How Much Does it Cost to Launch an ICO?

cost to launch ICO
Cost to Launch an ICO

In this modern era, many emerging technologies are evolving around the world with various beneficial factors. When it comes to blockchain, there are many business ideas available for startups to make profits. Among them, launching a crypto crowdfunding platform is one of the most preferable ones. When it comes to crypto crowdfunding, there are three main types such as ICO, IEO, and STO. Among these, ICO is the simplest way to raise funds by launching a new crypto token. The ICO crowdfunding method is used by several startups and companies from all over the globe to raise funds for their crypto projects. When you talk about blockchain-based business ideas, you cannot ignore ICOs. 

In recent years, many young startups raised millions of funds by launching their own ICO website. That’s why ICOs are considered one of the effective approaches for blockchain-based startups and entrepreneurs to raise funds for their innovative projects. However, the query still circulates! How much does it cost to launch an ICO platform? What does the ICO development cost? Is the Cost of ICO development affordable?

In this article, let us discuss how much does it cost to create an ICO platform? Major factors that impact the ICO development cost, and other elements related to ICO development.

Let us begin this informative article with… 

Overview of an Initial Coin Offering(ICO) 

ICO is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering which is the popular crypto crowdfunding platform in the blockchain sector. Most crypto startups prefer this crowdfunding platform for raising funds. Startups and entrepreneurs who are launching a new crypto token or crypto coin can raise funds through the ICO platform. In simple words, ICO is the token sale platform where newly launched crypto tokens will be sold to various crypto users across the world. The ICO ecosystem is similar to the traditional one with shares and ICO has exactly the same purpose — raising funds to grow the business. In traditional crowdfunding, people use fiat currencies to raise funds. However, on the ICO website, investors will use cryptocurrencies(either Bitcoin or Ethereum) to buy the newly released crypto tokens. 

After the introduction of the ICO crowdfunding strategy in the blockchain sector, more than $600 million has been raised through the ICO platform by several startups. In recent times, many ICO projects are extremely prominent as they fulfil one of the fundamental promises of Bitcoin. As the popularity of ICO is growing in the industry, many people are using top-notch ICO development services for launching their own ICO websites. Already many crypto entrepreneurs have invested in ICO development services for creating and deploying their own ICO platform. Also, they are shining in the blockchain industry with a great number of profits right now. That’s why there is a huge demand for the finest ICO development services in the crypto market.

Top ICO Projects in the Crypto Market

Since the introduction of ICO, many Initial Coin Offering projects came into the market and gained massive popularity in the crypto space. However, only some ICO projects attracted many users and tasted success. Here we list some of the best initial coin offering projects that are famous in the crypto sector. 

  1. NXT
  2. IOTA
  3. NEO
  4. Shiba Inu 
  5. Safe moon 
  6. Lovely Inu
  7. Ethereum
  8. Spectrecoin
  9. Stratis 
  10. Dogecoin 
  11. ARK
  12. Lisk 
  13. Digix DAO
  14. QTUM

You can Create an ICO platform and raise funds by launching a new crypto token. For that, you need to choose the best-in-class ICO development company in the blockchain industry. One such company is ZAB Technologies. We at ZAB Technologies provide world-class ICO development services with premium outcomes. 

What are the Essentials Required Before Launching an ICO website?

To launch a successful ICO website, you need to consider some important factors. Such as 

  1. The blockchain technology behind your ICO project
  2. A proper whitepaper with all essential information about your project
  3. A strong online presence
  4. Have appropriate communication channels
  5. Create a crypto token on any existing blockchain platform (Ethereum, Tron, Binance smart chain, and Waves)
  6. Third-party security audits
  7. Regulatory compliance

Our ICO Development Process

Crypto Token Development

We help our clients to Create a crypto token on the existing open-source blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Tron, or Waves. Our skilled blockchain developers will assist you to launch feature-packed crypto tokens as per the client’s business needs. 

Crypto Token Wallet Development

The token wallet is the most essential one when you launch your own crypto token. As we know, a crypto wallet is used to store, receive, and transfer crypto tokens securely in a hassle-free manner. After creating a crypto token for your business, you need to launch your own crypto token wallet which supports your crypto token. Our blockchain experts will help you to deploy a crypto token wallet app with the latest security features which will be compatible with both IOS and Android.   

