How to Create an ICO? – Steps to Launch your own ICO

Steps to Launch your own ICO
How to create an ICO

The hype around the cryptocurrency industry is growing every single day. It is because of its huge beneficial factors. Crypto coins like bitcoin and ethereum created history in the blockchain industry. Not only crypto coins but also crypto tokens emerged as the best investment in recent times. Crypto tokens are considered digital tokens which hold a certain value. Tokens can be used for various purposes and created by using the existing blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Tron, Binance smart chain, or Waves. 

Crypto tokens are mostly created for raising funds and for boosting their brand value in the global crypto marketplace. When it comes to crypto crowdfunding, there are different platforms available in the crypto sector such as ICO, IEO, and STO. If you are creating a utility token on any existing blockchain, then you can raise funds either through ICO or IEO. These both are excellent crypto crowdfunding strategies that are preferred by crypto startups in the market right now. But most startups choose ICO to raise funds for their projects. 

If you are a startup willing to enter the crypto market and raise funds by launching a crypto token, then this article is being made exclusively for startups who have ideas to launch their own ICO crowdsale platform in the crypto world.

Let us start with the basics…

What is an Initial Coin Offering?

An Initial Coin Offering is recognized as the best crypto fundraising strategy in the industry through which startups and entrepreneurs raise their funds for the projects by selling their crypto tokens to the investors. This is What an Initial Coin Offering is. In ICO, the startups can sell only utility tokens to raise their funds. The major advantage of launching your own ICO is, there will be no intervention of any government and central authorities. Also, there will be no regulations or any other rules for maintaining the ICO website. Any individual can run an ICO website and raise funds for their blockchain projects. But for launching an ICO platform, you need to create a crypto token which is the most needed one for running a successful business. 

People who have invested in ICO development gained massive profits and also successfully raised the required funds for their project. If you have any idea or crypto project on your mind but don’t have enough funds, then the Initial Coin Offering fundraising strategy will be helpful for your business. 

Before creating an ICO dashboard, you need to identify whether your business needs an ICO Platform or not. If your only motto is to launch a crypto token and list your token to various exchanges at a low cost, then the ICO crowdfunding strategy will be suitable for your business. ICOs are applicable and can be launched across various sets of industries, so it is important to check whether you require one. Around 5.51% of projects in the blockchain industry have managed to raise $1,688,474,628 by launching an ICO. But remember, your crypto project can also be one among them if everything goes well. Still, if you are not sure of this, you can get insights from Crypto experts or blockchain experts.

How to Create an ICO Website Successfully?

Before you proceed into any project, make sure you know the basics of ICO(Initial Coin Offering). Not all Investors are technically strong, only a few investors really engage with their concepts deeper. As already said, many people have already launched successful ICO and marketing to the target audience with proven strategies. So to beat them, we need to analyze how they implemented the ICO development process successfully. Since ICO is popular among many people, they are well aware of the concepts involved. Therefore, be clear with the regulations and the laws which are followed to create an ICO website successfully.

You need to consider the following steps to create your own ICO with Authenticity and attract more crypto investors.

Steps to Create ICO Platform for your Business

1. Do Market research 

Firstly, you need to do market research. This means that you must check the live prices of the crypto tokens and coins in the market. This would give you some idea to launch your own crypto token in the market. Remember, there are more than 2000 cryptocurrencies already in the market. Thus, frame out the strategy to make your ICO stand out from the competition. On the other hand, you can also check the ICO Calendars like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CoinIdol, etc to know the live updates of the crypto sector. Besides, you can also read about the most successful ICOs stories. This would give some clear insights and tactics which you can implement in your ICO campaign.

2. Choose the Country and Audience

Now identify the country where you have planned to do ICO crowdfunding. Because each country has its own regulations and jurisdictions to create an ICO website and conduct token sales. If you are confused about choosing the right country for launching your own ICO, then let me share a few popular ICO-friendly countries. 

  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Gibraltar
  • The United States
  • Thailand
  • Israel
  • France
  • Malta
  • Russia
  • Estonia

These are some of the prominent ICO-friendly countries across the globe. You can launch your own ICO in any of these countries. The next thing is to read the regulations and jurisdictions in these countries. 

3. Write an Informative ICO Whitepaper

To launch your own ICO successfully, then it is important to write a whitepaper that attracts your investors. A recent survey says, around 76% of crypto investors make their decision only after verifying with Whitepaper for their business. A perfect ICO whitepaper checklist should include the following set of important details.

  • The Motto of the project
  • Current ICO Market 
  • The Regulations of the country
  • The ICO Roadmap 
  • Steps involved in ICO Development
  • Token Generation and distribution strategy
  • Pre ICO launch and end date
  • Problems that your project solves
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • The Budget
  • ICO Development team
  • About your company 

By involving all this information in your white paper, you can grab the attention of investors with your rich expertise.

4. Have a Team of Experienced Blockchain Developers

Having a huge set of expertise is important for a successful ICO launch. Consider, you have planned to raise $1,50,000 for your project. For such a great amount, you should equally have the desired team with desired expertise. Remember, raising $1,50,000 is not an easy task. Therefore, you must be perfect and produce meticulously crafted products to achieve this target. Before you hire a team of well-experienced developers, remember to pick the Best ICO development company from the country you have planned to set up your ICO. For instance, if your target country is Singapore, then you can hire ICO Developers from Singapore. A team doesn’t mean developers alone. Here is the list of other people who should be hired for creating a successful ICO:

  • Project manager
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Designers
  • Testers 
  • Blockchain & ICO Developers
  • Financial Advisors

These are the set of people you should have in the team to build and deploy an ICO website.

