Launch your BEP-20 token instantly with our Binance smart chain

Get yourself into the newly emerging digital finance technology through the DeFI network and generate more profits that come in your way. Our BEP20 tokens via the DeFI network offer the highest ROI for your business growth.

Bep20 token development

BEP20 token development on Binance smart chain

Bep20 token development on binance smart chain

Experience the parallel blockchain network by initiating your BEP20 token in the Binance smart chain network. BEP-20 token is a token standard in the Binance smart chain that has similar functionality to the ERC-20 token standard in the decentralized finance (DeFi). BEP20 tokens facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrencies in accordance with the BNB coins. You will be provided with the option of creating a native BEP-20 token or a token in another blockchain that can be pegged with the Binance smart chain as a “Peggy coin”. They act as an extension to the functionalities of the ERC 20 token where you can do cross-chain transfer, and establish a solid financial contract on the Binance smart chain.

Being a renowned Blockchain and Defi development company, Zab Technologies updated itself to the new era of digital technology by providing BEP20 token development in the Binance Smart Chain. We are experts in the field of blockchain development, cryptocurrency exchange development, and token development (TRX, ERC) services making us the primary choice for your token development requirements. Launch your BEP-20 token with the assistance of Zab Technologies to excel in your business.

Bep20 token development on binance smart chain

DeFi system in the BEP20 token development on Binance smart chain

DeFi is getting familiarised in the current crypto world and it is of no surprise that most of the DeFi projects are done in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is because of their flexibility and the resources available in the Binance smart chain powered BEP20 token that facilitates the functioning of the DeFi ecosystem in an effective and reliable way.

Defi System in bep20 token development

Zab Technologies rightly understand the significance of the DeFi project in the Binance smart chain and has come up with affordable solutions for entrepreneurs and startups to initiate their business using the DeFi based BSC.

Our BEP20 token development services

Create Bep20 Token
Create BEP20 token
Zab Technologies will assist you in creating fungible BEP20 tokens with similar and extensive features to the ERC 20 token standard.
Smart Contract Code Compilation
Smart Contract code compilation
It is an extensive protocol of the Binance Smart Chain that offers asset management systems making the effect of the smart contract powered protocol.
Mint and Migrate Tokens
Mint and migrate tokens
We offer mintable BEP20 tokens without any fixed supply so that you could be able to mint more tokens during the need. You could be able to migrate your token from beta net to the mainnet of any blockchain say ethereum, Tron, etc.
Bep20 token wallet development
BEP20 token wallet development
We offer integrated token wallet development services. The BEP20 token wallet development services facilitate the transaction of BNB coins for your investors and traders to invest in the BEP20 token during crowdfunding and listing.
ICO based bep20 tokens
ICO-based BEP20 tokens
If you are developing BEP20 tokens for crowdfunding purposes, we would help you to create business-specific ICO-based BEP20 tokens to make your crowdfunding more effective and fruitful.
Bep20 token listing
BEP20 token listing
Apart from the creation process, we help businesses to list the BEP20 tokens in the cryptocurrency exchange to attract a huge investor base in the later phase.

Binance Smart Chain BEP20 token benefits

BEP20 token is a standard and functional token that runs as an extension to the ERC 20 token standard in the Binance smart chain network. They follow a particular framework or blueprint in which it defines the regulations on spending and other utilities. These tokens can represent any kind of variables like assets or currencies, etc.

Incentives for your traders and users
Incentives for your traders and users
Compatible with both erc20 and bep2 token
Compatible with both ERC 20 and BEP 2 tokens
Cross Chain Transfer
Cross-chain transfer from one blockchain to another
Peggy Coin Creation
Peggy coin creation
ICO based bep20 token creation
ICO-based BEP20 token creation
BNB Crypto Wallet Integration
BNB crypto wallet integration
BNB Coin
It is backed by the BNB coin
Swapping for BEP20 to BEP 2 coins based on the protocols
Native BEP20 Token Creation
Facilitation in the creation of native BEP20 tokens
Flexible Token Minting
Flexible token minting based on the requirement

Our BEP20 token development features

Customizable BEP20 Tokens
Customizable BEP20 tokens

Our BEP20 tokens are standard tokens that are completely customizable and adaptable to the BEP20 wallets.

No Token Fap
No token cap

The BEP20 tokens do not attract any token cap as we mint you a non-fixed supply of tokens as per your business requirements.

Migrate Tokens
Migrate tokens

You can transfer your BEP-20 tokens from the Binance Smart Chain to any other blockchain including Ethereum, TRON, EOS, etc.

Burn your Token
Burn your token

You can reduce the supply of your token as per the business needs based on the demand.

Dual Chain Architecture
Dual chain architecture

Our BEP20 tokens come with dual chain architecture and hence there is no need to worry about security and privacy.

Role Access
Role access

You can modify the token usage, control, and limitations based on the control allocated for the admin and user.

More than 61 currencies supported
More than 61 currencies supported

Our BEP20 tokens support more than 61 currencies where the user can convert the currencies into BNB and store them in the crypto wallet.

Ownership rights
Ownership rights

As the owner of the token, you will have the exclusive right over the minting and burning rights of the tokens.

Our BEP20 token development process

We, at Zab Technologies, follow a structured and professional BEP20 token development process. Our sting of development includes

Communication and Strategy
Communication and strategy
We communicate with our client on any media that appeases our clients and carefully listen to their requirement and business need for creating the BEP20 token.
After creating a proper strategy we do proper planning and implementation techniques to come out with a perfect BEP20 token for the client.
Our design team creates an awesome UI and UX design for your website that satisfies the requirement as per the business needs.
Our team dedicates their precious time to crafting and developing the BEP20 token as per the market standards with all the features included.
We conduct a series of testing before deploying the site as we eradicate the unknown bugs that might have been not indicated during the development process
After careful analysis and testing, we deploy the BEP20 token and supply allocated based on the requirement.

Why Zab Technologies for BEP-20 token development?

Zab Technologies are known for their efficacy in blockchain, DeFi development and token development software as their software is unique, bug-free, and customizable. We have a solid team of developers and designers who work hard to come out with a profitable and prolific token or software for business growth. They use updated technology tools for their development process and so, the outcome is more accurate and satisfies the clients’ requirements. We have successfully delivered more than 50+ projects in token development and blockchain development successfully and hence they have wide experience in that particular field.

Why Zab for bep20 token development

Be it for crowdfunding purposes or for listing purposes, Zab Technologies provides unique token development solutions by carefully understanding the requirement of the clients. Launch your BEP20 token instantly with Zab Technologies and earn considerable profits in your business.

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