How to Create a Crypto Token Wallet Like TronLink?

Create a Crypto Token Wallet Like TronLink
Create a Crypto Token Wallet Like TronLink

The first-ever crypto coin made a huge boom in the marketplace and this became possible only because of blockchain technology. The advent of blockchain brought a revolutionary change in the financial world. Currently, two blockchain platforms are trending in the blockchain sector such as Ethereum and Tron. With the inception of smart contracts and decentralized applications, Ethereum & Tron captured the entire blockchain world and attracted several crypto audiences.  Among these two, the Tron network is gaining huge prominence among investors, startups, and entrepreneurs. 

Tron is a permissionless blockchain which is also called a public blockchain network. It is recognized as the decentralized blockchain platform which is developed by using distributed storage technology. The Tron network can perform a huge number of transactions per second when compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin. The codebase of the Tron network is forked by Ethereum itself and the programming code is written in Solidity – a programming language used for writing smart contracts in Ethereum. Thus, Ethereum and Tron are compatible in all aspects. 

Tron blockchain supports two utility token standards for creating a crypto token such as TRC10 and TRC20. If you are a startup willing to create a TRC20 token, then you might need a wallet app for your business to attract several users globally. Currently, there are many cryptocurrency wallet apps available for storing crypto assets, but TronLink grabbed the attention of many startups and entrepreneurs. So most startups showed interest in creating a cryptocurrency wallet app similar to TronLink. 

In this article, let us discuss how to create a crypto token wallet like the TronLink for kickstarting a crypto business.

What is TronLink?

TronLink is the official Tron token wallet app introduced by Justin Sun – the founder of Tron network. It helps the users to store, receive, and transfer TRX (the native crypto coin of Tron), TRC10 tokens, and TRC20 tokens securely in a risk-free manner. Most traders prefer this wallet for storing all Tron-based crypto tokens because it is highly secure and has a stunning user-friendly interface. Like other wallets, it also includes both private keys and public keys. The private key acts as a passcode, so only after entering the private key one can transfer the token from one wallet address to another wallet address. 

TronLink is a non-custodial wallet so the user will have full control over their funds. The private keys will be given to the user for transferring the crypto tokens. But the private keys must be kept in a safe and secure place. Also, the user should not share the private keys with anyone. One can not transfer any crypto tokens without the help of public and private keys. Thus, private keys play a major role in the crypto token wallet. The TronLink wallet makes it easier to access the Tron Blockchain. Users can quickly link the website to send, receive, and complete token transactions. Because it is accessible in a chrome extension and also supported in major platforms like Android and IOS. 

Reasons to Create a Crypto Wallet Like TronLink

  1. The TronLink wallet supports free node switch and breakpoint reconnection. It ensures node stability and reliability.
  2. It is a decentralized wallet and comes under the non-custodial wallet type. So you can gain a great number of users on your platform. 
  3. TronLink wallet supports all TRC10 and TRC20 tokens. You can also build a crypto wallet that supports all Tron-based crypto tokens which helps in attracting many Tron users globally.
  4. This crypto wallet supports resource freeze/unfreeze and voting. 
  5. You can collect a certain amount of fees for each crypto transaction which is a major reason to create a crypto wallet like TronLink
  6. The Tron network includes the latest features that allow users to solve issues that normal users are concerned about. 
  7. When the account is frozen, the wallet will restrict transactions for a specific number of days. So the users can not transfer any crypto until the account is unfrozen. However, it provides some resources that allow users to complete the task within the network.
  8. Since the Ethereum gas fees are high, many crypto users are emerging towards the TRON platform right now. So there will be a great demand for crypto wallets to store Tron-based tokens.    

How to Develop a Crypto Token Wallet Like TronLink?

Creating a crypto wallet app similar to TronLink is not a hard task in this modern world. You can launch a crypto wallet like TronLink easily in two possible ways. Firstly, if you are a coder and have an in-depth knowledge of the Tron network, then you can create it by yourself by using your desired programming language. But this method involves high risk so I will not recommend this method to any startups.  

Secondly, you can hire a team of well-skilled and in-depth experienced blockchain developers from the professional Cryptocurrency wallet app development company in the blockchain sector. They would guide you to launch a fully functional crypto token wallet like TronLink as per your business requirements at a budget-friendly price. 

Must-have Features For Creating a Crypto Wallet Like TronLink

Here is the list of features that you need to enable while developing a crypto token wallet similar to TronLink.

  1. Two-factor authentication
  2. Conversion rate
  3. Multi-currency support
  4. QR-code scanner
  5. Password and pin security
  6. Optional logout
  7. Multi-signature vault
  8. Home screen customization
  9. Multi-platform compatibility
  10. Multi-language support
  11. Push notifications

Wrapping up

Tron is becoming a prominent blockchain and many startups preferring this blockchain platform kickstarting their crypto token and wallet business. Already many startups invested in crypto token wallet development and made a huge amount of profits in the marketplace. So, the only part that lies in your hand is to choose the right crypto token wallet development company and launch a feature-packed crypto wallet application for your crypto business

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