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p2p crypto exchange software

Cryptocurrency is becoming the trendy talk of this digital world. Cryptocurrency is transforming the payment system. In general, crypto transactions were made within minutes which were taking more time by the fiat currency. In the blockchain industry, many people prefer to start p2p crypto exchanges for their business. Because it is more secure and safe for traders. Startups and entrepreneurs used premium p2p crypto exchange software to create a p2p cryptocurrency exchange.  

P2P Cryptocurrency exchange development makes the exchange mechanism fast and reliable. So, people rely upon the p2p crypto exchange for trading their fiat money to crypto or vice versa. But this process needs tight security to attract a people base. If you aren’t aware of this kind of exchange software. Then this article will help with everything you need to know on p2p crypto exchange software. 

This article navigates to the ultimate guide on p2p crypto exchange software. It includes all the essential factors that you need to know about p2p exchange development. So, let us begin with…

What is P2P Crypto Exchange?

The P2P crypto exchange is a peer-to-peer decentralized crypto trading platform. Here, the crypto users can trade a wide range of digital currencies in a decentralized manner. In this P2P crypto exchange, there will be no admin or intermediate to monitor your crypto transactions. Also, users can directly match with other users for the trading cryptos. 

P2P crypto exchange protects user funds and maintains high transparency. These types of cryptocurrency exchanges will include a high-level of security features to avoid cyber attacks, scams, and other malware activities. But in the crypto market, P2P crypto exchange platforms are less compared to other types of crypto exchanges. 

In recent times, many startups, entrepreneurs, and business class people are showing their interest in creating a P2P crypto exchange platform. P2P cryptocurrency exchange does not hold any user funds. Moreover, now all the crypto trading platforms are having P2P exchange has an essential feature for their users. So users can safely trade Bitcoins and other digital currencies securely without any hassle. One can launch a secure p2p crypto exchange by using the powerful p2p crypto exchange software.

What is P2P Crypto Exchange Software?

P2p crypto exchange software is a tailor-made software to create a p2p crypto exchange instantly. It is a feature-packed software that holds all the basic functionalities of the crypto exchange. Apart from this, it contains all the essential and powerful security features to neglect cyber-attacks. P2p crypto exchange software is the most scalable product in the blockchain space. Because this kind of software is completely developed, designed, verified, tested, and ready for deployment. Also, by using this software you can customize your desired set of features as per your business requirements. Thus, there is a great demand for p2p crypto exchange software in the crypto marketplace.

Zab technologies provide the superfine p2p crypto exchange software which is highly customizable and bug-free. Our software is user-friendly, unhackable, and protected with tightened security mechanisms. 

Now, let us see…

How Does P2P Crypto Exchange Software Works?

P2P crypto exchange software works the same as the normal peer-to-peer crypto exchange. This software helps the users to trade distinct reliable cryptocurrencies securely without any hassle. To understand how p2p crypto exchange software works, let us see with a detailed explanation.

  1. Consider you as a new user in the p2p crypto exchange. As a user, first, you need to register in the exchange by providing the required details. Such as username, contact number, Gmail address, and other important details. 
  2. After registration, you need to authenticate by completing the KYC/verification. Only after this process, users can trade and withdraw their profits to the bank accounts.
  3. Then you need to link your wallet address to your p2p crypto exchange account. After linking the address, you need to deposit a certain amount of crypto or fiat money in the exchange account. The exchange owner will have certain rules regarding the minimum deposit limit. So you need to deposit currencies as per the exchange regulations.  
  4. Then you can browse existing orders on the p2p crypto exchange platform. Else, you can create your orders for peer to peer crypto trading
  5. You can select the order as per your wish and proceed with the crypto transaction
  6. After placing the order, you have to complete the payment or deposit the crypto transaction within the particular time limit
  7. To protect the crypto transaction and your funds against hackers, the escrow option will be enabled in p2p crypto exchange software to transfer cryptos on the P2P exchange
  8. You can also chat with the other end trader using the messaging option to explore and deal with prices.

This is how the premium p2p crypto exchange software works in real-time for your business.

Now, let us see…

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Creating a p2p crypto exchange is simple when you use premium p2p crypto exchange software. You can launch a function-rich and secure peer to peer crypto exchange instantly using this exchange software. But you must consider some factors before going with p2p exchange development. Such as 

  1. Market research
  2. Legal feasibility
  3. Design the architecture
  4. Identify top-notch p2p crypto exchange development company
  5. Deployment 
  6. Maintenance
  • Market Research

When you have plans to create a secure p2p crypto exchange, you also need to do the market research. You need to understand the price fluctuations of major cryptocurrencies in the market. 

  • Legal Feasibility

Choose the right place for launching the p2p crypto exchange platform. Because major countries like the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and European Union countries are having legal rights to use digital currencies. Also, cross-check with the jurisdiction of the country in which you are planning to create your crypto exchange using p2p crypto exchange software. 

  • Design Architecture

Now, your p2p crypto exchange will get into the design and architecture phase. This phase will act as a blueprint for your p2p crypto exchange. Here, the user interface, crypto wallet, trade engine, and admin panel of your p2p exchange will be made. 

