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Leverage the Blockchain technology to get the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software for your business!

Enable fast and secure exchange platform on your website. Allow users to use either your own crypto coin or let them transact in one of the prevalent cryptocurrencies widely being used. Our cryptocurrency exchange trading platform comes with your own unique multi-currency wallet so that your users are not bound to a single currency. All the features available in a typical cryptocurrency exchange software, with unprecedented security and dependability, will be available in your php cryptocurrency exchange script.

Whether you are a startup or an industry veteran, we provide totally scalable and reliable top cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin Exchange Development services.

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Salient features of our Cryptocurrency exchange software
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Accurate exchange engine

Trading in crypto coins and altcoins depends a lot on the accuracy of the exchange engine. Our Cryptocurrency exchange clone will provide you impeccable accuracy over the widest range of cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

Fastest trading matching algorithm

Along with accuracy, profits on a Cryptocurrency exchange margin trading also depend on the speed of trading matches and transactions, because the rates of the currencies change in a flick of a second. Our optimized and accurate coding practices will ensure the fastest trading match algorithm for your business.

Fully-automated exchange and on-demand service

Need fast but Free cryptocurrency exchange app implementation to kickstart your blockchain exchange platform? We have highly customizable, versatile and adaptable cryptocurrency exchange programming methodologies that we can implement and operationalize within a few days to put forth the most secure cryptocurrency exchange.

Escrow system

Allow users to use your Centralized vs decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform and cryptocurrency wallet interface to deliver services based on trust. With full trust score building capabilities and automatic payouts once escrow is released.

Easy and advanced API integration

Want to allow other businesses and app developers to use and integrate your cryptocurrency exchange script php and trading platform on their own websites and apps for easy currency transactions? Our API interface will allow easy and completely customizable API integration facilities.

Cross-platform cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform

Allow your customers to transact using any device running on every major operating environment. We will build you a p2p bitcoin exchange software which is totally compatible and hybrid trading software solution.

Case Studies


Instant buy and sell the facility

The company needed a super fast and efficient cryptocurrency exchange script open source that was lean and that could be quickly integrated with another payment gateway through API.

Although the client wanted people to be able to pay using a standardized wallet, ultimately he wanted users to be able to trade in the company’s unique cryptocurrency and demanded the safest cryptocurrency exchange.


We were able to develop and install the best cryptocurrency exchange script along with the unique coin transaction facility.


The client was able to launch his ICO in a matter of a couple of months and now facilitates a major altcoin trading platform with our cryptocurrency exchange developer.

how much does it cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange

Real time comparison and trade

The client wanted a cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading & exchange platform & software that could fetch exchange rates from multiple currency server APIs and then allow his users to be able to carry our transactions within microseconds, including a mobile app. Added he came up with a question of how to start a bitcoin exchange business? And we had a ready solution for the clientele!


Our team was able to implement the solution within fifteen days after thoroughly getting the grasp of what the client needed and what he wanted to achieve through the exchange. Cutting-edge tech stack was used to build and implement the solution which resulted in the bitcoin exchange platform software.


The website is now a major cryptocurrency exchange hub.

how much does it cost to start a cryptocurrency exchange

Faqs on our cryptocurrency exchange development services

Yes, our Bitcoin and cryptocurrency development service will support all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, and many more.

Yes, provided they support currency transactions supported by your wallet.

Yes, we will build a cross-platform cryptocurrency exchange for you.

Blockchain development in itself provides an unprecedented level of security. Remember that in a chain of blocks, even if one block is tinkered with, the entire chain needs to be modified, and consequently, data breach is practically impossible.

As we provide totally scalable cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform development services, how fast we can implement and deploy your solution depends on the number of features that you want, the functions that you want in your digital currency wallet and the number of cryptocurrencies you want to support.

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