Cost to Start a Crypto Exchange Platform – Explained for Startups

Cost to Start a Crypto Exchange
Cost to Start a Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges are currently at their highest point. Every day, more people are using digital currency. As a result, DeFi-based decentralized exchanges and well-known centralized exchanges both experience high user traffic. So the best strategy to enter the cryptocurrency market and make money is to build a mobile app or website for crypto trading with compelling features. 

On the other hand, the crypto business is seeing an increase in demand for platforms for crypto exchanges. All ambitious cryptocurrency companies are curious about the expense of developing a cryptocurrency exchange. And the cost-effective way to create a crypto exchange platform. So, Let me start with the…

Cost Breakdown to Start a Crypto Exchange Platform

Basically, the cost may highly depend on the method you choose for crypto exchange development. So, the cost to start a crypto exchange from scratch ranges from $50,000 – $80,000. With the project’s complexity and based on your business needs, the price might vary. 

In case, if you want to launch a crypto exchange using white label solution. Then the cost could range from $12,000 – $15,000. But based on your customizations and the features you add, the development cost will differ. 

In this case, Businesses can go for the ideal option of hiring a trusted cryptocurrency exchange development company that is experienced in developing an affordable crypto exchange with extraordinary features. ZAB Technologies is one such trusted development company in the crypto marketplace. Being a technical giant, we are able to provide you with the approximate Crypto exchange development cost based on some factors.

Being an award-winning cryptocurrency exchange development company, we cater to our clients with the best-in-class crypto trading platforms at an affordable price. But as we discussed earlier, the cost may depend on some factors. Now let us discuss the…

Factors Affecting the Crypto Exchange Development Cost

Most probably, the cost is the major brigade to start a crypto exchange for startups. It is tedious to calculate the exact cost. But if you hire a prominent development company like us, you can get an approximate cost based on the below-explained factors. 

Type of Crypto Exchange you have chosen

First, it depends on the type of exchange that you have chosen to start a crypto exchange business with. The three common types of crypto exchanges that rule the crypto market are 

  • Centralized exchange
  • Decentralized exchange 
  • Hybrid exchange

Each type has a different type of development structure, working type, and targeted audience. Hence eventually the cost varies depending on the type. Therefore choose the best kind that you want and in most demand in the virtual space.

Figure Out the Time and Budget Constraints

It is essential to know the exact duration to develop a complete product. Because it plays a significant role in determining the Crypto exchange development cost. Urgent requests will cost a lot more than the ones demanded after the specific time.

After time, the Budget is a vital factor that has to be planned wisely. The Budget for developing a crypto exchange includes future plans as well that include any errors, bugs, issues, etc. You must also want to have a backup to manage things like providing wages to employees. Legal compliance, license, networking, etc.

Launching Methodology 

The Developing methodology plays an important role more than any other cost-influencing factor. Because it has the power to change other factors like time, budget, features, etc. If you hire us, we help you to create crypto exchange in two different ways. They are,

  • Cryptocurrency exchange development from scratch
  • White label crypto exchange software

When you choose to develop a crypto trading platform from scratch, you have to start with coding. We assist you to create Bitcoin exchange software with cutting-edge security, and traceability. You may put into practice your own ideologies and differentiate yourself from the competition by using our cryptocurrency exchange development service. Our development solution has core features that make it more suited to your company’s needs.  

On the flip side, if you choose our white label solution, you can create your crypto trading platform cost-effectively. Because, a white label solution is a pre-build software that is designed, tested, developed, and ready for deployment. Our white-label crypto exchange development services have benefits including simple transactions, high-grade security, minimal latency, and rapid scaling. 

Crypto exchange software development cost
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Integrating High-Security Mechanisms 

Integrating a reliable security mechanism influences the crypto exchange development cost to a certain extreme. Also, a few of the high-level security modules you must implement in your crypto exchange development include

  • HTTPS authentication
  • Jail Login
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Anti-denial of service (DoS)
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Server-side request forgery (SSRF protection
  • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection
  • Escrow services

This security feature protects the Bitcoin exchange platform from fraudulent activities. The factors seen thus, for now, are to integrate with the Crypto exchange platform and strongly determine the crypto exchange development cost.

