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Vitalik buterin, a cryptographer and programmer first proposed Ethereum in late 2013. Ethereum blockchain has grown into many when it came to live in July 2015. Ethereum is an open-source blockchain distributed computing platform and ledger technology. Also, it is an operating system featuring smart contract functionality. Ethereum is the first blockchain project that comes with a smart contract system. It avoids third parties or intermediates during the transactions. Also, does not allow third-parties to the agreement. Currently, many companies develop various applications with the help of Ethereum blockchain developers

Ethereum blockchain development can make your business profitable in many ways. Developing decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain network provides some factors. Such as permanency, transparency & robust security for digital business transactions. Thus, you can reap various benefits from them Also, you can make your business scalable and grow your reach exponentially. But finding reliable Ethereum blockchain development companies will be a kind of difficult task for business people. Because there should be deep research on the selected companies. 

For choosing the best development company. It requires both your manual efforts and time. So in this blog, we have the list of the top 10 Ethereum blockchain development companies after considering many parameters. Such as Services, years of experience in the domain, employee strength, reviews from clients, and more. 

List of Popular Ethereum Blockchain Development companies

ZAB Technologies

Zab Technologies is a leading blockchain development company in the market. Our successful projects make us stand as one of the renowned companies in the blockchain community. We use cutting-edge technologies to improve the performance of our products. Moreover, our services are based on ensuring the client’s success in their businesses. This is the element that attracts many customers to our blockchain development.

In addition to blockchain development, we provide reliable blockchain development services with top-notch results. Some of our top-notch development services include, 

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
  • Crypto Wallet Development
  • Creating Crypto Tokens 
  • Crypto Payment Gateway Development 
  • Cryptocurrency  Crowd Funding platforms
  • Smart Contract
  • Solidity development

Furthermore, we have a team of developers with ample experience in blockchain development. Our extensive service and the skills of our expert teams help us to remain a well-known blockchain development company in the crypto industry. With essential safety features and smooth operation, our products stand ahead in the global competition. Also, Our teams are always dedicated to bringing the client’s business vision to reality. We maintain our excellence in development to deliver on-time project completion.


ConsenSys is one of the renowned Ethereum blockchain development companies. They have a committed team to build next-generation applications based on the Ethereum blockchain. The company stated that enabling access to the decentralized web to enterprises and people is the prime focus. Recognizing that, they are focusing on DeFi and NFT solutions and also participating in DAOs and Web3 Governance.  

ConsenSys is also engaged in various actions to promote blockchain adoption apart from its technology offerings. Metamask is one of the popular wallets offered by ConsenSys. Similarly, they provide Ethereum staking service with the Codefi platform. Some of the other known platforms of ConsenSys are Diligence, Infura, Quorum, and Truffle.


LeewayHertz is the leading web3-focused software development company. They have a team of experts in blockchain and related technologies. They provide diverse web3-based digital solutions and products. Their development team is capable of building apps in various blockchains such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger, and more.

Some of the renowned services they provide are DeFi platforms, NFTs, crypto wallets, metaverse, and more. Also, they extend their services to various industries like Healthcare, Supply Chain & Logistics, Consumer Electronics, Manufacturing, and more.

Antier Solutions

Antier Solutions is one of the prominent blockchain development companies. The development team of this company focused on decentralized applications, smart contracts, and blockchain-based solutions. The company involves in software development and works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and requirements. This is the way Antier solutions deliver customized software solutions to the client’s exact needs.

The company also stated that they develop products with competitive advantages to sustain the crypto market. Speaking of that, they offer a wide range of services including mobile application development, web development, blockchain development, and custom software development. Also, they provide services to various industries like finance, healthcare, and supply chain management.


Cubix is a software and mobile app development company. They have a team of experts like developers, designers, and engineers to serve the customer’s needs effectively. They are providing various solutions and services related to blockchain technology. The main focus of the company is to develop elegant and functional digital products that solve complex problems with blockchain technology solutions. 

So, the company has followed a Rapid Strategy Workshop model to build successful projects meeting clients’ demands. Besides blockchain development, they provide various services including NFT game development, Web development, Mobile application, and game development. Moreover, they provide solutions to various industries with their platforms like Cubix happyforce, Cubix hero, Cubix shop, and more.  


PixelPlex is a software development company specializing in blockchain development. They have a team of developers having experience in blockchain technology and its applications. Their development team is dedicated to bringing innovation to the development process while meeting the client’s business requirements. Along with blockchain development, they also facilitate Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Mobile, and Web App development, and Virtual and augmented reality.

They provide a range of services, including custom blockchain development, cryptocurrency development, decentralized exchange (DEX) development, and smart contract audit and security. In addition, the company serves various industries, including finance, real estate, gaming, and healthcare-related to blockchain technology. 

Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions is an IT firm performing blockchain development. They specialized in developing custom solutions to meet measurable results.  The company state that, its app designs are user-friendly and innovative to deliver clients’ business needs. Moreover, they claim that meeting the client’s business needs cost-effectively is the ultimate scope of the company. This is the reason they do not provide set prices for their products, 

They provide various services like web and mobile app development, blockchain development, and smart contract solutions. Along with they also involve in web3, metaverse, and app development. And they provide solutions to various industries like healthcare, business management, taxi, and Delivery services.

Boosty Labs

Boosty Labs is a blockchain development shop and venture studio. They are specialized in outsourcing blockchain technology development, system integration, the automation of technological and business processes of enterprises, and IT consulting. Their development team creates innovative products for start-ups within the Fintech, Blockchain, DeFI, and cloud-based platforms. 

Boosty Labs is known for its services such as Technical Consulting, Product Management Consulting, Engineering Solutions, and also Design Solutions. They extend their services to various industries related to blockchain technology. Some of the known industries are Trading, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate, and more. 


RisingMax is a well-established app development company developing mobile apps for all businesses. Blockchain development is one of the core services they provide. Their team of developers embedded the latest technologies and features during the app development phases. Their mobile apps are supportive of multiple platforms to meet the business requirements of their clients. 

The main focus of the company is to enable the business to access the benefits of digitalization through their end-to-end mobile app solutions. They are involved in NFT, Meaverse, Web3, and core blockchain app developments. And some of the renowned industries they provide services are, Automobile, Healthcare, Real Estate, Banking, Finance, and more.

HyperLink Info System

HyperLink Info System is one of the IT service-providing companies. Blockchain development is one of the services they provide. They have a wider team of developers to fulfill the technical need of project completion. Their development team is working with the latest technologies in AI, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, Metaverse, and more. 

And, they are specialization in Mobile App Development, iPhone App Development, Android App Development, and many others. HyperLink Info System offers customized solutions as per the client’s requirements at an affordable cost within a given timeline. Apart from Blockchain development, they also provide services to Mobile app development, Game development, AI and ML, e-commerce development, and more.  

Concluding Thoughts…

Blockchain Technology is the future of security and the above-discussed companies are well-experienced in this domain. If you are planning to hire an Ethereum blockchain developer for your business. Then you can consider these companies as your utmost priority. So choose the best Ethereum blockchain development company from the above list and start your blockchain business journey now!

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