Crypto Exchange app development – An Exclusive guide for startups

Crypto Exchange App Development
Crypto Exchange App Development

The cryptocurrency exchange is the most preferred business idea in the crypto market. It is the most demand-able business idea and a money-making business because it is the only place for trading crypto assets. The Crypto exchange platform has to be structured to be a safe platform for transactions. Also, it has to provide more convenient trading options to engage its users on its platform.

These convenient trading options include developing a crypto exchange app, making the crypto exchange compatible with all platforms like android, IOS, and Linux, designing an easy User interface, etc. From these options, the crypto exchange trading app is the most favoured one by the users. As it will help them in trading assets smoothly from wherever they are.

If you are an aspiring startup willing to start a crypto exchange business, then you also need to develop a crypto exchange app. For that, you must know about the Crypto exchange app development. 

This article explains all the important aspects of crypto exchange app development that help startups like you in developing an exceptional cryptocurrency exchange app.

But first, we will start with listing top cryptocurrency exchange apps that will give you the reason why you have to develop a crypto exchange app for your business.

Top cryptocurrency exchange apps in the market

To develop your own cryptocurrency exchange app, you can take these popular crypto exchange apps as a reference to build feature-rich trading applications for your users. 

Binance: Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that started in 2017. It is launched with the intention to use the app with ease. They respect the data privacy of the users with their advanced data privacy policies. With the launch of their app, their daily trading volume is 76 billion ($) as of 2021.

Coinbase: It is a US-based Crypto exchange platform launched in 2012. Their app helps the user to buy, sell and store different popular cryptocurrencies. Also, they can exchange crypto with USD coins. The coinbase app offers learning rewards for the users who are learning courses listed in their app.

CoinDCX: CoinDCX is India’s best crypto exchange app launched in 2018. This app has advanced cryptocurrency features and charges only a little amount for transactions. Specifically, simplified payment and quick check-in are their primary features.

These are the popular crypto exchange apps in the virtual market. Further, let us see the processes involved in developing the cryptocurrency trading app.

How to Develop a Cryptocurrency Exchange app?

The Crypto exchange app development steps are explained here.

  • Identify your objective and requirements – Decide the objective of your app that has to be new that none of your competitors offered. Also, decide on the requirements to do that objective.
  • Select a consensus mechanism: Since the Crypto exchange app also works on the blockchain. A consensus mechanism is important for transaction acknowledgment.
  • Choose the type of crypto exchange app: This calls for picking the development approach to create blockchain solutions for your crypto exchange app. The types include public, private, unlimited, allowed, or hybrid.
  • Integrating Blockchain app: This step is to integrate the Blockchain app for the easy execution of transactions in your Crypto trading app.
  • Console and UI design: UI and console design is the first thing that the user will notice on you. So keep it interpretable and user-friendly
  • Integration of API: Since the Crypto exchange app is also a marketplace, it will need APIs to run its process like trading, smart contracts, transacting through payment gateways, and storing assets in digital wallets. Hence it is necessary to integrate API to backup the application’s needs
  • Testing and Deployment: Finally, after integrating all these elements, run the exhaustive test and do the error-free deployment.

These are the sequential processes involved in the Crypto exchange app development. Besides there are some elements involved in the development process. They are …

Desirable Elements in Crypto Exchange App development 

For the app to be the best crypto exchange app among its competitors, there are a few elements that have to be compulsorily integrated into the crypto exchange app. They are, 

Optimal Trading engine

The trading Engine is an essential part of the crypto exchange app. It functions like trading execution, balance check, checking the order book, and matching the eligible orders. So adding up a trading engine is an essential part of the Crypto exchange app development. Because the exchange will be an empty shell without it.

Stunning and understandable User interface

The user interface gives the first impression to the users. So it is designs accordingly to attract users. Design it simply and interpretative for the users. Avoid clutters that irritate users and give them an easy trading experience with a minimalist approach to executing trade orders without any hassle.

Explicable Admin console

This element is important for the admin to control the activities of the crypto exchange. This admin console enables the admin to control listing, edit trading fees, add new coins, audit the debited/credited transactions, and govern support issues. It can also be customized according to one’s specific business requirements.

Feature-enriched Crypto wallet

A Crypto wallet is essential to store the asset after receiving the asset or sending the asset to other accounts. The secure crypto wallet integrated into your wallet makes trust between the users. It can be added to your wallet with the help of API.

User authentication

It is a must to have user authentication in the Crypto exchange app. As it is a platform filled with money, authenticated accounts are essential to bringing trust among users.

Integrating all these features into your crypto exchange app, your app will become a more secure and sophisticated platform for the user to execute trade easily. If you are searching for help to add these features to your platform, then the team of Zab technologies is always open to help you. We provide crypto exchange app development services according to your business essentials and you will receive more benefits from our crypto exchange app development. Let us see that…

Pros of using our cryptocurrency exchange app development service

On the account of utilizing our premium crypto exchange app development service, you will get immense benefits. 

Our exemplary app development service will…

  • Increase your potential user base 
  • Boost your brand credibility and visibility
  • Double the level of traders which leads to an increase in trading per second
  • The availability of the app will lead to increased cash flow and liquidity
  • You as an admin with getting high returns

Our crypto exchange app development service will offer these advantages to your business. Also, we offer products at an affordable cost. Let’s check that…

Cost to Develop a Crypto Exchange App

Speaking of that, it is always a confusing stage to determine the exact cost of the Crypto exchange app development. Every time we can only find out the approximate figures because the factors deciding it are the factors that change with respect to time. The factors include

  • Business requirements
  • Business structure
  • Reliable features
  • Number of experts who participated in the development
  • Time of development and many more

Since these factors are important in calculating the cost of development, we can’t quote an accurate cost. But approximately ranges from $8000 to $15000 dollars.  On the whole, to develop the best crypto exchange app for your business, Zab technologies will be the right choice for you. 

Why choose Zab Technologies for Crypto Exchange App Development?

Zab Technologies is an excellent Crypto exchange development company in the crypto industry. Indeed,  We have provided crypto exchange development services as an app and software as per your business requirements. Also, We have several years of experience in blockchain software development with keen perfection and high efficiency. So far, we have worked on different domains and delivered 100+ blockchain projects to our global clients. In that case, all of our projects are running successfully with the best business results. Our team will provide an excellent service to you by developing an app according to your business requirements and providing you with an efficient crypto exchange app that will be compatible with both Android and IOS.

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And now what’s next, connect with our experts and start your dream crypto business.

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