How to Create an ICO? – Steps to Launch your own ICO

how to create an ico
how to create an ico

The hype around the cryptocurrency industry is growing every single day. One such Blockchain strategy used for fundraising is Initial Coin Offering. Most of the Blockchain startups are struggling to raise funds for their projects. To assist them, ICOs came into existence.

This article is being made exclusively for Entrepreneurs, startups who have ideas to launch their own ICO in the crypto world.

What is an Initial Coin Offering?

Let me start right from the basics. An Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising strategy through which startups and enterprises raise their funds for the projects by selling their ICO tokens to the investors. This is What’s an Initial Coin Offering is.

Find whether your business needs an ICO Platform

  • The first thing you should know before launching an ICO is to check whether your business needs an Initial Coin Offering. If your only motto is to create a cryptocurrency and list ICO to exchanges, then Initial Coin Offering can be suitable for your business.
  • However, ICOs are applicable and can be launched across various sets of industries, it is crucial to check whether you require one. In fact, the Network/ Communication industry ranks the top with around $4,640,447,641 has been raised for 2.67% projects.
  • While secondly, the Blockchain platform. Around 5.51% of projects in this category have managed to raise $1,688,474,628 by launching Initial Coin Offering. Next comes the Financial sector which has raised around $428,055,006 for its 12.9% Blockchain projects.
  • With such tremendous industries involving in the ICO platform launch, remember your project can also be one among them if everything goes well. Still, if you are not sure of this, you can get insights from Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts.
  • For instance, you can create a thread on the popular crypto forum called BitcoinTalk. You will receive more comments from them on the same.
  • While on the other hand, you can also check with social media groups where there is an N number of crypto investors who are ready to help you. Additionally, ICOs add value to your business.
  • If you find an IPO is better than ICO for your project, well you can go with Initial Public Offering itself.

Advice on How to create an ICO Successfully?

  • Before you proceed into any project, make sure you know the basics on what is ICO(Initial Coin Offering).
  • Not all Investors are technically strong, only a few investors really engage with their concepts deeper. Just be one of them else you will be depending on your tech team always!
  • There are many players in the market who already launched Successful ICO and marketing to the target audience with proven strategies.
  • So to beat them or to be one among them, we need to analyze how they implemented the ICO development process.
  • Accordingly, build your unique strategy to become one among the Top ICO’s Since ICO is very popular in recent times people are well aware of the concepts involved So be clear with the regulations and the laws which are followed to launch a successful ICO.

So to convince the public you definitely need to follow the following steps to create your own ICO with Authenticity and Honest.

Steps to Create ICO for your business:

  • Give complete research in the crypto market

The first step to make an ICO is to research completely. This means that you can check live prices and charts of the cryptocurrencies and coins in the market.

This would give you some idea to launch your own cryptocurrency. Remember, there are around 1500 cryptocurrencies already in the market. Frame out the strategy to make your ICO stand out from the competition.

On the other hand, you can also look at the ICO Calendars like CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CoinIdol, etc to know the live updates of the Initial Coin Offering industry.

There is a plethora of online blog & tutorials which give the latest updates on the Initial Coin Offering industry. Initial Coin Offering Wiki is also available.

Once you have on that, list out the set of strategies that you have planned to use. Making an ICO Roadmap is also beneficial here. Make sure your coin survives the waves of the current cryptocurrencies.

For additional ideas, you can read about the most successful ICOs and their success stories. This would give some clear insights and tactics which you can implement in your Initial Coin Offering.

  • Decide your Target Country & Investors

Now figure out the country where you have planned to do ICO. The reason is each country has its own regulations and jurisdictions to create an ICO. If you are not sure of choosing the country, let me explain to you, a few of ICO friendly countries:

  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Gibraltar
  • The United States
  • Thailand
  • Israel
  • France
  • Malta
  • Russia
  • Estonia

These are some of the ICO friendly countries across the globe. While some Asian Countries like India still haven’t regulated Initial Coin Offering for now. But it is expected that Cryptocurrencies will soon be accepted by them.

You can start your own ICO in any of these countries. The next thing is to read the regulations and jurisdictions in these countries and launching in accordance with them.

Now you would know your Target Investors. The next thing is to figure out their needs and expectations with ICO Development. This can be done by conducting frequent polls, collecting suggestions on social media, etc. These requirements can also be added to your idea factor.

  • Legal Advice

In the zest to regulate crowd sales for the blockchain-based project on ICO, regulators across the globe have started to look deeper into the ICO projects.

Regarding the role of a cryptocurrency token, there are many unresolved queries among the investors as well as regulators.

Additionally, there are a lot of queries about what taxes are applied to the crowdsale and what liability laws apply for token sales. Many startups and companies have established and launched their ICOs in ICO friendly countries which I have mentioned above.

