Safely share confidential data within organisation with private blockchain development

Private blockchain development for intra-organizational communication

Private blockchain development, also called permission blockchain development, has fewer transactions and hence works comparatively faster than non-private blockchain. If your company needs a blockchain application to meet your intra-organization communication and data exchange needs, then it makes perfect sense to hire our private blockchain development services for faster delivery and execution. We will help you build and connect to a private blockchain where you will be able to track and verify transactions and communication between different departments and stakeholders. Since your application will be based on blockchain, it will be impossible for someone to tamper with your data, steal your records or forge business dealings.

Features of our private blockchain development services

Top blockchain developers at your disposal

Our programmers have been developing cutting-edge blockchain applications for businesses from all spheres. From finance to content delivery to project management to healthcare, our programmers have developed and deployed small as well as enterprise-level solutions.

Make every data exchange secure

Whether your employees are exchanging sensitive information or documents, ensure complete security through our private blockchain development services.

Controlled from a dashboard

The entire private blockchain software application will be controllable through a centrally-monitored dashboard that an authorized person will be able to track and monitor from a command center.

Say goodbye to miscommunication

With every bit of communication trackable and associated with blocks and unique hash keys, it is near to impossible to send and process inaccurate information.

Fix accountability in a matter of a few seconds

Compared to a public blockchain application, blocks in a private blockchain application are fewer and hence, easy to track, sometimes even manually. If something goes wrong, if an instance of inaccuracy takes place, you will be immediately able to discover where the accountability lies.

Completely scalable private blockchain development services

Although blockchain development is a recent technological phenomenon, we have scaled our services in such a manner that whether you are a small business, a start-up or a medium-sized business, we can easily provide you the perfect blockchain solution for your organisation.

Case Studies


An outsourcing company required a document management solution so that its HR department could quickly verify the employees and once the employees had been verified, the concerned records could be immediately retrieved using multiple devices.


When the client approached us, he needed a solution and he wasn’t aware that his requirement would be a perfect candidate for a private blockchain development project. We carefully analyzed his requirement and then made a suggestion to him that it would be better if instead of going the conventional way, he could go for permission blockchain development. He agreed.

We developed and deployed a smart contracts-based solution for his organization. Every digital document exchanged not just carried the details of the employee, it also had all the authentication modules and procedures embedded into it.


The private blockchain solution was deployed within a month. Within a few weeks of deployment, all the records were entered into different blocks and authentication modules were attached to them through the blockchain. Now, each time an employee is assigned to a new project, he or she is automatically authenticated without the HR department having to intervene.


An accounting company employed 1300 accountants and after a while it was becoming difficult to manage the accountants as well as the multiple accounts they were holding using conventional software. The company needed something that could take the burden of verifying the transactions away. Something that would ensure that every transaction that happened within the company and outside of it, was fully authenticated.


We deployed an Ethereum-based financial validation solution for the company through which, all the accountants and their activities were pre-authenticated and there was almost 0% chance of tampering, bringing total peace to the top management.


The company is focusing more on growth and less on making sure that only verified transactions go through the system.

Faqs about our private blockchain development services

Blockchain is the future. Every major software application where some form of verification and accountability is involved, is being transformed through the blockchain technology. Aside from the fact that you will be introducing an unprecedented level of data security into your organization, you will also have a future-ready application.

Certainly. The underlying structure of the technology remains the same. Only the scale and authentication routines go through a change when a private blockchain software application is upgraded or transformed into a public blockchain application.

Although you don’t need to be a software expert, just the fact that you are going through this information proves that you’re aware of the importance of the blockchain technology and that is sufficient. As long as you know the importance of getting a private blockchain solution developed and deployed for your organization, you are good to go.

As indicated by “private”, your application will not be publicly available and only those people who have been granted permission by you (or anyone authorized by your organization), will be able to access the modules and data through the blockchain application.

As is the case with every software solution, how much time it takes depends on the features and scale of the application you need for your organization. Once you hire our team, we will spend ample time understanding your requirement and then creating a roadmap. Once you have gone through the roadmap we will be able to know how much time it is going to take.

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