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We are entering into an era of the Crypto world.  

Building a Cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch is quite a complex project. Moreover, cryptocurrency trading is a relatively new business. The first exchange appeared in 2010 and now only 200 platforms operate successfully. (according to Thus, there are not so many experienced cryptocurrency exchange developers in the world.

In recent times, investors started to concentrate on various platforms like STO development, Exchange Development, Creating new coins (ALTCOIN) like bitcoin, ethereum, etc. These changes are because of the recent fluctuations seen in the bitcoin market.


Why Trading Software has high demand?

A lot of new cryptocurrencies have entered into the competition. And a lot of people started to exchange bitcoins with multiple famous sites like Binance and Coinbase.

With the help of recent stats in the market cap we found that, the number of transactions started to flow through Bitcoin trading software is becoming high when compared to the previous year!

Bitcoin transaction Graph


Here are the steps to Launch Bitcoin Trading Platform

Before getting into the process of Investment in the Bitcoin trading process, you have to cross various phases before reaching the technology provider.

Raise adequate funding
Before you begin to build your own bitcoin exchange website, you need to have a clear idea about the cost involved in the project. You will be required to invest in technology, hosting, advertising, and licensing.

Secure legal clearance
When it comes to launching a bitcoin trading platform, a lot of regulatory guidelines are required to be taken care of. You need to acquire proper licensing, adhere to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

Find the right Technology Provider

Even though a lot of investors succeed in their financial strategies, they are in a risky state, due to their lack of knowledge. It doesn’t mean that every investor has to be an expert. if they have the skills to find the potential team, their product will get succeeded and will compete with key players in the market.

We can help you!

We Zab Technologies are a team of 40+ Experienced Blockchain developers who develop high standards of the Bitcoin Trading platform by ensuring proper encryption methodologies.

According to your requirement and your idea, we will work it out as a high-performance Exchange Platform for you!

To know more about the features involved please start your live chat with our experts now!

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