Businesses need to determine whether or not the ICO product is highly regulated and how those regulatory laws will affect your cryptocurrency. Therefore, know the regulations and jurisdictions in the country before you build an ICO for your business.

  • Writing your Informative ICO Whitepaper

To launch your own ICO, it is crucial to write a whitepaper that attracts your investors.

A survey says, around 76% of people make their decision only after verifying with Whitepaper for their business. An ICO Whitepaper Checklist should include the following set of details:

  1. The Motto of the project

The first step in drafting an ICO Whitepaper is the primary goal & vision of the project. The motto should be attractive hence your investors will get attracted to it.

  1. Current ICO Market 

Analyze the current ICO Market and draft the news on them. This can either be in the written format. But representing in a chart or graphical format will be better.

  1. The Regulations of the country

As we have discussed earlier, in this phase list out the regulations and jurisdictions in your selected country. Since most of the countries have waved No to Initial Coin Offerings, this is an utmost crucial thing you need to mention in your ICO Whitepaper.

  1. The ICO Roadmap framed

Mention the duration of your ICO launch. Try to make it clear that it is easily understood by your investors. Each phase should be given importance and describe them in simple words and give short explanations.

  1. Steps involved in ICO Development

This phase includes the total steps involved in the process of ICO development. Explain every stage in detail with relevant images. This can make your investors feel reliable towards you.

  1. Token Generation and distribution strategy

List the way in which your token generation is going to happen. It is also important to list out the total number of tokens you have decided to launch and distribute.

  1. Pre ICO launch and end date

Mention your Pre ICO launch and end date. Along with this, you can mention the category of the sector such as Finance, Banking, etc your token belongs to.

  1. Problems that your project solves

This step is the decision-making step for the investors. If your project can solve the needs of their problem, then there are higher chances to buy your tokens.

  1. Marketing Strategy

List out the marketing plan you have framed for. With a good ICO Marketing strategy, your investor will be interested & attracted.

  1. Legal Disclaimers

Make sure you include the Legal Disclaimers in while you write ICO Whitepaper. The terms and conditions mentioned in the whitepaper will play a huge role in creating an ICO.

  1. The Budget

Mention the total cost of ICO Development tentatively. The reason is the budget usually varies in accordance with the client’s requirements.

  1. The Complete Team for ICO Development

The entire team needed for developing your Initial Coin Offering is completely important. The team may compromise right from high-level managers to financial advisors along with their expertise in the domain.

  1. About the Company

Finally, write something about your company. The total expertise, the number of products you have developed so far, etc. This can grab the attention of investors with your rich expertise.

Additionally, you can list out the client’s project you have worked so far and deliver them exceptionally.

  • Be ready for Due Diligence

One bitter truth is Initial Coin Offerings are not good for 2019. The reason is most of the investors consider ICOs to be scams since they aren’t regulated.

Thus, there are chances that at least half of your investors would perform Due Diligence in this manner. While, Jay Clayton, the chairman of the SEC has also advised the investors to perform a feasibility study before investing in them. From the investor’s point of view, here is the set of things Clayton has advised to look for:

  • Figuring out the founders of the project
  • Analyzing the need for the project
  • Examine how many tokens will be distributed
  • Understand how your funds will be used

In addition to this, your investors can also raise the following set of questions:

  1. Why do you need Blockchain tokens in your startup?
  2. What is the motto and vision of your startup?
  3. What benefits does Blockchain Technology provide to your ICO project?
  4. Does your product has competitors?
  5. What benefits and limitations of the tokens are there in the crypto exchange?

Companies need transparency and authenticity to make their ICO successful and raise money by convincing potential investors to invest in your tokens.

In this case, you can show your potential investors the projects you have done so far and which are legitimate. In most of the conferences, podcasts have said about Due Diligence. So make sure you are ready for this Due Diligence.

We at Zab Technologies, help you with Due Diligence assistance reviews. Hence, if you have any issues make sure you resolve it as soon as possible.

  • Building a pool of expert Team

Having a huge set of expertise team is important for a successful ICO launch. Consider, you have planned to raise $1,50,000 for your project.

For such a great amount, you should equally have the desired team with desired expertise.

Remember, raising $1,50,000 is not an easy task. Therefore, it is important that you are perfect and produce meticulously crafted products to achieve this target.

One more thing is before you hire an ICO Development Agency, remember to pick the solution provider from the country you have planned to set up your ICO.

For instance, if your target country is Singapore, you can hire ICO Developers from Singapore.

A team doesn’t mean developers alone. Here is the list of other people who should be hired for making an ICO:

  1. Founder/Chief Executive Officer
  2. Chief Operating Officer
  3. Chief Technology Officer/ Co-Founder
  4. Chief Financial Officer
  5. Blockchain & ICO Developers
  6. ICO Marketing Specialists
  7. Financial Advisors

These are the set of people you should have to create an ICO.

