Why white label cryptocurrency exchange software development is essential for startups? 

white label crypto exchange software
need for white label crypto exchange software

Crypto assets, crypto tokens, and their impacts on the global crypto marketplace are hot talks in the blockchain industry right now. Because digital currencies like bitcoins and other altcoins made a terrific boom on the crypto marketplace. This made many people and investors trade digital currencies on cryptocurrency exchange platforms. So we can see an increasing number of crypto users & traders on crypto trading platforms in all major countries. This made many business class people, young startups, and entrepreneurs create a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

Currently, crypto trading platforms are becoming the latest trends in this modern business world. With this latest trend, buying, selling, and trading of major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, tether, ethereum, ripple, and more have become a common phenomenon. We have already seen a massive growth of white-label cryptocurrency exchanges in recent years. Thus, many crypto startups and entrepreneurs wanted to print their foot in the crypto industry by starting the crypto exchange business. Besides, many crypto trading platforms have been launched, survived, and even became a brand in the crypto industry. But some have failed due to the user interface, security lags, and improper maintenance. 

As everyone knows, developing a superfine cryptocurrency exchange platform from scratch consumes more than 6 months. Also, the cost of cryptocurrency exchange development will be expensive compared to software. Thus, most people are preferring the finest White label crypto exchange software for starting a cryptocurrency exchange business. 

If you aren’t aware of white label cryptocurrency exchange development, then your mind will be popped with several questions. 

In this article, let us figure out what is white label cryptocurrency exchange software. Also, we can discuss the needs, importance, and other essential factors of the best white label cryptocurrency exchange development. 

Let us begin this exciting article with…

What is White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

White label crypto exchange software is a prefabricated crypto trading software that helps you to launch a feature-packed crypto exchange platform within a few days. In this software, you can customize and add desirable trading modules as per your business requirements. Besides, your users and crypto traders will have a superior experience in the White label cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Not only trading features but also you can integrate advanced security features to avoid cyber threats, fraudulent activities, and hacking. In white label crypto exchange software, it supports all the virtual crypto coins that are available in the marketplace. Such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, dash, EOS, dogecoin, ripple, tokens, and other crypto assets.

The premium white label bitcoin exchange software comes with advanced and robust security features to offer a hack-free environment. By using this software, one can quickly modify the Name of the Brand, Logo, front-end Design, themes, functionalities, and even the ideas in it. Apart from this, White label crypto exchange software is recognized as a scalable product in the global crypto marketplace.

By seeing the scalability and pros of this software, many experts in the blockchain space are suggesting to go with the White label Crypto Exchange development. Since this kind of ready-made software is completely developed, multi-tested, designed, verified, and available for usage. The primary motto behind the white label crypto exchange development is, the fundamental backend and the entire database is copied to launch the fully functional crypto exchange platform as per your business requirements. That’s why there is a huge demand for premium white label crypto exchange development in the blockchain industry.

Why Startups Should Choose White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

We are living in the digital and modern world, so every person prefers instant solutions rather than taking days to complete the particular work. So most business class people, entrepreneurs, and startups prefer the White label crypto exchange software for kickstarting the crypto exchange business rather than developing a crypto exchange platform from scratch. Because by using this tailor-made software, you can start your crypto exchange business within a few days in a hassle-free manner. Also, the cost of white label crypto exchange software is cost-effective when compared to the development from scratch. Thus, it saves you valuable time and hard-earned money effectively. One can start the different types of crypto exchange platforms within a short time by using white label crypto exchange software. Such as

  1. User to Admin/OTC Crypto Exchange 
  2. Order Books Trading Platform 
  3. P2P Ads Based Crypto Exchange Platform 
  4. Decentralized Crypto Exchange 
  5. Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.
  6. Binary Options Trading Platform.

Another major reason is this software helps crypto startups and entrepreneurs to enter the crypto market quickly. So that they can easily generate a lucrative amount of money within a few months. There are also some noteworthy reasons to choose white label crypto exchange software for starting your bitcoin exchange business. Such as

Faster Deployment

When you use this software to create a bitcoin exchange platform, you can launch it immediately. As you already have pre-designed powerful software with you, so building your crypto exchange can be done fastly. If you have any urgent business requirements, then the premium White label crypto exchange software will be a more beneficial one for your crypto exchange business.

Cut downs the labor cost

As you already have the premium white label crypto trading software which is built with cutting-edge features. So this software automatically can cut down additional costs in creating a stunning crypto trading platform. For example, consider that you are hiring a set of a well-experienced team for building your bitcoin exchange from scratch, this would relatively take more time with more than 6 or 10 months.


As you buy white label crypto exchange software only from a genuine and professional crypto exchange development company in the industry. So you don’t need to worry about the reliability of the software and its features. We at Zab Technologies will be always readily available to help our international clients in terms of issues, bugs, errors, or with any queries.

Helpful if you lack technical expertise

With the bug-free and customizable White label crypto exchange software, setting up a function-rich crypto exchange platform will be a risk-free task even though you don’t have technical knowledge of the blockchain domain and other major technical functions. 

