well in real-time.

Contact for Polygon Token development
Contact for PolygonToken development

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