White label Crypto Payment Gateway – An Ideal Solution for Startups


Crypto payment gateway has gained a lot of attention among business magnets. And also, it becomes a good business idea for a startup to connect worldwide and get a profit in a short time. 

A cryptocurrency payment gateway is defined as a dynamic payment gateway platform. It is a payment processor that enables safer transactions of payments in the form of both fiat and digital currencies. It acts as a transaction facilitator between a merchant and a customer for processing payments. Crypto payment gateway allows users to make and accept payments in cryptocurrencies.

As it provides secure and instant payments, the crypto payment network has been adopted by all-sized organizations. At present, two types of crypto gateways are relevant among businesses that are defi crypto payment gateway, and multi-cryptocurrency payment gateway. In that regard, there are a lot of crypto payment gateways that are prevailing in the global market. Some of the top ones that you should explore before starting your project are Coinpayments, Bitpay, and Coingate.  

For startups, developing a crypto payment gateway software like above mentioned will help them to dominate the crypto business. Indeed,  You can develop a crypto payment gateway platform either from scratch or using white label software. 

From startups to big-shot entrepreneurs, creating a payment gateway platform using a white label crypto payment gateway is the most efficient way. So, in this blog let us dig deeper into the white label crypto payment gateway. 

What is a White label crypto payment gateway? 

First of all, you need to understand the concept in its essence before exploring how to develop a crypto payment gateway. A White label payment gateway is a method that enables business people to create an effective crypto payment gateway platform under their trademark within 7 days. Here white label describes a product made by another business without any previous branding or trademarks. 

The White Label Cryptocurrency payment gateway is readily designed, developed, and ready for deployment. In that case, you can make the customization and start a cryptocurrency payment gateway business. As a startup, you can launch your own Brand of your Crypto payment gateway platform using a white label solution.

In order to get a white label crypto payment gateway, you can lend help from professionals. Hire a group of blockchain developers from a reputed white label crypto payment gateway development company. And create a crypto payment gateway with stunning features to make your business successful. 

Zab technology is the most prominent White label crypto payment development company in the marketplace. Our developers are well-rehearsed with the latest technology trends and regulations of the cryptocurrency domain.

How does a white label cryptocurrency payment gateway work?

Before entering into the White label crypto payment gateway development process, you need to know how it works. So, you can create your crypto payment gateway that satisfies your users. With the steps given below, you can get a better understanding of how a crypto payment gateway operates.

  1. First of all, the user has to get the wallet address of the recipient to pay for the services.
  2. The payment processor records the player’s data, encrypt it, and sends it to the merchant’s web server
  3. The merchant should scan the blockchain where the nodes validate using the integrated payment gateway
  4. Then the merchant verifies and confirms the transaction
  5. After confirmation, the coins are transferred to the merchant account
  6. The payment gateway will send a notification to both parties about the successful payment
  7. Also, the merchant can convert the crypto into fiat anytime or store them in their crypto wallet

So far, we have seen the working process of a white label crypto payment gateway. From this, you can understand the needs of users. Also, you can create your payment gateway platform with all requirements of your users.  

Up next, let us have an overview of the features of our white label cryptocurrency payment gateway. 

Features of our white label crypto payment gateway

The features that you in-build in the payment gateway will help you to make your application more exciting and appealing. Making use of these features, you can attract users to use your crypto payment gateway platform efficiently. Some of the features that you have with our white label crypto payment are listed below. 

User panel:

  1. Home Page – Navigates the users by showing essential components. An easy-to-follow catches the user’s attention instantly.
  2. Sign-Up – The users are allowed to log in with their name, and be connected to their profile and authentication password.
  3. Dashboard – Provide user-friendly information that tracks the state of all processes and provides a visual representation of all critical data.
  4. Deposit & Withdraw Functionality – With help of this , your users can have simple access to deposit and withdraw their money and browse the history of all transactions.
  5. Account Settings – Your users can edit user names or email addresses, and customize notifications, according to their needs.
  6. Cross border transactions – Faster speed of transactions helps all sized businesses to complete payments on import and export of goods quickly.

Admin panel:

  1. Sign-In – This allows admins to sign in and can regulate the actions of users. 
  2. Dashboard –  With this, the admin can control the whole process. Indeed, it also contains a variety of tools and appropriate features. 
  3. View User History – Admins can access the history of transactions of the clients, so everything is on the record in case of an issue.
  4. Merchant API – It combines different seller locations into larger companies and enables them to function as a single business. 
  5. Security Settings – It offers better protection from potential risks. Also, It also protects against unauthorized access, manipulation, or exploitation of the system.
  6. Content Management System – It allows admins to create and edit digital content, which is vital for keeping a good relationship with your customers.

To attract your users, you can have all the above features. Also, you can add features based on your requirement. As a professional White label cryptocurrency payment gateway development company, we deliver magnificent cryptocurrency payment gateway development services with extreme quality. 

Advantages of using our white label crypto payment gateway software

Here are some of the primary advantages of white label cryptocurrency payment gateway software. 

Easy integration  

It will not take long for the white label cryptocurrency payment gateway development process. It is easy to complete the installation and set it up. Thus, It is the best software for startups to develop their business.

Easy customization 

As per your business requirements, you can add or modify the white label cryptocurrency payment gateway solution. Also,  you can equip the latest technical functionalities according to your preference. 

Increase Brand Visibility 

Using a white label crypto payment gateway, you can improve brand recognition. It is an easy and effective way to build your brand. By all means, you can enhance brand visibility through the white label platform. 

Accessibility and Reliability

It is one of the major advantages of a white label solution. The best white label cryptocurrency payment gateway has the quality of being trustworthy and also it performs consistently well. Especially for beginners, it is easy to handle a payment platform. 

Easy rebranding and redefinition 

Usually, a payment gateway platform undergoes frequent upgrading, code testing, and system and process updates. So it is better to choose a solution that is an already-polished White label payment gateway without difficulty and risky process.

Saves time and effort

Basically, developing the best crypto payment gateway will consume more time and cost. But when it comes to a white label solution, it saves all your effort, and hours to complete, and reduces the cost of the developing process. 

Scam Protection 

The white label solution must include cutting-edge technologies and trends. The implementation of advanced fraud management tools enables you to preserve profits. Also, it helps you to stay away from fraud and imposters. 

Overall, the white label solution offers numerous advantages to businesses. You can maintain a high degree of professionalism by outsourcing it. The best cryptocurrency payment gateway facilitates the maintenance of a high ROI, a solid brand reputation, and more on. In that case, the only thing you need to ensure is to choose a prominent development firm like Zab technologies.

Why choose Zab technologies for your White label crypto payment gateway development? 

Zab technologies is a well-known and reputed White label Cryptocurrency payment gateway development company in the marketplace. Our experienced developers are well-rehearsed with the technology trends and regulations of the cryptocurrency domain. We follow a strategic process to develop a crypto payment processor for business accompanied by a lot of brainstorming ideas. 

Reason to look for our white label crypto payment gateway development services:

  1. Dedication and focus
  2. Experience and specialized knowledge
  3. Project managers to oversee the processes
  4. Affordable services
  5. Access to the cutting-edge technique
  6. Build a Long-standing relationship
  7. 24/7 Support team

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to create a crypto payment gateway platform, get our best white label crypto payment gateway solution.  

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