5. Creating an ICO Token

So finally, we reached the technical end of building your ICO. The creation of your ICO Token is an essential and crucial part of your team. Technical Architecture is everything here. Initially, choose the Blockchain Platform you have planned to launch for your ICO. There are some popular Blockchain platforms that you can select for creating a crypto token. Such as Ethereum, Tron, Binance smart chain, or waves. You can choose any of these token development platforms for crypto token creation. Because each blockchain has its own token standard for crypto token creation. Such as ERC20, BEP20, TRC10, and TRC20. If you want to create a feature-rich crypto token, you can select any of these token standards and begin your token creation process. Because all these token standards are familiar and best in the global crypto marketplace.

6. Build an ICO Website

It is crucial to have an intuitive ICO website to attract the potential set of investors. Being an owner of the ICO website, you should create an ICO platform with the following set of features that makes your investors navigate worry-free.

  • Site Menu

The website of the company will need translations. Therefore, it is important to have a website that is multi-lingual to reach a global audience within a few days.

  • The Homepage

The Homepage should have a complete set of details about you, your company, and your project. The website should be user-friendly and can help the investors to navigate easily. To make the site more engaging and attractive, you can separate sections into various pages.

  • The Project Section

All the detailed information on the project should be presented in the project section. This section should include a Roadmap, Technology Features, and the current status of the development in the ICO project.

  • The ICO & Crypto Token

The fourth section of the website should describe your ICO and cryptocurrency token in detail. Here is the set of information you should have:

  • The name of the crypto token
  • The price of the crypto token
  • Start and End dates of ICO campaigns
  • The total number of tokens to be released                                                                                    
  • Legal Documents

This section includes legal sections such as the Whitepaper, the links of smart contracts, etc. It is better to have links than documents since the page would look dumped with lengthy texts which can sometimes annoy the customers. Make sure there is at least one link requiring terms and conditions for your investors.

  • Social Media Channels

Remember to include the links to your Social Media Channels. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Telegram, etc. This can be an engaging way for your investors to contact you and know your updates regularly.

  • The Team Involved

It is important to honor the team behind ICO Development. The team should include Higher-level Managers, Designers, Developers, ICO Marketing Specialists, Financial Advisors along with their expertise. It will be a perfect one if you include links to their social media profiles as well.

7. Initiate ICO Marketing Campaigns

So you have done everything from your end. To make your ICO product reach a wider set of audiences, it is important to start ICO Marketing campaigns. The primary motive of running marketing campaigns is to easily get connected with your audience. You can make use of Organic as well as Paid Ads for this purpose. Ads can be Google Ads, Forum Ads, Social Media Ads, etc. Apart from Social Media Channels, make sure you are available across crypto communities as well. Therefore, make use of the following set of ICO Marketing strategies:

  • Cryptocurrency Forums
  • ICO Calendar
  • Slack
  • Quora
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Bounty Programs
  • Social Media Channels

To make a hassle-free ICO launch, it is important to remain meticulous with replies and comments for every post.

8. Pre ICO Stage

Finally, you have entered the Pre ICO stage. For a successful ICO launch, it is important to have a Pre ICO phase. At this stage, users will be interested in your project if your ICO Marketing Campaigns were successful. In addition to this, the cost of Pre ICO is lower yet you can gain a good number of investors for your project. At the end of this Pre ICO stage, you need to analyze the sale, evaluate your abilities, check for your expectations, and determine whether you can achieve the amount you have planned for. Once you are done with this, you can test the smart contract of the product & move to the crowdsale stage.

9. Crowdsale stage & Token Distribution

If you have a product prototype during the launch of the crowdsale, then it will be much better. This is the most crucial stage to launch a successful ICO. The average duration of the crowdsale will take place around 15 – 30 days and can sometimes go up to 60 days. Now comes the token distribution. The majority of crypto investors will be extremely curious regarding crypto token distribution and pricing.

These are the steps that you need to take into account for building a successful ICO website.

What to do after an Initial Coin Offering?

If you have thought that your crowdsale is over, step back again since you haven’t concluded. Because after launching ICO, you need to update the latest news on your product to your potential investors. You can still start Post ICO Marketing campaigns to grab a potential set of audience. Now to increase the capitalization of your company you need to follow the below steps. Apart from this, your investor may want your token to exchange for Bitcoin, and other Altcoins. In this case, you can list your tokens on any popular crypto exchange.

One thing you should be clear with, all crypto exchange owners have their own desires and needs. You can choose any type of crypto trading platform and list your tokens on them. Requirements and criteria will vary in each type of exchange. In general, let me tell you some requirements from all types of exchanges.

  1. Name of your Coin
  2. Trading Symbol 
  3. Design of your Coin
  4. Description of your token
  5. ICO Start and End Date
  6. Compliance Fee

Since crypto trading platforms are responsible to safeguard investors from ICO scams and fraudulent activities. For this reason, these exchanges charge a fee in the name of the Compliance fee to list your token on their trading platform.

Closing Words

Launching a crypto token and raising funds through Initial Coin Offerings is one of the right options to enter into the crypto market quickly. All you need to do is hire a pool of skilled blockchain developers from the trustworthy ICO development company in the industry and one such company is Zab Technologies. We are specialized in affording best-in-class ICO development and crypto token development services. We at Zab Technologies are readily available to assist you to create your own ICO website as per your business needs. Our blockchain experts are well-experienced in building an ICO for all sets of industries.

If you are looking for a premium ICO Development service at a budget-friendly price, then choosing Zab Technologies will be the best solution for your crypto business.

Are you still having queries on how to launch an ICO platform? Then you can contact our team experts right away!


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