How to create your own altcoin like Bitcoin?

Create your own altcoin like Bitcoin
Create your own altcoin like Bitcoin

In the past years, cryptocurrencies and the platforms associated with crypto are becoming a hot topic of the blockchain town. It is due to the decentralization and the positive impacts of cryptocurrencies in the digital trading market. The first-ever crypto coin in the marketplace is Bitcoin, which is the prominent and most traded digital coin still now. At the initial stage, the price of BTC is less than $1. But In 2017, the price of a single bitcoin skyrocketed to more than $18K. Thus, many people had an interest in investing their money in bitcoin and now the price of a single bitcoin equals more than $50k. 

By seeing these many impacts, many crypto startups and entrepreneurs showed interest to create their crypto coin by utilizing the altcoin development services. Other than bitcoins all the digital currencies are known as altcoins. But the price of an altcoin will be low when compared to bitcoin. Both altcoin and bitcoin work on the unique blockchain but the features & the purpose of the launching will be different. 

Both the Altcoins and bitcoins are built under cutting-edge blockchain technologies. Currently, we can see more than 3000 cryptocurrencies in the global crypto marketplace. On the flip side, we can see that many global companies are accepting bitcoin and altcoins as their payment. So many startups and entrepreneurs started to create their altcoin similar to bitcoin to reap a vast amount of profits. 

In this article, we’re gonna discuss altcoin development with its benefits, features, how to create altcoin, and other essential factors.

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What is Altcoin?

Before knowing about Altcoins, let me say a few words about Cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that makes use of cryptography technology to facilitate transactions by enabling security and privacy. As previously said, Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency which is in existence since 2008. When coming to Altcoins, they are generated by doing minor changes in Bitcoins. This means that all the Alternative crypto Coins of bitcoins are called AltCoins. These types of coins can be placed in many inexpensive ways of transaction.  

Most altcoins are completely decentralized. The first altcoin which showed its presence in the global crypto marketplace was Namecoin in 2011. This Namecoin was completely developed on the Bitcoin Code by using a distributed ledger technology. Once altcoins became popular in the market, many people started to develop altcoins and introduced them in the market. As per today’s crypto market, more than 3000 cryptocurrencies are available for trading. 

Among many altcoins, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple are the most trending altcoins in 2023. Experts are saying that altcoins may be used as future technology. Daily several altcoins are being introduced in the crypto market and many of them are mostly derived from the bitcoin framework. So, altcoin also works in a peer-to-peer manner. Besides, the increasing usage of altcoins made many global companies accept crypto as payment. That’s why there is a demand for the best altcoin development service.

Best Altcoins in 2023 Crypto Marketplace

There are plenty of digital assets available for trading on the exchange platform. But only a few altcoins Here we list the finest altcoins that are prevailing in the global cryptocurrency marketplace.


Ethereum is the second popular crypto coin in the marketplace and has a high trade volume in the market cap. It was first launched in 2015 through the token sale platform and raised millions of funds within a few hours. It is not only a crypto coin but also an open-source blockchain platform. So it helps the developers to create ERC20 tokens, decentralized applications, smart contracts, and more. After bitcoin, ethereum only earned the best name in the market. The current price of ethereum is more than $1600.


Litecoin is recognized as one of the oldest altcoins in the crypto marketplace. It was first launched in October 2011. Litecoin is a decentralized(p2p) cryptocurrency and acts as open-source software. It was launched for solving issues in bitcoin and this crypto coin includes faster transactions. As per the crypto market, the Current price of one litecoin equals $176.


Ripple is one of the most prominent crypto assets in the crypto world. This altcoin was first founded by Chris Larsen in ripple labs inc, which is a US-based company. Ripple was first launched in 2012 and now it is one of the trending altcoins. Ripple has already been funded by banking and many financial institutions. Besides these, many crypto traders are investing their money in ripple to gain profits. The current price of Ripple is $0.50 and it was shortly known as XRP in the global marketplace.


EOS is a kind of new altcoin that was first launched in 2018. It is a great blockchain development platform where developers can build decentralized software and applications. The Current price of one EOS equals more than $3. But it might touch $10 at the end of 2023. 


Dash is an open-source altcoin and that is developed by using the bitcoin protocol. It was first launched in the name Xcoin and later they named it the dark coin. But in 2015 they changed the name to dash. Then it became the most popular digital asset in the crypto world. The Current price of the dash equals $186.


NEO is one of the well-known altcoins in the marketplace and was first launched in 2014. It is one of the finest crypto assets and many crypto investors are ready to invest their money in NEO. Besides, it also act as a decentralized application platform. The Current price of NEO equals $40.

