Popular P2P Crypto Exchanges in the market

P2P crypto exchange
Best P2P Crypto Exchanges in the market

At first when crypto was introduced as a virtual replacement for traditional money, it faced many struggles and crossed many rejections to get accepted by common people. But today, crypto has become the most profitable trading currency that is owned by many people. As a result of this, many crypto trading platforms have flourished to enable safe and secure trading. Especially the Peer to peer crypto exchange (P2P crypto exchange)for its efficiency over other exchange types.

These P2P exchanges will allow transacting the cryptocurrencies between the seller and buyers with escrow services. There are many Peer to peer crypto exchanges in the market. But few of them stand out with their remarkable trading options and impressive history. A P2P crypto exchange allows users to trade cryptos without intermediaries with smart contracts. So, the transactions will be quick, secure, and decentralized. 

Due to these benefits, users prefer P2P and many startups want to start a P2P crypto exchange business to see profit in this digital space. If you are a startup aspiring to start a P2P exchange business, you need to study the top P2P cryptocurrency exchange in the market. Intending to educate you, we’ve listed the successful P2P exchanges in the market. They are the best ones in the industry and you can learn many things from their growth and struggles to use it for your business. 

First, let us start with…

What is a P2P crypto exchange? 

Peer to Peer Crypto exchange is one of the prominent types of crypto exchange which is also a profitable business idea with immense benefits. This type of exchange allows automated peer-to-peer transactions in the smart contract-powered blockchain network. This is a suitable exchange for both new traders and trading experts as it works using the benefit of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. It provides trading options with fiats like centralized exchanges and private and secured transactions like Decentralised exchanges. 

Due to these advantages, numerous P2P exchanges is launch in the marketplaces and they are currently ruling the market with high user count and market capitalization. So, let us see the list of a few…

Popular P2P crypto exchanges that rule the market

Binance P2P Exchange

Binance is one of the leading and best P2P crypto exchanges in the crypto industry. It is popular for trading Bitcoins in a peer-to-peer environment. Not only Bitcoins but the 60 different currencies like Chainlink, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and many trending currencies can also be traded in this Binance P2P.

For using their P2P system, maker fees are charged up to 0 to 0.35% while removing taker fees. In binance P2P, traders’ information is completely secured with advanced security aspects. And Binance P2P does not charge a trading fee for trading its own coin. More than a million traders do active trading in this P2P crypto exchange per month. Also, they provide different payment options like Debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and a few other convenient payment modes.

Localbitcoins P2P Exchange

Localbitcoins is a popular P2P trading platform in the crypto market. This P2P crypto change offers a great platform for trading with stringent security features for global traders. This exchange is founded in 2012 in Helsinki. It offers service over 240+ countries including India.

The first and the best P2P crypto exchange to offer ads-based trading is Localbitcoins. Through this, users can post an advertisement to sell their currencies at the market rate. It offers escrow services along with diverse options in payment modes. 

The user of this exchange can make exchanges in localities when there is an absence of banking options. Also, this exchange is protected with a stringent security system like IP address confirmation, 2FA, and other features to resist any attacks.

Remitano P2P Exchange

Remitano is one of the foremost popular P2P crypto exchanges across the globe. Traders of this exchange are allowed to trade an extensive range of popular digital currencies in a secure manner. This exchange was launched in 2015 in Seychelles. Different payment methods like Bank transfer, Bank cash Deposit, and Mobile Money are allowed here for traders to buy and sell bitcoin. High-grade security features are integrated into this platform to do safe trading.

Since it is a P2P platform, trading occurs with the escrow service. It is a secure platform for fast Bitcoin trading. This platform is available in 30+ countries like India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, and other major countries.

Paxful P2P Exchange

Paxful is the most genuine Peer to peer crypto exchange. It was launched in 2015. Traders of this exchange can do Hassle-free trading with exceptional trading features. This platform supports more than 300+ payment methods which facilitate more option for global traders. Payment Methods with western union, PayPal, and Debit card/credit cards are available. 

Additionally, they provide local payment methods like Phone Pe and Paytm for India. The user interface of the Paxful P2P crypto exchange platform is very intuitive compared to other P2P trading platforms. Also, it has a high-grade security system to protect assets from theft and hacking. Simpler and faster trading is possible in Paxful. User-friendly interface and secure payments are the pluses of the Paxful P2P trading platform. And 100% escrow system is guarantee here.

Localcryptos P2P Exchange

LocalCrypto is one of the best P2P crypto exchanges in the Bitcoin market. It allows bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin trade in more than 130 global countries by offering more than 40+ payment methods. Formerly, it is known as a LocalEthereum and later it is rebrand as a reliable alternative to LocalBitcoins and one of the best crypto P2P trading platforms.

It is a non-custodial exchange that let you buy and sell crypto assets worldwide. Also, this new platform with the growing community enables trading with advanced security mechanisms. They put the data privacy of the user first. Hence the messages and chats conduct on the platform are secure end-to-end. The message can safe and used as evidence in case of any issue. They charge only 0.25% of the maker fee (the person who post the offer is called the maker) and 0.75% of the taker fee (the person who responds to the offer).

The success stories of these popular exchanges are nice to hear, right??? In those success stories, features and performance of the P2P crypto exchange software played a major role. That is why, as a startup, it is a must for you to know…

How to develop a P2P crypto exchange software? 

P2P crypto exchange software is developed with the required features to enable peer-to-peer transactions without the help of a third party. This software executes trading and transactions with the pre-programmed and developed software. It is completely and  exclusively to the traders involved in the trade. So that they can be free from complexities and hassle trading. 

There are two ways to develop a reliable P2P crypto exchange platform. One is a development from scratch and the second is White label P2P crypto exchange software. The first approach is the long process where the development of integral parts of the software takes place from scratch. It takes quite a time, money, and effort to complete the process. The latter approach is a ready-made solution that is efficient and cost-effective. 

The white-label P2P Crypto exchange software has more advantages that attract target audiences making it a more profitable business for startups. They are

  • Comes with an advanced UI/UX and. So the user will buzz into your exchange and you can make enormous money with a high user count. 
  • Through the exceptional features of the white label P2P exchange software, you can earn your user’s trust and allow them to do risk-free and secure trading.
  • This software will give your user a hassle-free trading experience with high latency.
  • This software is customizable according to your business needs
  • Suitable for the global market with high reliability and scalability.

These are the benefits of white-label P2P crypto exchange software. And these benefits can be reaped only if the software is create with the touch of experts from the leading P2P crypto exchange development company. And for that, Zab technologies has to be your supreme choice.

Why should you choose Zab Technologies?

Zab Technologies is a famous P2P crypto exchange development company in the blockchain Industry. As a leading development firm, we are masters in offering all kinds of crypto exchange development services with the best business results. We know the importance of privacy and security in P2P crypto exchanges software. So we integrate top-notch security features into the platform and increase their performance with efficient back-end coding. Customer grievances are ours too. That is why we offer quality product development with high-end features at an affordable cost. Also, our software is fast, bug-free, secure, and highly customizable.

Crypto exchange software development contact
Crypto exchange software development contact

If you are interested, you can call us right now and share your requirements. Get a live free demo and start your success journey with us! 

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