  • Creating an ICO Token

So finally, we reached the technical end of building your ICO. The creation of your ICO Token is an essential and crucial part of your team.

Technical Architecture is everything here. Initially, choose the Blockchain Platform you have planned to launch for your ICO. Here are the Blockchain platforms you can select:

  • Ethereum Platform

Researchers say almost 82.46% of cryptocurrencies that are in existence are built on the Ethereum platform.

You can refer Initial Coin Offering Tutorial which is available online to create ERC20 Token for Ethereum platform. Ethereum can process 1 Million transactions per second.

  • Waves Platform

This is the second most popular Blockchain platform where your ICO Tokens can be listed.

When it comes to Waves, users don’t need to code complicated contracts since the required functionalities are readily available in Plugins.

This is built with the Scala programming language and makes use of a protocol called Waves-NG. This protocol can process 100 transactions every second.

  • NEO Platform

This is a Chinese Blockchain platform that completely stays with regulations and is fully compliant.

This platform uses a protocol called Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance which enables the process of 1000 transactions per second.

One major advantage is this Blockchain platform supports multiple programming languages.

  • NEM Platform

This Blockchain platform is written in Java from scratch with the addition of C++ in its works.

NEM has introduced a lot of new features to the Blockchain industry such as Encrypted Messaging, Proof of Importance Algorithm, Multisignature, etc. It is said that the NEM platform can process 4000 transactions per second.

  • Stellar Platform

With Stellar Blockchain, developers can make use of programming languages like Python, C#, C++, Java, etc. This platform makes use of the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) which can process 1000 transactions per second.

  • Creating your own Blockchain platform

You can set up your ICO in your own Blockchain platform if you have one. However, if you measure in terms of complexity it will take a huge amount of time as well as money if you are willing to create Blockchain. If you already have one, it is well and good.

  • Fork of popular Cryptocurrencies

Yet another way is to fork the popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. You can customize them according to your requirements.

  • Build an ICO Website

It is crucial to have an intuitive ICO website to attract the potential set of investors. Being an ICO service provider, you should create an ICO Website with the following set of features which makes your investors navigate worry-free:

  1. Site Menu

The website of the company will need translations. Therefore, it is important to have a website that is multi-lingual to reach a global audience within a few days. Experts suggest having a Chinese or Russian translation on a website.

  1. The Homepage

The Homepage should have a complete set of details about you, your company and your project. The website should be user-friendly and can help the investors to navigate easily. To make the site more engaging and attractive, you can separate sections into various pages.

  1. The Project Section

All the detailed information of the project should be presented in the project section. This section should include Roadmap, Technology Features, and current status of the development in the ICO project.

  1. The ICO & Cryptocurrency Token

The fourth section of the website should describe your ICO and cryptocurrency token in detail. Here is the set of information you should have:

  • The name of the cryptocurrency token
  • The price of the cryptocurrency token
  • Start and End dates of ICO campaigns
  • The total number of tokens to be released by the company
  1. Legal Documents

This section includes legal sections such as the Whitepaper, the links of smart contracts, etc.

It is better to have links than documents since the page would look dumped with lengthy texts which can sometimes annoy the customers. Make sure there is at least one link requiring terms and conditions for your investors.

  1. Social Media Channels

Remember to include the links to your Social Media Channels. It includes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, etc. This can be an engaging way for your investors to contact you and know your updates regularly.

  1. The Team Involved

It is important to honor the team behind ICO Development. The team should include Higher-level Managers, Designers, Developers, ICO Marketing Specialists, Financial Advisors along with their expertise. It will be a perfect one if you include links to their social media profiles as well.

  1. Additional Sections

Additional sections here include the following entities:

  1. Web Chat Application
  2. News/Blog
  3. Email/Sign Up
  4. Contact Us

Initiate ICO Marketing Campaigns

So you have done everything from your end. To make your ICO product reach a wider set of audience, it is important to start ICO Marketing campaigns.

The primary definition of running marketing campaigns is to easily get connected with your audience.

You can make use of Organic as well as Paid Ads for this purpose. Ads can be a Google Ads, Forum Ads, Social Media Ads, etc.

Remember, you can perform all these strategies only at the relevant time. Thus, there are more chances to engage your customers.

One more thing is to ensure your team seamlessly communicates with the investors in all stages of the project.

The more is the communication, the more are the chances to buy your ICO. Apart from Social Media Channels, make sure you are available across crypto communities as well.

Zab being one of the Top Marketing Companies, make use of the following set of ICO Marketing strategies:

  1. Cryptocurrency Forums
  2. ICO Calendar
  3. Slack
  4. Quora
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Bounty Programs
  8. Social Media Channels

To make a successful & a hassle-free ICO launch, it is important to remain meticulous with replies, comments for every post.

