The cutting-edge IEO development to uprise your funds by joining hands with top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the industry!

IEO Services for an additional dividends venture for your Crypto Business!

Initial Exchange Offering, the neoteric fundraising scheme where startups and entry-level enterprises can raise their funds by listing their developed tokens in the popular Cryptocurrency Exchange.

We people at Zab Technologies, with rich expertise in Development, can assist you in kick-starting your Crowdfunding campaign with our unique business plans and approaches.

If in case you don’t have a crypto exchange, we experts are readily available to help you in building one. Hence, you own crypto exchange and you can list your IEO projects as well.

IEO Development Company
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Our Top-Rated IEO Development Services

Our pool of experienced developers delivers exceptional Initial Exchange Offering solutions by creating well-compliant tokens. Once they are developed, our technical team will help you in listing these tokens in your crypto exchanges.

Creation of Coin/Token

We assist the startups to create a token or coin of their desired choice. You can create an Etheruem token, Stellar, etc which are completely compliant.

Crypto Exchange Listing

Once your tokens are developed from our end, we start listing them in your exchange. If you don’t have an exchange, we build one as well.

Light Paper Creation

We present the outline of the project in the form of Light Paper to you instantly for clear perception.

White Paper Creation

We render the entire information about the project which can attract the investors and raise funds for your project.

Project Pitching

We offer a brief presentation on the IEO project to potential investors for a quick overview of it.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Our Crypto Wallets are developed to support multi-currencies, storage, security, compatible, reliable factors.

Superfine Benefits of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Unlike ICOs, investors can completely trust the companies, as the exchanges have priorly checked them. Additionally, only the investors who pass KYC/AML protocols can start trading on the platform.
The privilege of existing user base
As your cryptocurrency exchange already has an existing customer base with them, there are greater chances that the investors could buy your tokens instantly and raise your funds efficiently.
Hassle-Free Listing
You don’t need to go through a tedious process of listing tokens on the exchange platform. The exchanges directly open the tokens to the secondary markets where your investors can purchase them easily.
Free from KYC/AML
The best advantage of IEO is, your exchanges have already verified the users in their platform with KYC/AML mechanisms. Hence, there is no need to figure out the investor’s information again on the platform
High-End Security
Crypto Exchanges are highly secure as they implement a great number of security measures to ensure the authenticity of the IEO project and to restrict fraudulent and unwanted activities against the platform.
Private Blockchain is a Decentralized type of a Blockchain

Hire IEO Developers from Zab Technologies to multiply your profits:

Being an IEO Development Company across the globe, we have so far catered to a good number of clients across the industry. We render end to end customizable solutions that can be altered in accordance with your choice.

Our IEO solutions are supported across various sets of industries. Be it an entry-level, mid-level or an enterprise-level, we deliver solutions regardless of complexity! Our creative-edge deliverables are delivered at a reasonable cost in the industry!


Binance tops the list by creating a Launchpad for their user-base. Next in the line were, Bittrex, Bitmax, KuCoin, Huobi Prime, etc

To put in simple words, IEO is going to long live. Unlike ICOs, Initial Exchange Offerings are highly supported by the trading platforms and hence there isn’t a possibility of scams in it.

Not at all, if you already own crypto exchange. If you already have one, you just need to integrate the IEO module. Else, we people can assist you in creating a crypto exchange as well.

Yes, we people have expertise Digital Marketing professionals who can introduce your brand to the market through different channels across the globe effectively.

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