So far we have seen the factors that determine the Cryptocurrency exchange development cost in detail. Besides these factors, there are other exemplary features that help you to earn revenue. By creating a crypto exchange platform with these features, you can get high returns from low investment. Now, let us see the…

Outstanding Features that Shape the Crypto Exchange Development Cost

Features always play an important role while developing a Crypto trading platform. Also, it determines the accurate Cryptocurrency exchange development cost. That is why Here we have listed some essential trading features that frame the overall cost of developing a superfine crypto exchange platform.

Margin Trading

Margin trading will allow users to trade digital assets by borrowing from the exchange using leverages. It is a trending and engaging trading feature that attracts many investors.

IEO integrated Module

Initial Exchange offering is the latest crowdfunding model in the blockchain platform. This feature will allow users to list their project tokens in the exchange. By integrating these features, Your exchange will be able to attract both investors and startups or experienced companies. Also, you can charge a certain amount of fees from them.

Mobile Application for IOS and Android

A stunning and User-friendly crypto exchange supporting Android and IOS mobile applications is essential for the business. Because of that, global crypto users can trade a wide range of cryptos with the convenience of using the platform on Android and IOS devices.

Order book system

It is the most essential feature of traditional crypto exchanges. It helps users to track, and check all open orders, transactions, and history in a hassle-free way. All the buy/sell orders will be completely recorded on the crypto trading platform.

Crypto Payment Gateway Integration

A crypto payment gateway is a payment network where merchants can accept crypto payments securely. Like the traditional payment processor, It comforts the users to pay in distinct cryptocurrencies in a hassle-free way.

Cryptocurrency Wallet integration

A crypto wallet is a must-have feature for any type of crypto exchange. Because it helps your users to store, receive and transfer cryptocurrencies securely. The wallet developed with best-in-class security practices gives an additional advantage to your crypto exchange platform.

AML/KYC integration

AML(Anti Money Laundering) features will assist you to validate the originality of the user to stay away from money laundering and neglecting the flow of illegal money into your crypto exchange. Also, It is a hassle-free way to refrain from illegal actions on your Bitcoin exchange platform.

Third-Party API integration

API allows you to perform the following actions handling multi-sig wallet, facilitating Cryptocurrency transactions, market restoration, data escrow applications, etc. So, this feature allows you to add required options at any time after the deployment thus helping in updating features according to the time.

These are the features that frame the approximate cost of Cryptocurrency Exchange Development. Out of all factors discussed, features account for the major fraction of the Cost. But why ?. What makes the features important in crypto exchange development? Let us see the…

Importance of these Features in a Crypto Exchange Development 

Features make the platform from the front-end user interface to the back-end admin panel. That is why features are important to Start a crypto Exchange.

  1. First is the user interface, having an intuitive interface is very important for the Users to navigate the platform and perform trading.
  2. Next, The user accounts and trading kernel must be designed effectively to manage the users and enable them to deposit/withdraw and trade virtual currencies on the platform.
  3. As an exchange owner, you must be able to manage your dashboard effectively. Hence, it is important to integrate features such as pending transactions management, user management, and investor management.
  4. you can integrate other features like live statistics, history of transactions, buy and receive cryptocurrencies instantly, view balance, etc. to add some engagement among the users
  5. Finally, you should enable powerful security protocols. such as DDoS, HTTP Authentication, Data Encryption, 2-factor authentication, Jail Login, and CSRF Protection to get rid of being hacked.

Overall we have seen the factors and the features that determine the cost to start a crypto exchange. As we discussed, you can get an approximate cost estimation when you hire a trustworthy crypto exchange development company like ZAB Technologies.

Closing Words

Hope as a startup, you are aware of the crypto exchange development cost both from scratch and using white label solutions. So the choice is yours, you can either develop a crypto exchange from scratch, or else you can go with our ultra-modern white label crypto exchange software. Thus, choose the right path to develop your crypto exchange based on your business requirements and earn ample amounts of profits within a short period.

If you require a  white label crypto exchange software or a crypto exchange platform from scratch, you can get in touch with ZAB Technologies right now. We excel in developing stunning crypto exchanges with desirable features at the best price in the market. Feel free to contact us, We would love to answer all your queries!!!

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