How To Develop a Hybrid Crypto Exchange Platform?


Hybrid Crypto Exchange DevelopmentAs a startup, you can provide your users an experience of both centralized and decentralized trading options all together in a single platform. But how???

By developing a Hybrid cryptocurrency Exchange platform you are able to provide such a trading experience for your users.

What Is Hybrid Crypto Exchange?

The hybrid crypto exchange is nothing but a type of exchange platform that offers both centralized and decentralized crypto trading options to the users.  Moreover, this type of exchange provides both centralized type and decentralized type of trading all at once. 

As hybrid crypto exchange provide these many options for users/traders, many of them are attracted to this type of crypto exchange platform. Moreover, startups choose a business that is in demand and has widespread popularity among the people. So Hybrid Crypto Exchange development is definitely a smart choice for startups like you. 

Right away in this article, let us delve deeper into Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development. We shall begin with the…

Reasons To Develop a Hybrid Crypto Exchange 

Every business concept has effective reasons to invest in it. Startups always prefer to know the same, and they conduct extensive market research on the subject too. In this case, there are valid reasons to develop a hybrid crypto exchange platform that a startup should know. 

Increasing Demand 

 In recent days, crypto exchanges have reached their height and become common in every crypto nerd’s life. As the need for crypto exchange increases, there becomes a demand for crypto exchange platforms. Particularly, hybrid crypto exchange will have greater demand among the crypto users/trades, because it provides both the CEX & DEX options all together in one platform. So for startups, this is the right time to utilize the opportunity to launch a Hybrid crypto exchange.

Risk-less Business  

The success rate of hybrid crypto exchange is high because hybrid exchange offers the CEX and DEX options altogether. Particularly, the users who log in to the respective platform will choose CEX or DEX option to trade at their convenience. As the hybrid exchange platform provides both options, definitely the user will sustain in the respective platform. And with that, you can also earn more revenue. So, it becomes a riskless business solution for startups. 

Compliance with Regulations 

Most business startups demand that their crypto exchange business might be legally approved to function. Also, it can be developed to comply with the cryptocurrency regulatory laws of the local government. So you are eligible to expand your business globally.   

Revenue Generation  

As you may be aware, crypto exchanges are one of the high-revenue earning crypto businesses. In a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can earn through transaction fees and listing fees. Additionally, integrating additional earning services such as margin trading, lending, and staking could let you generate more income.

Global Reach

Like centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges, hybrid crypto exchanges are becoming popular among a wide range of traders around the globe. So, the global reach will help the startups to gain more user interaction easily towards their hybrid crypto exchange development. 

These are the major reasons a startup should consider before developing a hybrid crypto exchange platform. Because with this crypto exchange platform, startups can easily retain the attention of diverse users of both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Further, providing users a place to meet all their trading needs could keep the newbie and proficient traders engaged with your exchange platform.

If you are a startup eager to provide a new way of trading experience, then you are at the right place to know further. Develop a hybrid crypto exchange involves careful development procedures which can be done with the supervision of an expert team of developers. So getting professional guidance from ZAB Technologies will be an ideal choice for startups like you.

ZAB Technologies is the prominent Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company that offers hybrid crypto exchange development solutions. It provides with top-notch quality standards. Also, we have a team of experts dedicated to meeting your business needs. Our skilled developers apply the essence of customization needed to adapt necessary features. Besides, our successful project completion portfolio distinguishes our hybrid cryptocurrency exchange as one of the most trustworthy crypto exchange platforms.  

So engage with ZAB Technologies to develop your hybrid crypto exchange as a feature-rich platform. While hiring us, we follow certain steps to create a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform. Here are the…

Steps Involved in Our Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development

The development process involves a string of steps. This sequential flow that we follow for development could help startups like you understand how we plan and proceed with the hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development. The steps we follow are, 

Requirement Gathering – In this phase, we analyze our client’s business requirements and determine the necessary development needs for your hybrid crypto exchange.

Planning – After having a clear understanding of the requirements for the development,  we prepare a strategic plan to develop a hybrid crypto exchange platform. 

Designing – Now we design the Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform according to the client’s business requirements. 

Developing – In this stage, our developers strive to develop a hybrid exchange platform that is integrated with all the essential & security features.

Testing Procedure – Our team of experts tests your hybrid crypto exchange under various testing conditions to make it stable and reliable in order to compete in the global competition. 

Deployment – We help you to launch a hybrid crypto exchange successfully without experiencing any difficulty in the deployment. 

Our experienced team of developers is proficient in developing your hybrid exchange platform in both development methods. However, choosing suitable development methods fully depends on your needs.

Moreover, with our cutting-edge technology, we build your hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform to clear government regulatory protocols easily. So when you engage with ZAB Technologies, you need not worry about anything about the development and deployment of your hybrid crypto exchange platform. Also, you can concentrate on your other business-related activities. 

Crypto exchange software development contact
Crypto exchange software development contact

In the meantime, it is not a complete analysis if you do not understand the features that your hybrid cryptocurrency exchange needs to have. 

So let us see the…

Features Of Our Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development

Speaking of that, Features are the elements giving uniqueness to the crypto exchange platforms. In this way, we give more attention to integrating features that add more value to develop a hybrid crypto exchange platform in the crypto marketplace. 

Let us have an overview of them.

Core Features

  1. Multi Payment Option
  2. P2P Trading
  3. Spot Trading
  4. Margin Trading
  5. Strategy Trading
  6. Swapping
  7. OTC Trading
  8. Launchpad
  9. DeFi Staking
  10. Dual Investment
  11. Liquidity Farming Pool
  12. Auto Investment
  13. Crypto Loans

Security Features

  1. Two-Factor Authentication
  2. Escrow Method
  3. Data Encryption
  4. Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS)
  5. Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) Protection
  6. SSL Integration

Additional Features

  1. Order Matching Engine
  2. Wallet integration
  3. Payment gateway integration
  4. Multi-currency support
  5. Multi-lingual support
  6. Multi-chain support
  7. Attractive user interface
  8. Admin Panel
  9. Staking module  
  10. Automatic Swap

The hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform that we develop will include all the core and security features stated above. But the integration of additional features according to your business ideology fully depends on your interest and budget. This is how we add more value to your crypto exchange platform. So engage with ZAB Technologies to build a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform with our state-of-the-art technology.

Why ZAB Technologies For Creating Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development?

ZAB Technologies is a renowned Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development Company that copes with the professional standards the startup demands. Our team of experts converts complex development procedures into ease. From idea gathering to establishing your crypto exchange business, we value your business ideas to bring out your dream business into the real world.

So for startups who are looking for top-end features, we create a well-functioning Hybrid Crypto Exchange platform with all the core and security features integrated with it. Thus ZAB Technologies fulfills all your necessities with its world-class development standards.

As a prominent Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, we ensure that your crypto exchange business leads the way in the cryptocurrency market.

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