How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Crypto Payment Gateway Platform?


Cost to develop a Crypto Payment GatewayIf you are a person searching to know the cost of a cryptocurrency payment gateway development, then you have landed the correct place. In this digital era, lots and lots of innovative technologies are introduced. Cryptocurrency is also one of the innovative technologies that are developed using blockchain. Nowadays, people depend on new technology only because it serves more benefits and makes things easy. In that case, the cryptocurrency had resolved many issues which are faced by citizens during financial transactions.

As we know, With a single click we can transact multiple cryptocurrencies from one country to another. This kind of currency comes without regulation by a central authority but crypto is completely restricted in some countries. Besides these, cryptocurrency has a regulated functionality that helps millions of crypto traders and investors to invest and earn profits. Also, cryptocurrency prices will not be stable and they fluctuate every minute according to the trading market.

Currently, cryptos are widely used in many digital platforms. Also, they are printing their foot in the business platforms where money exchanges happen more. This made many merchants accept crypto as their payment. On the other hand, startups and entrepreneurs started to develop their own crypto payment gateway to reap more profits. But knowing the cost to develop a crypto payment gateway is more important.

If you aren’t aware of the cost of crypto payment gateway development, then this mind-blowing article will guide you to know the cost to create a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies.

Table of content

  1. What is a Crypto Payment Gateway?
  2. Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways in the global market
  3. How does a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway work?
  4. Noteworthy Reasons to develop a Crypto Payment Gateway
  5. Fascinating Features of Crypto Payment Gateway Development
  6. Cost to Create a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Platform
  7. Why pick Zab Technologies for Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development?

Let us first see…

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway?

In general, a traditional Payment Gateway is needed to perform the credit/debit card transactions. It transfers only the crucial information on website/mobile devices and payment processors/banks. Likewise, the Crypto Payment gateway is a decentralized online payment processing platform. In this platform, users and merchants can send, receive, and transfer multiple crypto coins securely with high-end security mechanisms.

When it comes to multiple-crypto payment gateway platforms, It supports all the major cryptocurrencies. Such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, EOS, and the list of crypto coins goes on. Besides these, the Payment gateway which accepts only Bitcoins is recognized as a Bitcoin payment gateway. The crypto payment network allows users and merchants and users to facilitate cryptocurrency payments easily. Not only easier but it also accelerates the speed of crypto transactions.

By developing a blockchain-powered crypto payment gateway, many merchants and users will start an account in your platform. Also, you can collect fees from those people when they withdraw their funds. Thus, many startups and entrepreneurs are willing to create a secure crypto payment gateway platform by connecting with leading crypto payment gateway development company.

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways in the Global Market

Presently, we can see a huge number of crypto payment gateway applications in the marketplace. But only a few of them are growing and gaining more prominence by their user-friendly interface, desirable features, and security mechanisms. You will be interested to know them, right?. So here we list some of the best cryptocurrency payment gateway platforms that are prevailing in the global market.

  1. Coinpayments
  2. Bitpay
  3. Coinbase commerce
  4. Coingate
  5. Coin bank
  6. Bitcoin pay
  8. Spicepay
  9. ALFA coins
  10. Gocoin

These are the popular and best crypto payment gateways that are best in the global market. You can also develop a crypto payment gateway platform similar to bitpay, coinbase commerce, or whatever by approaching the professional crypto payment gateway development company.

How Does a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway work?

Crypto payment gateway platform works the same as the traditional payment gateways. Here digital wallets will be completely used instead of traditional credit cards. Also, business people will open a merchant account to start accepting cryptocurrencies. The crypto wallets can be either single or multi-currency wallets. Generally, crypto payments do not have any chargebacks and can be rapidly processed. So, the main task of the crypto payment gateway is to process the essential information of the merchants and users who are facilitating crypto payments in the platform. Now, let us see the working process of the crypto payment gateway platform.

  1. When the user of the platform clicks the Place the Order button at the checkout. Then instantly the web browser or application encrypts the payment details. Also, transfers the crypto payment details to the merchant’s web server through an SSL connection.
  2. Once the merchant receives the user’s crypto payment details, the merchant sends details to the owner or admin of the platform with an encrypted SSL.
    The admin or owner of the crypto payment gateway platform sends the details to the payment processor.
  3. Then the payment processor receives a request and sends a response code. That response code has all the essential information about the transaction status.
  4. Then the cryptocurrency payment processor sends the response code to the gateway. From there it is forwarded to the website or the app.
  5. Finally, the website or app displays the information to the user like payment is completed.