These are the best altcoins that are more valuable in 2023.

Why do People Invest in Altcoin Development?

Presently, lots and lots of new altcoins are being developed and introduced in the crypto market after the grand success of bitcoin. So we can see an increasing number of feature-rich new altcoins in the crypto marketplace. Thus, crypto traders and investors had an interest in investing their money in popular altcoins. Crypto Investors and business class people believe that new crypto coins in the marketplace will solve the existing problems. Also, the starting price of a newly launched crypto coin will be less. So many crypto enthusiasts and traders will emerge towards the new altcoin.

Generally, new cryptocurrencies can be easily mined at a very low rate at the starting stage. But when a user holds the altcoin for a few years, then it will result in an enormous amount of profits.

In the blockchain world, everyone knows that bitcoin made a terrific boom and showed tremendous growth within a few years. As already mentioned, the price of bitcoin is less than $1 and now, the worth for one bitcoin is more than $50k. So crypto startups and entrepreneurs have faith that one day their altcoin will impact and boom the crypto trading marketplace. That’s why many crypto and blockchain enthusiasts are investing in cryptocurrency creation services. 

The Need for Altcoin

We already know that bitcoin is the most popular digital asset in the cryptocurrency world. Most altcoins that are existing in the marketplace are mutual clones of bitcoins. The working process of altcoins will be similar to bitcoin but features and the purpose may change. Some of the features like fast transaction, algorithms, and distribution methods are incorporated while creating an altcoin. Altcoins are mostly developed and used to solve existing problems. Also, they are used for trading virtual assets in the crypto trading platform. So the need for altcoins is rapidly increasing in the global crypto marketplace. Thus, it is the perfect time for the crypto startups who are willing to make an altcoin for reaping a giant amount of profits

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How to Create your Own Altcoin?

Creating an altcoin is a kind of tedious task. But when you follow certain steps, then you can easily develop an altcoin. Creating your altcoin will be the best way for earning a good amount of money through a crypto exchange. Altcoin creation needs deep knowledge about the crypto market and the nuances of technical analysis. The only thing that you must do is have a primary focus on what would be the best feature for your altcoin. And whether your country is the legal place for pursuing altcoin trading. When everything falls in the right place, now you are ready to create your own altcoin.

For creating an altcoin you must look for a genuine and trustworthy cryptocurrency development company. As blockchain is the trend changer in this digital era, there are so many altcoin development companies in the market. You have to look for a reliable cryptocurrency development company. Here we list some steps to create your own altcoin in a hassle-free way.

  1. You must determine whether your altcoin should be built from scratch or by cloning any popular cryptocurrencies with your desired features.
  2. Provide a unique altcoin name, abbreviations with three letters, and design an attractive logo for your custom altcoin.
  3. Choose the best algorithm to create your own altcoin. such as scrypt, sha256, and hash algorithm.
  4. With the use of flexible black reward, start mining your new altcoin.
  5. To store your new altcoin, you should create your genesis block. After changing the code in your altcoin you need to reset the code to generate the genesis block.

By following these simple steps you can create your own custom altcoin. But hiring an in-depth experienced altcoin development team from a reputed altcoin development company is more important. One such reliable development firm is Zab technologies.

Benefits of Creating an Altcoin in 2023

  1. Altcoins are highly secure because they are developed by using unique blockchain technology.
  2. It is very cheap for your audience to buy at the initial stage of launching.
  3. Low fees for all altcoin transactions from one crypto wallet address to another address.
  4. It possesses instant and easy payments.
  5. Altcoins are easy to access and it is fully a decentralized network.
  6. Fast and secured transactions.
  7. No third party or middle man can control your earnings.
  8. After creating your own altcoin, your crypto coin will be globally available for 24/7 trading. This helps you to reap a huge amount of profits.
  9. Complete anonymity and protection of personal data
  10. Turning crypto payments into a trend.

Why Choose Zab Technologies For Cryptocurrency Creation Service?

Zab technology is a world-class cryptocurrency development company in the blockchain space. We are well-versed in offering altcoin development services with ideal features at a reasonable price. We develop a function-rich altcoin as per your business needs. Zab Technologies has a team of well-skilled blockchain developers to develop and deliver a clientele project within the desired time. Apart from these, we excel in crypto exchange development, crypto payment gateway development, erc20 token development, crypto wallet development, and more. 

If you are the person willing to create your own altcoin. Then choosing the Zab technologies will be the best solution for your blockchain business.

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