How to create crypto tokens on waves Blockchain?

create wave token
How to create waves token?

The term “blockchain” has grabbed the attention of many people for the past 10 years. This complex technology helped many startups and entrepreneurs to earn profits & succeed in their businesses. When it comes to crypto tokens, blockchain technology is utilized for the development process. Despite a few years of dynamic market activity in the crypto sector, speed & simplicity are absent in many blockchain projects. You must know that creating a feature-packed crypto token on a blockchain protocol is still a complex process.

As of now, many traders and investors are preferring crypto tokens rather than coins as it provides several beneficial factors. If you are a startup or a speculator willing to generate profits, then developing a crypto token with ideal functions will help you to reap profits in the crypto industry. Already many young startups invested in crypto token creation and generating a huge amount of revenue. Crypto tokens can be created only by using the existing blockchain platform. So you need to choose the right blockchain platform for crypto token development.

Each blockchain platform is introducing a new crypto token daily and as per the CoinMarketCap, there are more than 2000+ crypto tokens are existing in the marketplace for trading. Presently, there are several blockchain platforms available in the blockchain space for creating a crypto token. Among them, the waves blockchain network is pushing mass adoption in the industry.

In this article, let us discuss how to create a crypto token by using the waves blockchain platform.

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What is a Waves Blockchain?

Waves is a well-known open-source blockchain platform that is gaining great popularity among startups and many traders right now. The speciality of the wave blockchain platform is it functions as a crypto coin, a token development platform, and a decentralized crypto exchange. The Waves blockchain platform was first founded in 2016 by Sasha Ivanov. It is one of the fastest blockchain platforms that offer reliable solutions to real-world problems for blockchain developers and users of the platform. such as storing, issuing, managing, and trading their digital assets securely. This blockchain network is aiming to solve issues that are related to Ethereum and other blockchain platforms regarding scalability, speed, and cost.

Waves blockchain platform enables you to create your own custom crypto tokens in a hassle-free manner. This blockchain network is recognized as one of the top crypto token development platforms that come with extraordinary features and security mechanisms. Waves blockchain has a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform in which one can trade tokens with any other Waves token. By using the waves blockchain, crypto tokens can be created without the extensive smart contract.

The idea of waves token development should not differ from launching a traditional web application. These tokens are designed to trade within the Waves ecosystem. Therefore, users can facilitate trade between the crypto tokens created on the Waves blockchain with other Waves tokens in the crypto marketplace.

What are Waves Tokens?

The crypto tokens that are developed using the waves blockchain are called wave tokens. Waves blockchain is different when you compare it with other blockchain platforms. It doesn’t have any token standards like ethereum, Tron, or binance smart chain. Waves tokens are created for different purposes. Mostly they are developed for fundraising, payments, trading, boosting brand value, and for their specific organization. Waves tokens are fungible tokens so they can be exchanged easily with other blockchain tokens. Like other tokens, waves tokens also came into the market through the ICO crowdfunding platform and raised funds of about $120 million in 2018.

Waves token has proven to be a successful token in the global crypto marketplace and has garnered the attention of many organizations & traders right now. The new wave tokens created by startups are made through attachments on blockchain transactions. With the all-new waves token, the network client software must be updated with a new transaction type. This process is called a hard fork. To prevent this process, the Waves blockchain platform implemented a new transaction type through plugins.

As we know, waves primarily focus on the creation and transfer of custom crypto tokens. Once the new waves tokens are created and launched in the waves network, they can be bought, sold, or traded without the need for a middleman. Also, it can be used for raising funds through any of the crypto crowdfunding platforms (ICO or IEO). As per the current crypto market, the price of a single wave token equals $23.46.

Best Waves Tokens in the chain Crypto Marketplace

 Waves blockchain has assisted many token developers to create and launch crypto tokens in the marketplace. At this time, many tokens are developed by using the waves blockchain platform. But not all the tokens reached a good position in the market. Only a few Waves tokens grabbed the attention of many traders and investors with their elite features. Here we list the top Waves tokens that are prominent in the global crypto marketplace. 

  1. Neutrino token
  2. Waves enterprises
  3. YUSRA
  4. Waves community token
  5. CryptoPing
  6. SignatureChain
  7. TurtleNetwork
  8. Tokes 
  9. ZrCoin
  10. Primalbase token
  11. Shadow token
  12. Webcoin
  13. MD Token

These above-mentioned crypto tokens are created by using waves blockchain and they are ruling the entire crypto marketplace.