Boosts Brand visibility

After launching the exchange using the white-label software, your branding will be boosted to higher levels. Since you already have branded and licensed ready-made crypto exchange software with you. As the product will have your name, unique design, logo, and your brand will be visible to your targeted audience easily in the global marketplace.

These noteworthy reasons made many people buy premium white label crypto exchange software from the reputed cryptocurrency exchange software development company in the blockchain space.

Must-Have Components For White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Different components will be enabled in the premier white label crypto exchange software. But there are some essential components needed for the development process. Here is the list of must-have components for the best white label cryptocurrency exchange development.

  1. Cryptocurrency Wallet 
  2. Trade Matching Engine
  3. IEO Launchpad
  4. Chat Bot
  5. Admin Panel
  6. UI/UX design interface
  7. Integrated Dashboard
  8. Integrated CMS Module

These components must be enabled in your white label crypto exchange software.

Essential Features of White Label Crypto Exchange Development

Trading features play an important role in launching a successful crypto exchange platform. Thus, we integrate some peculiar features in our premium white label cryptocurrency exchange development service. Such as

  1. Margin trading
  2. Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  3. IEO module
  4. Liquidity API
  5. Referral program
  6. Firebase and firewall implementation
  7. Admin dashboard
  8. User dashboard
  9. Pending transaction handling
  10. Multiple payment options
  11. Cryptocurrency Payment gateway integration
  12. Trade engine
  13. Automatic KYC/AML verifications
  14. Atomic swaps

By enabling these ideal features in the software, you can launch a feature-packed crypto exchange without any hassle.

Security Features of White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Security is a major concern for every crypto exchange right now. So we provide a complete white label crypto exchange set up with high-end security features against cyber-attacks and other malware activities. Such as

  1. HTTPs authentication
  2. Biometric authentication
  3. Database encryption
  4. Two-factor authentication
  5. DDoS mitigation
  6. Anti-phishing software
  7. Multi-signature vaults
  8. SSL integration
  9. Browser detection security

By enabling these tightened security mechanisms, you can launch a secure crypto trading platform in a risk-free manner.

Benefits of Buying the Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

  1. You can easily and quickly customize your desired theme, company logo, name, and other front-end designs as per your business needs.
  2. Very Smooth customization and the premium white label crypto exchange software is user-friendly
  3. You can easily establish and boost your brand visibility in the global crypto marketplace without any hassle.
  4. Your users can experience hassle-free trading of all major crypto coins and tokens like bitcoin, ethereum, tether, Cardano, Polkadot, dash, EOS, etc.
  5. Your users can perform instant and secure cryptocurrency transactions.
  6. You can save your time and hard-earned money on launching your cryptocurrency exchange platform.
  7. You can get a cost-free server deployment and configuration
  8. Deploying the bug-free White label crypto exchange software will be simple and easy.
  9. You can get productive 24*7 technical and customer support through the internet from the experienced team.
  10. Lifetime bug-free support
  11. Comes with the updated technical features and top-notch security mechanisms.

To get these many benefits in your software, then you need to get it from the outstanding white label crypto-exchange software development company – Zab Technologies. Let us see what Zab technologies can do…

How Zab Technologies Helps Startups to Build their own Crypto Exchange Platform?

Zab Technologies has been in the field of white label crypto exchange development for years. We are one of the top-rated white label cryptocurrency exchange software development companies with years of experience in the blockchain space. Apart from white label solutions, we also provide other reliable blockchain development services to all startups and speculators. Our services include Cryptocurrency wallet development, cryptocurrency exchange development from scratch, crypto payment gateway development, ERC20 token development, Tron token development, ICO development, STO development, and much more. 

The cost of our premium white label crypto exchange software will range around $12k – $15k. But based on your business needs, the development cost might vary. Our experienced blockchain developers will craft white label crypto exchange software based on your business needs. In our software, You can customize your bitcoin exchange platform based on your desired trading modules. Also, you can modify the theme, name, logo, and other designs to stand unique from other competitors in the crypto marketplace. This might grab many users to your exchange and you can increase your user base in a short period. Besides, our software would help startups and entrepreneurs make a lucrative amount of money. 

How Zab Technologies Stands Unique from other White Label Crypto Exchange Development companies?

Zab technologies is a trustworthy white label crypto exchange software development company across the globe. We are specialized in offering all kinds of blockchain development services that are available in the blockchain marketplace. Many startups and entrepreneurs are benefited by using our white label crypto exchange software. So far we have delivered 100+ white label crypto exchange software for international clients with utmost perfection. Unlike other development companies, we also provide 24×7 technical and customer support for our clients through the internet. 

Zab Technologies is here to fulfil your crypto exchange business dreams come true. If you have an interest in starting a cryptocurrency exchange business at a budget-friendly price. Then choosing Zab Technologies will be the best solution for your business.

Talk to our team experts and get a free live demo of our bug-free white label cryptocurrency exchange software now!

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