  • Identify the Top-notch P2P crypto exchange development company

You need to choose the best p2p exchange development company to get the superfine and bug-free p2p crypto exchange software. One such development company is Zab Technologies. We have a team of experts to develop and deliver bug-free p2p crypto exchange software.

  • Deployment

In this phase, you will get your completely furnished function-rich, and ready to launch p2p crypto exchange. Then market your p2p crypto exchange platform to the targeted audience through promotions.

  • Maintenance 

In this digital world, many hackers are out there who will look for loopholes to inject threats. So maintenance must be done periodically for your p2p crypto exchange.

By considering these factors you can easily develop a p2p crypto exchange using the p2p crypto exchange software. Now, let us see…

Our P2P Crypto Exchange Software Features

Features play a crucial role to create a successful p2p crypto exchange platform. Here is the list of elite features that we enable in our p2p exchange development.

  1. Integrated IEO Module
  2. Margin Trading
  3. Mobile Application support for Android, iOS
  4. Liquidity API
  5. Atomic Swaps
  6. Market Making
  7. Multi-currency pairing
  8. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development and Integration
  9. Crypto Payment Gateway development and Integration
  10. Admin Console
  11. Escrow services
  12. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
  13. Rest API
  14. Leverage Trading
  15. Referral Program
  16. Multi-language support
  17. Matching Engine
  18. Futuristic CMS

The P2P Crypto exchange software generally uses blockchain technology for secure storage and transactions. But there is a need for some essential security features to create a strong fence against cyberbullies.

Necessary Security Features of P2P Crypto Exchange Software

Blockchain technology in the finance industry is making many benefits and profits to investors. This complex technology also provides security to your p2p crypto exchange software. The security features of the p2p crypto exchange platform play a vital role in the expansion of the user base and its development. In that way, the security features are partitioned into two types in the p2p crypto exchange software. Such as Technical and Functional.

Functional security features

  • 2 Factor Authentication codes 

The two-factor authentication codes make the p2p crypto exchange platform to secure the transaction.

  • Time constraining transactions 

The transactions can be constrained to a particular time frame for their activity. This will have a positive effect on the security of the transaction. 

  • Multi-Signature Wallet 

It is a theory where your account has many layers. That makes the transactions and storage hard to crack. Multi-signature wallets resemble the peels of the onion and hence it is secured.

  • Preferring the Cold wallet

Hot wallets are online wallets and they contain a single private key to have more chances of security threats. But cold wallets are completely offline. So they have offline storage which makes it hard to crack and loot the information. 

Technical Security features

  • Security Extensions for your DNS 

It is generally called DNSSEC. It is a protocol that provides a shield against illegitimate DNS extensions. It segregates the public key from the signature wallet to keep up the validity and security of the data. Also, it prevents users from getting into any kind of suspicious website and diverting websites. 

  • Locking your Registry 

You can protect your p2p crypto exchange software by adding an extra layer of security by locking the registry. This action can prevent the hacker from getting access to crucial information. They cannot alter the information provided in the registry. 

  • Protect your cloud 

As the big data is on the table, you can and have to protect your cloud from being misused. Not all the information is stored in the blockchain. Minute mistakes that have been left out being unprotected can cause serious consequences.

  • Public key using the Hypertext protocols 

Using HTTPS public keys can prevent the attack from malicious websites. Hence, it is important to provide the utmost security to the p2p crypto exchange software.

  • Anti-DDoS 

DDoS threats can degrade traffic. They create an illusion of the exchange software. You can stop these threats. One, prevent incoming Internet control messages. Two, shield the DNS response from the external sources.

  • Stopping Cross-site scripting 

You have heard a trusted website being injected with malicious and suspicious scripts thereby bringing down the entire site to shambles. This can end with the induction of the CSRF security mechanism.

Benefits of our P2P Exchange Software

  1. Highly Customizable and bug-free
  2. Secure payments
  3. Supports multiple-cryptocurrencies and large trade volumes
  4. Advanced API integrations are available in our software
  5. Your users can perform instant and secure transactions
  6. Our p2p crypto exchange software has cross-platform functionality
  7.  As an exchange owner, you can set your transaction fee, withdraw fee, and deposit fee
  8. You can collect fees for every successful trade order on the p2p crypto exchange platform
  9. You can able to charge fees to different users at different rates based on cryptocurrencies.
  10. Our p2p crypto exchange software holds all the advanced blockchain solutions and functionalities.

Why Choose Zab Technologies for P2P Crypto Exchange Software?

Zab technologies, the renowned p2p exchange development company in the blockchain space. Being a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company, we excel in offering all kinds of crypto exchange development services with top-notch outcomes. At Zab technologies, we are aware of the security of the p2p exchange development. Thus, we enhance and boost the security features of the platform. Customer satisfaction is our primary motto. That is why we add advanced levels of security mechanisms to the p2p crypto exchange software at an affordable cost. Our software is fast, secure, bug-free, and fully customizable. 

So, what are you waiting for???

Connect with Zab technologies and Start to build your secure p2p crypto exchange platform by using our premium p2p crypto exchange software.

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