Top 10 blockchain development companies in the USA 2020

Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in the USA 2020
Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in the USA 2020

Blockchain is one of the promising factors for almost all the economic sectors due to its efficient security system. It has given a new face to the encryption and provides high protection to the data. Blockchain services are applicable to multiple industries to secure the data and protect their information. There are a variety of blockchain development companies in the market. But as we all know, very few are trusted and can provide you with the best blockchain services. These are the top 10 blockchain development companies in the USA in 2020.

  1. Zab Technologies

Zab Technologies is a renowned blockchain development company when it comes to blockchain software solutions. They build you a professional blockchain for your business.  They readily customize based on business requirements. Some of the customizable features that they provide for the blockchain development solutions include:

  • A highly transparent and decentralized system
  • Cost-effectiveness and Reliability.
  • Risk reduction and enhanced business value.

At Zab Technologies, we have a professional team of blockchain developers who can create a secured blockchain for all your business solutions ranging from Insurance, Real Estate sector, Heath industry, etc. We offer both public and private blockchain services according to the client’s request.

Also, they provide ICO and IEO software development services and cryptocurrency exchange software development services that can leverage you with enormous profits.

  1. Flexsin 

They provide distributed data services for your blockchain software. Hence, it enables your blockchain for the efficient sharing of information among many sectors in a secure way. They provide blockchain services to various industries like IoT, Gaming, Education, Fintech, etc.

  1. Mobiwebtech 

They are one of the pioneers in the blockchain development services. They provide end to end solutions for all kinds of industries that require the blockchain to enable security systems to their data. They provide blockchain services to a wide range of industries. It includes Healthcare, e-commerce, Automobiles, and other sectors. They provide decentralized and transparent blockchain development services to their clients.

  1. Vegavid 

Vegavid Technologies provides unique blockchain services through their cutting edge technology. They have a professional team in their hand who can provide blockchain support to various industries. They identify clients’ requirements and offer blockchain services based on their industry preference and client requirements.

  1. Agile Infoways 

Agile Infoways provide the best solutions when it comes to blockchain development services. It is one of the exceptional blockchain development companies. It has an outstanding team with professionalism in the blockchain sector. They help the business secure their records, cryptography, and their information encrypted using the blockchain technology. They provide both public and private blockchain networks and also distributed ledger networks.

  1. I-Verve

I-verve is equipped with a skilled and certified team of blockchain developers. They provide the best blockchain development services. They offer a multitude of blockchain services. It includes ICO development services, consulting and assessment services, Smart contract development, and audit services, cryptocurrency wallet development, private and public blockchain development services, etc.

  1. Nodefactory 

They turn the ideas to reliable solutions – that is what their tagline says and so they provide services based on trending ideas in blockchain and implement those ideas in the industry requirement and provide unique blockchain development services to the clients. They focus on blockchain infrastructure and offer the best solutions by using the necessary tools.

  1. Software Mill 

Software Mill provides exceptional blockchain solutions to various industries. They provide services using their cutting edge technology. Their work is supplemented by a skilled team of blockchain developers. Another specialization of Software Mill is that they provide a Blockchain Adoption Kit for their clients. to adapt themselves to the blockchain security management system.

  1. JatApp 

Jat App is one of the best blockchain providers in the market. They provide blockchain development services and solutions to the clients based on their business requirements. Apart from Blockchain development services, they also provide other cryptocurrency development services.

  1. Velmie

They are a distinguished blockchain development company with a team of exceptional and skilled blockchain software developers. They offer client requirement based blockchain services and manage with the clients throughout the process for customization and efficiency of the service they provide.

These are the top 10 blockchain development companies in USA 2020.

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