Digital wallet development for multiple currencies

Allow your users to transact in multiple cryptocurrencies altcoins

Our cryptocurrency and blockchain wallet development services will allow you to enable your customers to transact using your platform. This way you can stop your customers from going to other platforms and gradually, shifting away from your cryptocurrency crypto coins.

An exclusive digital wallet stores private and public keys and is able to leverage the blockchain technology to give your users the most secure way of carrying out monetary transactions and highly trustworthy contracts. Using your cryptocurrency digital wallet, they will be able to pay and receive payments, use the escrow service, maintain their balances and grow their investments using your trading platform, if you have one.

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Features of our cryptocurrency wallet development services

Completely secure monetary transactions

Cryptocurrency wallet based on blockchain is completely foolproof. It is impossible to breach the security of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency wallet because every block in the chain has a unique hash and if one block is tampered with, thousands of other hashes need to be changed and consequently, providing unparalleled security to digital transactions.

Very fast transactions

Our highly experienced and efficient coding services will ensure very fast transactions between individuals and digital services.

Multi-cryptocurrency transactions

The wallet that we develop for you will be able to accommodate all major cryptocurrencies in circulation these days. You will also be able to upgrade your wallet in case some new cryptocurrencies surface and people begin to use them en masse.

Quick implementation

Being one of the top wallet development services, we have the experience it takes to quickly implement the most complex cryptocurrency wallet requirements. Whether you are a start-up or a multinational company wanting to transition into the cutting-edge technology through blockchain development, we can develop the needed software and implement it in a short span of time.

2-factor authentication

Although software developed with blockchain technology is almost 100% secure, 2-factor authentication gives a sense of greater security to your users, and this is what we will incorporate when we developed the cryptocurrency wallet for you.

Cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet

When you hire us for your wallet development services, we will develop the cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet that your users will be able to use on all major contemporary devices and operating system platforms including Android, Microsoft Windows and iOS. Of course, people will be able to use your digital wallet on PCs, laptops and Apple computers.

Case Studies


The wallet needed to support cryptocurrency as well as normal currency.

This company wanted to transition into the cutting-edge blockchain technology in a gradual manner and hence, they wanted their users to be able to transact with conventional currency as well as cryptocurrencies.


With our previous experience working with different financial institutions, we were able to set up a transaction system that seamlessly supported all forms of currencies.


The company has successfully made the transition into completely dealing with crypto coins after allowing its customers to use conventional currencies simultaneously with cryptocurrencies for a few months.

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The freelancing company wanted the escrow feature in the wallet

To encourage its members to use cryptocurrencies for solving real-world problems, a freelancing company wanted a parallel digital wallet that freelancers and job listing companies could use on the website. The challenge was that the transactions must be executed once the job listing company or individual has okayed the delivery of the project.


Since the freelancing company wasn’t sure whether the system was going to work in the beginning or not, we developed a dashboard through which, individual transactions could be monitored and controlled by an authorized person.


The reliance on dashboard has been reduced to a considerable extent and most of the functions of the cryptocurrency wallet are being executed automatically.

Bitcoin Wallet App Development

Faqs about our cryptocurrency wallet development services

Yes, we will develop and deploy a multi-cryptocurrency wallet for your business so that people can make payments, receive payments and invest in various crypto coins using your cryptocurrency wallet.

We are a top cryptocurrency and blockchain development company having deployed wallet software solutions for a wide spectrum of clients including finance, retail, healthcare and transport.

Although it will be up to your user whether he or she wants to activate 2-factor authentication, the feature will be present in your wallet.

What features you have in the final version of your cryptocurrency wallet depends on your individual needs, but yes, there are standard features (supporting transactions and investing money in ICO’s, for example) that will be present in your crypto coin wallet.

A new public key will be auto generated for every new transaction. The public key makes it hard, even near to impossible for someone to commit fraud using your wallet.

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