How to Create ERC-404 Tokens? A Beginner’s Guide

ERC404 Token Standard
ERC404 Token Standard

The start of 2024, has been good so far, as there is a rise in the price of bitcoin, which has reached up to $50K. But what about NFTs?? Many of them believed that NFTs are going down due to some limitations in the crypto market. However, there is still hype among various crypto investors and business people who are curious enough to come up with some innovative ideas. To support those minds, there is an emergence of the latest standard in the NFT landscape ~ ERC404 Token, bringing with it innovations that promise to enhance the creation and management of these digital collectibles.

But what exactly is the ERC-404 Token standard, and how does it steer the complex landscape of NFTs? In this article, let me share some insights on the ERC404 token and NFT creation based on that. 

What is ERC404 Token Standard?

ERC404 stands out as a cutting-edge standard on the Ethereum blockchain, specifically designed for creating and managing NFTs. Unlike its predecessors, ERC-404 introduces several novel features that address some of the challenges faced by users and developers in the NFT space. The main purpose of this NFT token creation is to merge the NFT liquidity and NFT fractionalization, which tends to be a low-key issue in the NFT market. 

ERC404 is a token standard that incorporates both fungible and non-fungible token standards at the same time. To make it simple, ERC-404 is the combination of ERC20 and ERC721 token standards, to create a new form of digital asset. This may resemble the functionality of semi-fungible tokens, which may divide the NFTs into trading assets. This Crypto token can trade in splits. This token enables the NFT to split into simple tradable NFTs like fractionalized ones. And easing the fact of non-fungibility characteristics they are known for. 

Also, ERC404 tokens could facilitate interoperability within the Ethereum environment and beyond. This can be done by bonding with the existing standards and fostering seamless integration and exchange between different decentralized platforms, protocols, and applications. So, in particular, this ERC standard is sophisticated enough to use in various Decentralized applications like the DeFi platform, DApps, etc.

This NFT standard is created on the ETH blockchain, whereas already there is a popular standard, ERC721, which makes it a rival to that. Also, most of the crypto tokens are created on the ERC20 standard, which is a user-friendly one. So, it is necessary to know about, 

ERC20 Vs ERC721 vs ERC404 Standards

ERC20 Vs ERC721 vs ERC404 Standards

Now that you have gained a brief intro to the ERC-404 token and how it differs from other Ethereum-based standards, you might be curious why it is popular right? Let me spill it for you, 

Why is ERC-404 Token standard gaining popularity among NFT nerds?

Though this ERC404 is an experimental token in the crypto space, many investors are looking forward to it. As it possesses various qualities that might trigger opportunities to shine in the crypto market. So, what makes ERC404 more favoured among crypto nerds, 

Dynamic Metadata 

One of the standout features of ERC404 is its introduction of dynamic metadata. Unlike traditional NFT standards, ERC-404 allows creators to modify & update the metadata associated with their tokens even after they have been minted. This dynamic capability provides an unprecedented level of flexibility, enabling artists and content creators to evolve their digital assets over time.

Gas Optimization for NFT Transactions

Gas fees have long been a concern for users on the Ethereum network. ERC404 addresses this pain point by optimizing gas usage during both the minting and transfer processes. NFT enthusiasts can now create, trade, and collect their favourite digital assets more cost-effectively, making ERC404 an attractive option in the ever-competitive NFT space.

Decentralized Storage & Security

Building on the ethos of decentralization, ERC-404 incorporates decentralized storage chances for the metadata connected with NFTs. This not only enhances the security of the metadata but also assures its availability over the long term. 

Seamless Integration with NFT Marketplaces

ERC404 tokens seamlessly integrate with popular NFT marketplaces, facilitating easy trading and showcasing of digital assets. The standardized nature of ERC404 ensures compatibility across various platforms, providing NFT enthusiasts with a smooth and interoperable experience.

Community-Driven Innovation

The ERC404 standard has quickly garnered a dedicated community of developers, artists, and collectors. This vibrant ecosystem fosters collaborative innovation, with community members actively contributing to the standard’s evolution.

Now that you know why this ERC standard is notable among crypto investors. So, eventually, you might be curious enough to create NFT on this ERC-404 standard right? 

But before that, some popular projects of the ERC404 standard have gained attention among investors. By knowing them, you might get more knowledge on why to choose this NFT standard. 

Top NFT Projects on ERC404 Standard

Though this ERC404 NFT standard is in its infancy, its dynamic ecosystem has marked it way to create many NFT projects in the crypto space. They are, 


This is the first ERC-404 Project when an NFT is minted. The Pandora ERC404 token is a combination of 10,000 ERC20 tokens and 10,000 Replicants ERC721 tokens. Pandora embraces the (random) mint-and-burn model. When the Pandora token is divided, the attached Replicant is burnt. When a whole Pandora token is bought, a new random Replicant is minted. This token offers coveted assets like Cryptopunks and BoredApes.


DeFrogs is one of the earliest launched tokens on the ERC404 standard.  Assuming as another version of Pandaro’s standard. This NFT token is a collection of 10,000 cartoon frog PFPs. Like other ERC404 tokens, DeFrogs is tradable on NFT exchanges and marketplaces. 


EtherRock404 has emerged as a trailblazing project on the ERC-404 standard. This NFT collection is a set of 100 graphics of rocks and a tradable token on subsidized exchanges. This project embraces ERC404’s commitment to decentralized storage, enhancing the security and longevity of each EtherRock404.

These are some of the popular ERC04 projects that are prevailing in the NFT Market. So, if you wanna create such an NFT project, it is necessary to know the development process. Let us see. 

How to Create an NFT on ERC404 Standard? 

Creating NFTs on the ERC404 standard involves a series of steps, which convert their properties into unique digital assets. To get started, here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Make Up Your Development Ideas – Before diving into NFT creation, make sure of a compatible Ethereum wallet, and familiarize yourself with the ERC-404 standard documentation.

Develop Your Smart Contract – Creating the smart contract for your NFTs, adhering to the ERC-404 standard. Give special attention to the dynamic metadata and decentralized storage features. 

Deploy Your Smart Contract – Deploy your smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain. Once deployed, your smart contract will be accessible to users on the ETH network.

Mint Your NFTs – As your smart contracts are deployed, users can now mint their NFTs by interacting with them. The nature of ERC404 allows them to update the data after minting. 

Trade and Showcase Your NFTs – Once minted, NFTs are ready to be traded on NFT marketplaces. Users can seamlessly transfer ownership, and the optimized gas usage ensures a more cost-effective trading experience.

These are simple steps that are involved in creating an NFT on the ERC404 standard. If it seems more confusing or you find it difficult to deploy an NFT, then it is highly advisable to connect with professional NFT developers in the market. Due to advances in the crypto space, this ERC404 standard is quite magnificent, and it needs guidance from experienced people.  

In that regard, ZAB Technologies is a well-known development company for NFTs. We have an experienced set of team members who specialize in upgrading techs and ideas in the crypto space. So, we will help you with creating an NFT Standard on the ETH blockchain. 


On the whole, ERC-404 has emerged as a beacon of innovation, offering a host of benefits for creators, collectors, and developers. Its dynamic nature has made it a go-to token for NFT enthusiasts looking to engage in a thriving and innovative ecosystem. So, the potential for tokenization and assets is really convincing and evolving. We, at ZAB Technologies, stay reliable in our commitment to support business investors in navigating this evolving NFT landscape. We are a leading Crypto token development company that ensures the provision of essential tools and data. Our team of blockchain experts has knowledge to maximise the potential of ERC404  and contribute to the future of tokenized economies. 

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