Crypto Derivative Exchange Development – A Beginners Guide

Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Crypto Derivative Exchange Development

The global financial market has witnessed revolutionary innovations to maximize the trading interest among crypto enthusiasts. One of the innovative concepts is “Crypto Derivative”. Understanding its global demand, many popular cryptocurrency exchanges add cryptocurrency derivatives trading as one of the trading options on their platforms.  

Considering the revenue potential and attractive benefits, many startups are now eager to create a crypto derivatives exchange platform. In the meantime, many of them are striving to find accurate information and the perfect way for cryptocurrency derivative exchange development. 

So to provide startups with complete knowledge, this blog covers everything about crypto derivatives exchange development from the fundamentals to the business benefits that a startup should know. Let us begins with the….  

Fundamentals of Crypto Derivative Exchange

Crypto derivative Exchange is a platform that allows traders to buy and sell a crypto asset through a financial contract at a particular time and date. This financial contract is known as crypto derivatives. With these crypto exchanges, traders can hedge their crypto assets or speculate on the price movements of cryptocurrencies. 

Speaking further, crypto derivatives are tradeable financial contracts that hold the value of the crypto asset they depend on. These crypto derivatives operate similarly to traditional derivatives bonding a contract to buy or sell a crypto asset. Thus the traders can predict the price movement without owning the underlying asset. 

Crypto derivatives are classified into three types based on their working principle. They are

  1. Future
  2. Options
  3. Perpetual contracts 

Let us have a short overview of each type one by one.


It is a contract between the buyer and seller to buy or sell an underlying asset with a specific price at a future date and time. Here, the buyer has the right to buy the particular asset till the expiry of this contract. And in the completion of trading, the buyer or seller may face profit or loss depending on the market price of the particular asset. 

Further, the buyer and seller can choose long and short options depending on the market fluctuations. If the market price of the underlying asset is stable, then the traders can opt for the ‘long option’. On the flip side, the traders can choose the ‘short option’ in case the market price is fluctuating. Once the orders are collected, the matching engine matches the orders based on the price at the fixed date and time.


The options derivatives are similar to future derivatives, but different in terms of obligation and premium. However, there is no obligation to the buyer and seller. The options derivatives offer multiple options to traders. 

Here, the buyer can select the call option to purchase an asset, while the seller can select the put option to sell an asset. And with the American option, the sale has to be done before the expiry date, and with the European option, the sale has to be done on the exact date.   

However, in options derivatives trading, the buyer does not have an obligation to buy an asset within the expiry date. So to protect the seller, the buyer has to deposit a fund to lock the asset till the expiry date of the contract. This is the premium amount, which is a non-refundable one.  

Perpetual Contracts 

Perpetual contracts are the contract between the buyer and seller to buy or sell an underlying crypto asset without having an expiry date. Here, the buyer can keep the position open by paying the funding rate until he/she wants. To open a trade position the trader needs an initial margin like collateral. 

In the meantime, the initial margin changes as per the market price. If the market moves negatively, it directly impacts the margin balance, and a margin call will arise. So traders should keep monitoring the market price and initial margin.   

These are the types of crypto derivatives. The working nature of the cryptocurrency derivative exchange will be based on the type of crypto derivatives. The trader has to choose which type of cryptocurrency derivative trading he/she wants to trade. 

We hope this overview may give you a clear idea about the fundamentals of crypto derivative exchange. When it comes to development, the potential profit-making capability and increasing market demand are the reasons behind many startups’ desire to build a crypto exchange for derivatives. But as a startup, if you want to realize your desire then you need to choose the correct way of development.

So let us see…

Ways to Develop Crypto Derivative Exchange Platform

Startups always look for innovations in their business and they may have ideas related to that. Knowing the development methods will be helpful to them to plan for the needed resources and make important decisions. So let us see the possible ways of developing crypto exchange for derivatives as a trading option.