This is how the crypto payment gateway platform works in the real world.

Noteworthy Reasons to Develop a Crypto Payment Gateway

  1. Your users and people who open merchant accounts can get trustable payment methods that work 24/7.
  2. Your user can perform cross-border payments. Also, your users can track payments.
    As an owner of the crypto payment gateway platform, you can reap more profits. Because you can collect withdrawal fees from the merchants when they withdraw their funds from your cryptocurrency payment gateway.
  3. Basically, the crypto payment networks are created with advanced security features. So there is no possibility of cyber attacks and malware activities.
    This platform provides you to keep the profits in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an investment option.
  4. By launching your own crypto payment gateway platform, You can boost your profits and expand your business globally.
  5. As we know that cryptocurrencies are popular in all parts of the world. On the other hand, the usage of crypto is rapidly increasing. So anyone can use the crypto payment gateway to pay the merchants with bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies.
  6. This platform avoids the interference of third-parties and other central authorities. So your normal users and merchant account users can have privacy and secure crypto payment.
  7. You can have your platform running in the fastest time. So there is no possibility of losing in business in the meantime.

Now, let us see…

Fascinating Features of Crypto Payment Gateway Development

As we know, features will play a vital role to create and launch a successful crypto payment gateway platform for your business. Here we list the essential features that you can get in the best crypto payment gateway development service.

User Features

  1. Home Page
  2. User Sign-in/ Sign-up
  3. My Profile
  4. Security
  5. KYC
  6. Dashboard
  7. My Wallet with Deposit and Withdraw Functionality
  8. Deposit & Withdraw History
  9. Support Ticket Submission
  10. Transaction History
  11. Merchant Tools
  12. Button Maker and Examples
  13. HTML Post Fields
  14. IPN and IPN History
  15. API Key Generation
  16. Account Settings

Admin Features

  1. Admin Sign-in
  2. Admin Dashboard
  3. View Users
  4. View User Deposit/Withdraw History
  5. Merchant Payment History
  6. Commission Settings
  7. Merchant Details
  8. Merchant API Category
  9. Security Settings
  10. Content Management System
  11. Support System

By enabling these features, you can build a secure and superfine crypto payment gateway platform. Also, you can attract global crypto users and merchants easily.

Cost to Create a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Platform

If you are planning to launch a crypto payment gateway platform for your business. Then you must definitely know the cost of crypto payment gateway development. The crypto payment gateway development cost mainly depends on some important factors. They are listed below.

  1. Desirable features that you want to enable in your platform
  2. The complexity of the platform
  3. Size and location of the crypto payment platform development team
    Technologies used
  4. Integration of advanced security features

In addition to this, it also depends on offering multi-crypto support on your platform. To make all crypto payments securely on your platform, you must integrate cutting-edge security systems. So it also shapes the overall crypto payment gateway development cost. Thus, to make your platform more secure you need to invest a little more

Finally, the approximate cost to develop a crypto payment gateway platform from scratch ranges from around $8k to $10k. However, if you want to launch a superfine and bug-free crypto payment gateway platform. Then you need to approach the finest and professional crypto payment gateway development company. One such best company in the blockchain space is Zab Technologies.

Why Pick Zab Technologies for Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development?

Zab technologies is a well-known and fast-growing crypto payment gateway development company in the blockchain space. We excel in offering the best crypto payment gateway development service with perfect outcomes at an affordable price. We offer the finest and complete services related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Zab Technologies has a well-skilled and dedicated team of blockchain developers who can adopt various technologies to develop and deliver the best crypto payment gateway platform. We develop blockchain-powered crypto payment gateway platforms for major platforms like the web, Android, and IOS. Zab technologies have 100+ happy clients across the world. This made many startups and entrepreneurs approach us for creating blockchain products for their businesses.

If you are a person looking to develop a feature-rich Crypto Payment Gateway platform at the best price in the market. Then Zab technologies will be the finest solution for your business.

If you still have queries on the cost to build a crypto payment gateway platform. Then talk to our team experts right away!

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