How to Develop a Crypto Token on Waves Blockchain?

We are living in the modern era, so creating a token by using waves blockchain is not a tedious task. There are two options available for developing waves tokens for your business. Firstly, you can make waves tokens by yourself. If you are technical expertise and well-versed in a waves blockchain platform. Then you can create waves with the help of your desired programming language. The waves token runs on the leased proof-of-stake algorithm. So you must have complete knowledge of this algorithm before creating a token on waves blockchain. The Leased Proof-of-Stake algorithm allows the developers to lease the tokens to full nodes to run the entire platform. In this method, if you make a single mistake in a programming part. Then it negatively impacts the whole waves token development process. So we don’t recommend this way to any professional startups or entrepreneurs.

Secondly, you can develop fully functional waves tokens by hiring a pool of blockchain developers from the leading waves token development company in the industry. One such best waves token development firm is Zab Technologies. We are experts in creating crypto tokens on top of the Waves blockchain platform. We have well-trained and experienced blockchain developers to create waves tokens with ideal functions and security systems. Our experts will guide you in creating crypto tokens on waves blockchain as per your business needs at an affordable cost. Request your business requirements and our team of experts will assist you right from ideation to deploying the token on the Waves network.

Desirable Features of Waves Token Development

Features play a significant role while creating waves tokens. Here we list some of the key features that you can get in the best waves token creation service.

  1. Smart contract 
  2. Decentralization
  3. Custom application tokens
  4. Fiat gateways
  5. Leasing 
  6. Waves token wallet for IOS & Android
  7. Clean UX
  8. High transaction per/sec
  9. Peer-to-peer transaction
  10. Blockchain security settlement
  11. Generate Tokens
  12. Validate Contract
  13. Tightened security features

By enabling these salient features, you can create your waves token and reap more profits in a short period successfully.

Benefits of using Waves Blockchain for Crypto Token Development

If you are going to create a crypto token on top of the waves blockchain, then it offers plenty of advantages to users and creators. Waves blockchain offers several benefits which are highly beneficial for global users and helps to grab crypto audiences easily. Here we list some of the advantages that one can yield by creating a crypto token by using waves blockchain.

  1. There is no need of downloading a blockchain
  2. You can set low transaction fees
  3. Transaction fees can be paid in tokens
  4. One-minute blocks
  5. Waves blockchain can handle 1000+ token transactions per sec
  6. Accessible fiat transfers
  7. Bitcoin and other crypto coin gateways are available
  8. Waves blockchain offers tools for mass distribution of crypto tokens
  9. You can create and launch a superfine crypto token within a short time by using waves blockchain
  10. It is an ideal blockchain platform for crowdfunding
  11. Users can trade wave tokens with any pair
  12. Users can perform Peer-to-peer transactions
  13. Users can experience real-time order matching
  14. Waves network offers blockchain security settlement

By seeing these many benefits, many people are willing to create a crypto token on waves blockchain for their business.

How Much Does it Cost to Create Waves Token For Business?

The waves token development cost plays a major role while you are creating a crypto token on the Waves blockchain. Here we list some of the essential parameters that determine the shape of the Waves token creation cost. 

  1. Business type 
  2. Features of the waves token
  3. The design of the waves token
  4. Number of waves tokens to be generated
  5. The complexity of the token 
  6. Size of the waves token development company
  7. Location of the waves token development team
  8. Distribution 
  9. Ongoing support and maintenance

These paramount factors will shape the creation cost of the waves tokens. We can not estimate the exact cost of creating waves tokens. But approximately the cost to develop crypto tokens on waves blockchain will range from $3.5k to $5k. However, the waves token development cost might vary according to your business concepts.

Why Choose Zab Technologies For Waves Token Development?

Zab Technologies is a prominent Waves token development company in the blockchain industryWe are one of the early birds in the blockchain space and have great experience in crafting crypto exchanges, crypto token wallets, crypto tokens for all major blockchains, and more. We provide the first-quality Waves token development service with which you can launch your own waves token at a budget-friendly price. So far we have helped many crypto startups to create crypto tokens on their desired blockchain platform. Besides, we delivered 100+ crypto-related projects to our reputed clients across the world. The best part of our waves token development service is enabling all the must-have features that will induce the waves token to well-perform in real-time.

If you still have any queries on how to create crypto tokens on waves blockchain? Then get in touch with our team experts and launch your own waves token now!. 

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