The ultimate use cases of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Industry

Blockchain technology in Healthcare Industry
Blockchain technology in Healthcare Industry

Blockchain has become the new synonym of Privacy and security. Yes, Blockchain security features get admired by all the businesses of the present generation. As most of the businesses run on securing the information that they store, their prime option stands as Blockchain. Despite the usage of blockchain in many industries, its contribution to the health sector is necessary. The health sector imbibes a lot of information about the patients and their health factor. In this era of cyberbullying, the information needs airtight security to prevent falling prey into those dirty hands. Blockchain development companies ensure this change and provide blockchain development services for the efficiency in healthcare and assurance of data protection.

How different is the blockchain in the health sector to Crypto-trading software?

The health sector cannot use the blockchain technology which is being enabled by the crypto-trading software. Because the crypto-trading software involves peer to peer transactions also. So they get built up with public blockchains. The health sector makes use of permissions blockchains or the “private blockchain” networks. This blockchain needs access for the sharing of information to those who are legally allowed to be a part of it. Private blockchains get crafted to enterprise information security and it contains some specific features like enforced security, quick and efficient transactions, and privacy.

Some of the ultimate use cases of blockchain technology in healthcare industry that the blockchain software development services providers discussed below:

Medical record keeping:

Medical records are crucial to both the management and to the patients. Without knowing the patient’s history of medication, a particular hospital cannot proceed with the medication. Also, the patient cannot be trusted to keep hold of their previous medical prescriptions handy. In that aspect, we need a record-keeping ledger and a security system to manage the medical records. So, the blockchain comes as a handy when it comes to medical record bookkeeping.

Synergic analysis of patient’s health and condition:

Blockchain which stores information of the patient’s health,  well being, and history can get analyzed. This helps in cutting the medical costs for the patients. Also, the medical industry can use the information for research and development. This is done with the assurance of patients so that it can reflect cutting costs on their medical bills. This is a win-win situation. The information would get used for research and cutting costs for medication for the patients.

Used by multiple agencies for emergency purposes:

Private blockchains can give access and are linked to many agencies for emergency purposes. For example, the hospital logistics department blockchain can be linked to the hospital management on purpose to prevent any mishaps in the transportation of the hospital goods and service necessities in case of emergency.

Blockchain to prevent drug counterfeiting:

Blockchain is based on the ledger system which stores each and every transaction and communication in a stored format called blocks and sealed with hashes. In that sense, the logistics of the drugs can be well maintained and the counterfeited or illegal drugs can be filtered out efficiently with less effort.

Clinical trials in pharmaceuticals tracked down in Blockchain:

Blockchain helps in tracking down the clinical trials that had been done during the testing period of the pharma. Hence keeping it in physical record is difficult to maintain. It provides the opportunity for the pharma companies to provide blockchain facilities.  This makes their clinical trials and storing the information.

Doctor-patient discussions:

Privacy is one of the concerns when it comes to medics. Most of them will not post their health status on Instagram or WhatsApp status. So, their concern is to secure the health information about them. Blockchain helps in this arena. People can store their information with their doctors in a blockchain to protect their information. 

Blockchain software development companies concerned about building a private blockchain.  So that they can provide more encryption facilities.

These are some of the areas where the health industry can make use of blockchain technology to secure their information. Blockchain is the future of privacy concerns and industries should make use of such security wisely, especially the health industry.

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