ICO Landing Page

A landing page is the most essential one for launching the ICO website. The landing page of the ICO website must be attractive so that you can attract many crypto investors to your platform. Our experienced developers will design an eye-catching landing page for your ICO platform with a user-friendly interface. This will let your users make efficient use of the platform and ICO website.

ICO Fundraising Dashboard

We offer a unique and stunning ICO dashboard that helps your crypto investors with different purposes. Such as token sales, fund management, bounty programs, referral programs, etc.

Automated KYC  

We enable an automated KYC system in the ICO platform which enables you to verify the user’s identity. By integrating this, it offers security by allowing only trusted and legitimate users into your ICO platform.

Smart Contracts

Our developers integrate the secure blockchain and the latest technology to make your ICO website standardized. We offer the best smart contract development which makes sure the transaction is self-executed, reliable to the users, and transparent.

ICO Deployment

It is the final process. You can deploy your own ICO platform which will drive instant attention from potential investors towards your ICO website. Deploying the ICO platform with advanced features will make a strong impact in the global crypto marketplace.

Salient Features of Our ICO Development  

Here we list some of the essential features that you need to integrate while launching an ICO platform for raising capital.

  1. Multi-crypto support
  2. Investor dashboard 
  3. Token pricing control
  4. Admin panel 
  5. Crypto token wallet integration
  6. Referral program
  7. Bonus system 
  8. Custom UI/UX
  9. High-level security systems

Now, let us dive into… 

Factors that Impact the Cost to Launch an ICO

Here are a few factors that shape the cost to launch an ICO in the crypto market. Let us share those important factors.

The complexity of the project

The ICO development cost will initially depend on the complexity of your blockchain project. The more features and functionalities are involved in your ICO website, the same will be the cost of launching an ICO platform. 

Timeline of the project

Launching a safe ICO platform will take around 3-6 months. Additionally, this also depends on the team of developers who are involved in the ICO project. On the other hand, you can get a first-class ICO development service from a reputed ICO development company in the industry. We at ZAB Technologies, help you in building your own ICO platform with the latest features.

ICO Ideation

When it comes to blockchain and ICO development, ideation plays a major role. Before spending a bulk amount in the development process, you must allocate some money to check whether the ICO project is feasible or not. The amount for this will not cost much. However, this depends on the complexity of your ICO project as discussed before. If you already have a separate team of experts, then the ICO development cost would be high. 

Technical Architecture

If you have your own idea for the ICO project, then the next step is to turn your unique idea into reality. When it comes to ICO development costs, technical aspects play a vital role because most of your expenses regarding ICO launch will be decided with this factor. It involves planning and research into how the architecture of your platform will work.

These are the important factors that shape the ICO development cost. Apart from these factors, the cost of ICO development also varies based on your business requirements and urgent needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Launch an ICO? 

Previously mentioned factors will determine the cost to launch an ICO for your business. You might ask – what will be the exact cost for ICO development?

One cannot predict the exact expenses of launching an ICO. But the ICO development cost ranges around $8000 – $10000. In this package, you can get an ultra-modern ICO dashboard and a feature-packed crypto token development service. We at ZAB Technologies offer an affordable ICO development service with a complete package and you can modify our premium ICO dashboard as per your business needs.

Why Choose ZAB Technologies for ICO Development?

ZAB Technologies is a genuine ICO development company in the blockchain space. Being an early bird in the blockchain sector, we are well-versed in affording all kinds of blockchain development services with utmost perfection. We are masters in providing premium ICO development services with cutting-edge features and security mechanisms. We have a team of in-depth experienced blockchain developers to create and deploy an outstanding ICO website as per the client’s business requirements. Besides, we also have a dedicated team of experts to provide productive 24/7 customer and technical support through the Internet. So far we have successfully delivered 100+ projects successfully which made many startups utilize our service for creating an ICO website. 

We at ZAB Technologies offer you all sorts of blockchain services such as crypto-token development, crypto token wallet development, STO development, ERC20 token development, Crypto payment gateway development, and more. If you want to launch an ICO website at a budget-friendly price, then choosing ZAB Technologies will be the ultimate solution for your business. 

If you still have queries on how much does it cost to launch an ICO? Then you can contact our team experts right away!                 

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