How to Create TRC20 Wallet on TRON Blockchain?

Create TRC20 Wallet
Create TRC20 Wallet

TRON is the decentralized blockchain that has gained huge acknowledgment among crypto investors and traders in recent days. TRON is compatible with the Ethereum network in all aspects and can perform more transactions per second at less cost than Ethereum.

Due to these advantages, Every element of the TRON from token standards to DApps are preferred by the startup for their business. From those many preferences, TRC20 wallet development is mainly favored by businesses. Because it is efficient for storing and transferring crypto assets in many unique ways. 

If you are a startup and willing to create TRC20 wallet for the business, then this blog will tell you How to create a TRC20 wallet and the sequential process involved in it. 

Let’s first start with…

What is the TRC20 Wallet?

TRC20 wallet is a wallet that can hold TRC20 tokens. With this wallet, users can store, send and receive TRX and TRC20 standard tokens. Also can interact with the application on the TRON platform. It is completely private to the one who owned the wallet and a third party can never change or use the wallet data.

Besides the advantageous nature of the TRC20 wallet, there are some beneficial reasons to create TRC20 wallet for the business. Let’s see that.,

Remarkable Reasons to Create TRC20 Wallet

Startups and experienced firms in the crypto market want to create TRC20 wallet because it has important features that attract users and provide them with an easy ecosystem to store their assets. They are,

  1. TRON wallet is a decentralized wallet and a non-custodial wallet type. Users who demand this type are large. So it will naturally increase the user base on your platform
  2. TRON wallet ensures node reliability and stability by supporting free node switch and breakpoint connection.
  3. Also, the TRC20 wallet supports all TRON token standards that could easily attract TRON global users
  4. The TRON wallet supports resource freeze/unfreeze and voting
  5. Most importantly, as an admin, you can collect fees for the wallet service like storing, transacting, and receiving different currencies.
  6. In case the account is frozen, the wallet will stop transactions until the account is unfrozen. However, it will provide other ways to help users in completing the task.
  7. Above all these benefits, TRON charges a low fee than Ethereum. So there is a great demand among startups to create TRC20 wallets. 

These are the reasons why startups are choosing TRC20 wallet development for their business.  It increases the user base with incredible features and will work as a base to earn huge money in the virtual space. 

Next, let us see how to create a TRC20 wallet.

How to Create TRC20 Wallet?

A professional TRC20 wallet development company will develop a TRON wallet in the following ways

Planning and requirement gathering

The TRON token development process starts with planning and requirement gathering. First, structure your wallet with essential features and functionalities that you want to integrate. Also collect requirements needed for the development.

Draft the Budget

A well-built plan and requirement gathering will make you cross the first phase easily. Followed by this, Draft a budget to do the development after deep research and analysis of all the gathered requirements and available resources

Stunning User interface

UI/UX design is the most important part of any software development as it will give the first impression of our product. Indeed for TRON wallet development, it is crucial to design a crisp and stunning UI accompanied by a reliable UX. So that the user will definitely use the product for convenient trading.

Development (coding)

This process accounts for coding the features of the wallet that will be handled smoothly by the team members. But make sure to use the advanced technology stack to keep the software updated for a long time.

Testing Phase

Testing is the next phase after development. During testing, the software has to be tested for different use cases by taking all aspects into account. The errors and bugs will be detected and removed during the process so that the wallet can run seamlessly. 

Software Launch

After all these processes are done, the product is ready to launch. After deployment, the development experts will offer technical assistance to the product in case of downtimes or hassles. Also, they will give timely updation to the software to prevent it from going obsolete.

In the whole development process of the TRC20 wallet, features of the wallet hold a large part in development. Therefore, it is important to build a wallet with essential features to give a technically advanced and secure ecosystem to store the user’s assets.

Now, let’s see the

Requisite Features for TRON Wallet Development 

The significant features required for the well-functioning of the TRC20 wallet are listed below,

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-currency support
  • Password and pin security
  • Conversion rate
  • QR-code scanner
  • Multi-signature vault
  • Optional logout
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Home screen customization
  • Multi-language support
  • Push notifications

These are must-have features of the TRC20 wallet. Building a wallet with these features will quite influence the cost of TRON wallet development. Besides features, there are other factors involved in deciding the cost of creating a TRC20 wallet. Let’s see that…

How much does it cost to Create TRC20 Wallet?

The cost of developing a TRC20 wallet can be determined by certain factors. They are,

  • Business requirements
  • Size of the company
  • The technology stack used in the development
  • Advanced features integrated into the development
  • Complexity in Design
  • Time of development

The factors displayed here have much influence on the cost of wallet development. Approximately, the price ranges from $8000 to $14000. The exact cost can be determined only during the development and that too strongly depends on your business requirements.

To develop an efficient TRC20 wallet with incredible features and at an affordable cost, ZAB Technologies have to be your only choice.

Why choose ZAB Technologies to Create TRC20 Wallet?

ZAB Technologies is a well-known and leading Cryptocurrency wallet Development Company in the crypto market. Our team has well-versed developers who know technology trends and regulations in the cryptocurrency domain. We follow the strategic process for TRC20 Token development. specific to your business essential along with innovative ideas. As a foremost TRON development company, we offer the best service in TRON wallet development and aid startups in building exemplary TRC20 wallets. 

Also, we create a TRC20 wallet with high-end security mechanisms. Even if you face bugs and errors in your software, our development team will be readily available to give solutions. Thus, by using our premium TRON development services, you can easily launch the efficient TRC20 wallet within a few days at an affordable price.

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