Well! The crypto derivative exchange development is possible in two methods. The first method to build a crypto derivative exchange from scratch. In this method, you can build your derivative exchange platform with your business idea from beginning. You can implement all your visionary ideas at every step of the development process. As a result, your cryptocurrency derivative exchange platform can meet all your business expectations. 

Now, the second method is developing using white-label crypto derivative exchange software. This is ready-made software that has basic features and functionalities. This software allows you to do customization as per your business needs. And this method only takes few weeks to complete development process. So you can also implement your business ideas effectively with this method. 

Among the two methods, choosing the suitable development method that completely depends on your business needs and budget. However, complete guidance and reliable development methods are the significant things a startup may expect. You can get standards more than expected from ZAB Technologies – a prominent Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company.

In terms of development, we are professionals in developing the cryptocurrency derivative exchange in both methods. We consider our client’s business ideas and define the development requirements accordingly. Our team of experts will make use of suitable technology for your crypto derivative exchange development. As a result, we meet client’s business needs efficiently. 

So engage with us to throw your development worries away and keep concentrating on your business commitments comfortably. Next, let us see …

Features of our Crypto Derivative Exchange Development

Features are the elements that highlight the value of the crypto derivative platform globally. So many startups give more importance to the features and expect attractive features too. We at ZAB Technologies concentrate more on offering core and security features through our cost-effective development procedures. 

The core features that our crypto derivative exchange platform offers are,

  1. Margin Trading
  2. Advanced Trading Options
  3. Advanced Admin Console
  4. User-Friendly Interface
  5. Robust Trading Engine
  6. Payment Gateway Integration 
  7. Multi Wallet Support
  8. Multi-currency Support
  9. Close Order Option
  10. Advanced Order Support
  11. Auto Deleveraging (ADL)
  12. Risk Management tools

And security features are 

  1. Safer sign-in with Two-factor authentication
  2. Cold storage facility to avoid data hacks
  3. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Integration
  4. Threshold Signature Schemes (TSS)
  5. Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection
  6. End-to-End Data Encryption
  7. Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)
  8. Anti-Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS)

The above-mentioned core and security features make the crypto derivative exchange robust and unique. And so it can easily face global competition in the crypto market in terms of reliability and stability. So, If you want to become a successful business person in the crypto-related market, then build a crypto derivative exchange platform with our state-of-the-art features.  

Well! The scope of the study is to give you a complete idea of the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange development. So as a continuation, let us now look at the…

Benefits of our Crypto Derivative Exchange Development 

When it comes to business, startups are keener on the benefits that they will yield from their business. Considering the startup’s desire, our crypto derivative exchange development offers remarkable benefits. They are

  • Potential revenue-generating methods
  • Ease of customization
  • Instant launch
  • Extensive security features
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Higher reliability
  • Support for long-term business growth
  • Enhanced Brand Awareness 
  • Global reach
  • Cost-effective development 

These are the business benefits you can get from our crypto derivatives exchange Development. So as a renowned crypto exchange development company, we always prefer to provide you with a cost-efficient solution with remarkable features and a handful of benefits.

So far we have seen the fundamentals, types, and methods for developing a crypto exchange for derivatives. Besides, we also point out the attractive features and amazing benefits that we offer. So, we hope that this blog lets you know everything about crypto derivatives exchange development.

Speaking about development, there are some compelling reasons to choose ZAB Technologies as your development partner. So let us see… 

Why Choose Us to develop Crypto Derivative Exchange?

ZAB Technologies is a renowned Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company. We are pioneers in Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development. With our technical capabilities and vast experience, we satisfy the needs of our clients. And our team of experts ensures lag-free working and we always strive to provide a customer-friendly experience to our clients.

Further, our expertise and successful project completion make our name in the thought of many business startups. So, If you want to build a feature-rich and robust crypto derivatives exchange platform, then connect with ZAB Technologies. Let us together launch your dream business successfully in the crypto market.

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