How to Choose a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software


key aspects of choosing white label cryto exchange software

Blockchain technology is evolving around the world with the presence of innovative projects and their use cases. Also, digital currencies and trading platforms are making their immortal footprints worldwide. Currently, starting the crypto exchange business is one of the finest ways to gain more profits. So many startups and crypto enthusiasts are emerging towards the white label cryptocurrency exchange.

Not only crypto enthusiasts, many investors, and business people started to launch their own exchange by using white label crypto exchange software. Because developing a crypto exchange from scratch takes a longer time than using the software. Also, the cost of cryptocurrency exchange development will be a little bit high. The easiest way to start a crypto exchange with less development cost is using the bug-free White label cryptocurrency exchange software from the best cryptocurrency exchange software development company. 

But still, some people aren’t aware of white label crypto exchange software. If you are a newbie, you will have a question: what is a white label crypto exchange. So this blog reveals the answer to all your questions. In this blog, let us see what is White label crypto exchange and key aspects for choosing the perfect white label crypto exchange software. Let us begin with…

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software – An Overview

White label cryptocurrency exchange software is off-the-rack software to launch your customizable crypto trading platform instantly. It is popularly known as ready-made software in the crypto marketplace. This software is fast, cheap, secure, and comes with progressive trading features. This ready-made software saves your time and money. As for now, many people started to use bitcoins and other altcoins. So there is a vast demand for crypto trading platforms.  

So if you are looking to start an exchange, then it will be the right time to kickstart an exchange with bitcoin exchange software. It is a highly scalable and prominent marketing product. so that people who are purchasing this software can customize according to their business requirements. By getting this premium White label crypto exchange software you can easily modify the color, theme, company logo, and other designs. Innovative design and user-friendly interface will attract more crypto users. So it helps to increase your user base in your exchange platform. 

Now, let us look at…

Key Aspects of Choosing the Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

You need to look for some key features before choosing the white label crypto exchange software. such as user-friendly interface, standard security aspects, scalability, and customer services. Also, there are some prominent key aspects. Here we list the popular key aspects for choosing the white label crypto exchange software.

  • Multi-Cryptocurrency support

The white label cryptocurrency exchange software must support multiple cryptocurrencies. Also, those currencies should be available in the marketplace. So that your users can purchase and sell a wide range of digital currencies in a hassle-free manner. Not only this but your software must also support multiple cryptocurrency pairs with fiat to crypto or crypto to crypto trading. By following this, you might attract crypto traders from various countries across the globe. The listing of cryptocurrencies must be clear. So that your users can avoid confusion during trading.

  • Customization Scope

This software comes with the basic features of the crypto exchange. It must be easily customizable. So, you can make small customization and rebrand the exchange as per your business needs. You can easily modify the logo, theme, designs, and features without any hassle. So this makes you easily enter the market and effectively boost your brand visibility.

  • Faster Deployment

You can launch a trading platform instantly when you use the ready-made crypto exchange software. If you have any urgent requirements, this kind of platform will help you to launch quickly without any hassle. Thus, it saves your precious time.

  • Reliability 

These kinds of software are more reliable and easy to handle. Also, it comes with in-built solutions and patches to solve any bugs or issues. Generally, you will get the White label crypto exchange software only from a top-notch crypto exchange development company. So there is no need to worry about reliability. If mistakenly you have software from other non-standard companies. Then you might face some issues or bugs.

  • Preferred Trading Support

The list of traders and matching traders must be available on your platform. So that users can choose the buyer or seller for the trading process. Also, there must be a cancelling option. So that users can cancel the trading process when they feel uncomfortable.

  • Saves Time and Money

The time consumption and the cost of crypto exchange development will be less. If you develop an exchange from scratch. Then you should pay for each add-on feature and other plug-ins. Also, it takes many days to launch a crypto exchange. But this software comes with cutting-edge features in a complete package at a reasonable price.

  • Multi-Language Support

Many users will join in the exchange from different countries and they will communicate in different languages. So it is essential to have a translation feature. It supports clear communications with GPS Tracking to locate crypto users across the globe.

  • Token Addition

You should be able to list an unlimited number of digital currencies and tokens to the software. So that many crypto investors will come to your exchange for listing the token and cryptocurrency

  • Boosts Brand Visibility

By getting the branded white label crypto exchange software. You can further boost your brand to reach greater levels. The product will have your name, customized theme, logo, and innovative design. So it helps to boost your brand and will be visible to your targeted crypto users easily and quickly.

  • IEO module Integration

Many users will have an interest in buying newly released tokens or cryptos. So there must be an IEO module in your software. So your users can buy and sell the newly released crypto coins and tokens in your exchange. It helps in upsurge your user base and profits in your crypto exchange business. Also, it attracts many crypto investors to join your crypto exchange.

  • Liquidity Management

When coming to liquidity, it is more important for any sort of online business. In your crypto exchange, liquidity must be high. If the liquidity of your exchange is low, then your users might leave your exchange. Thus, the best white label crypto exchange software is needed to launch an exchange with enhanced liquidity.

These are prominent key aspects of choosing the finest white label crypto exchange software. If you want to launch an exchange with lower efforts. Then you need to purchase a premium crypto exchange software from the reputed bitcoin exchange software development company. Now, let us look at…

Exclusive Features of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Here we list some of the paramount features that you must integrate into the ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software.

  1. Margin trading
  2. Crypto wallet and Payment gateway integration
  3. Liquidity API
  4. Atomic swaps
  5. History of transactions
  6. Effectual admin panel
  7. Firebase & firewall implementation
  8. Robust CMS
  9. Pending transaction handling
  10. Trading bot
  11. Order matching engine
  12. KYC/AML solutions

Security features also play an essential role in ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software. Let us see some of the important security features of white label crypto exchange software.

  1. Two-factor authentication
  2. Database encryption
  3. DDoS mitigation
  4. Anti-phishing software
  5. Multi-signature vaults
  6. SSL integration
  7. Biometric authentication
  8. Browser detection security
  9. End to end encrypted transactions

By conjoining these essential security features in the software. You can avoid cyber-attacks and other fraudulent activities in your exchange.

Benefits of using the Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software

  1. High possibility of investment returns in a short time
  2. Instant and secure deployment
  3. You can launch your crypto exchange immediately without any interventions 
  4. It has smooth customisation. So you can modify theme, logo, name, and designs according to your business needs.
  5. It helps you to launch a perfect brand with refined product
  6. Users can trade digital currencies without any hassle.
  7. You can quickly boost the visibility of your brand in the marketplace. Also, you can enter into the crypto market easily.
  8. Users can perform instant and secure crypto transactions in your crypto exchange.
  9. You can get the Mobile-friendly interface
  10. You can save money by developing the exchange using white label crypto exchange software rather than developing from scratch.
  11. Deploying the exchange will be simple and does not take more time.
  12. You can get effective 24/7 technical and customer support from the crypto exchange software development company

Where to Get the Best White Label Crypto Exchange Software?

When coming to the best white label crypto exchange software, ZAB Technologies ranks in the top position. ZAB Technologies is an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange development company in the industry. We are one of the pioneers in the cryptocurrency field. Also, We excel in offering all sorts of advanced blockchain development services with top-notch outcomes. In addition, We provide a premium white label crypto exchange incorporating cutting-edge features. Other than this, we also offer cryptocurrency wallet development, crypto payment gateway development, and much more. 

If you are looking to build an exchange with low cost and advanced features. Then buy our premium white label crypto exchange software. That helps you to launch an exchange instantly as per your business needs without any hassle. Also, our software is 100% customizable and bug-free with high-end security features at an affordable cost. 

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