Since the previous ICO markets were marked as scams, investors would definitely look for all these essential entities to buy ICO from you.

  • Pre ICO Stage

So finally, you have entered the Pre ICO stage. For a successful ICO launch, it is important to have a Pre ICO phase. At this stage, users will be interested in your project, if your ICO Marketing Campaigns were successful.

Additionally, the cost of Pre ICO is lower yet you can gain a good number of investors for your project. Normally, a Pre ICO will take 1-2 weeks and would sometimes even go up to 1 month.

At the end of this Pre ICO stage, you need to analyze the sale, evaluate your abilities, check for your expectations, determine whether you can achieve the amount you have planned for.

Once you are done with this you can test the smart contract of the product again & move to the crowdsale stage.

  • Crowdsale stage & Token Distribution

If the company or startup has a product prototype during the launch of its crowdsale, it will be much better. This is the most important and crucial stage to build an ICO.

All your efforts in previous stages will be reaped in this phase. The average duration of the crowdsale will take place around 2-4 weeks and can sometimes go up to 2 months.

Now comes the token distribution. The majority of investors are extremely sensitive regarding the cryptocurrency token distribution and pricing.

Companies and startups must be clear on how much of the funds their developers and other team members will get. Companies should make sure they have the right monetary policy.

Sometimes they might lose potential investors if they set a high inflation rate. In both cases, constant communication is the only key factor. Communication here refers to only positive communication with investors.

  • What to do after Initial Coin Offering?

If you have thought that your crowdsale is over, step back again since you haven’t arrived at the conclusion.

After launching ICO, you need to update the latest news on your product to your potential investors. You can still start Post ICO Marketing campaigns to grab a potential set of audience.

Now to increase the capitalization of your company you need to follow the below step. Apart from this, your investor may want your token to exchange for Bitcoin, and other Altcoins.

In this case, you can start to list your tokens on Crypto Exchanges. You can buy Cryptocurrency Exchange software and create your own Cryptocurrency Exchange as well. Or else you can submit your ICOs on top bitcoin exchanges.

  • How to take your ICO to exchange?

One thing you should be clear with. All the cryptocurrency exchange owners have their own desires and needs.

There are many types of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Centralized Exchanges, Decentralized Exchanges, Hybrid Exchanges, Margin Trading Exchanges, etc. It depends on the complexity of your project: Medium Scale, Small Scale or Enterprise.

You can choose any of them and list your tokens on them. Requirements and criteria will vary in each type of exchange.

In general, let me tell you some requirements from all types of exchanges:

1.Name of your Coin

The initial attribute an exchange requires is the Name of your Coin. Make sure you design a fantastic name that stands ahead of the competition. Remember, your brand name speaks everywhere! The name of your coin can be something related to your project.

  1. Trading Symbol

Remember a three-letter ticker will always represent your token forever. Sometimes it can also go up to five-letter ticker. Trading Symbol should be unique from others such that more investors can get your tokens easily.

  1. Design of your Coin

Design an intuitive and attractive logo for your project. Most of the crypto exchanges accept PNG images with a transparent background in it. Therefore, make sure you have a design readily made according to this.

  1. Description of your token

It is important to provide the relevant information of your token to your cryptocurrency exchanges. It can include the type of industrial sector, the price of your token, the reason why your token has to be bought by the investors, etc.

  1. ICO Start and End Date

It is also crucial to list the start and end date for your ICO. This should be specified perfectly such that your investors can buy it.

  1. Compliance Fee

Similar to investors, cryptocurrency exchanges will also perform Due Diligence for their ICO products.

Since cryptocurrency trading platforms are responsible to safeguard the investors from ICO scams and fraudulent activities. Thus, for this reason, these exchanges charge a piece of fee in the name of the Compliance fee to list your token on their trading platform.

How much does it cost to launch an ICO?

Usually, the cost of launching an ICO depends on your project complexity. If in case your product needs to be delivered instantly, it may have a cost.

Since the developers, and other specialists in the team will be involved to make your process fastly.

Thus, depending on your requirements the product will have its price.

Raising funds with Initial Coin Offerings is going to be the best fundraising strategy.

We at Zab Technologies, are readily available to assist you to create an ICO for your business. Our pool of experts has rich expertise in building an ICO for all set of industries.

Right from Finance, Banking Healthcare we have assisted huge domains to raise funds for their business.  We render ICOs either in terms of ICO Script, ICO Software both as a Whitelabel or readymade as per your requirements.

You can contact us if case you have unique requirements or queries on ICO you can hire our ICO Development Services instantly!

If you are looking for ICO Development, please do contact us for further proceedings!

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