White Label Crypto Exchange Software – Best Solution for Startups


As of now, the cryptocurrency exchange market is booming every single day with lots of new emerging crypto exchanges. Also, ample amounts of newbies entering the blockchain industry to reap more profits. Currently, crypto exchanges and blockchain tech are becoming the latest trends in this digital era. With this latest trend, buying, selling, and trading of crypto assets have become a common phenomenon.

We have already seen the tremendous growth of white label crypto exchanges in recent years. So many startups and entrepreneurs wanted to print their foot in the crypto industry by starting their own Crypto exchange.  In recent years, many crypto exchange platforms have been launched, survived, and even became a brand in the marketplace. But some have failed due to the user-interface and other security lags. 

In this current time, one major thing that has enlightened many of the startups and entrepreneurs to start a cryptocurrency exchange is white label crypto exchange software. Thus, it is a profitable and easiest way to become a Crypto Exchange Proprietor by launching your crypto trading platform.

This article will provide you a clear perception of White Label crypto exchange software with its beneficial factors and features. Also, you will have a clear understanding of how to launch a successful cryptocurrency exchange.

What is a White Label Crypto Exchange Software?

White label crypto exchange software is usually a licensed and ready-made built software that is provided by the company.  By using software, you can deploy a fully functional and feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange. Here anyone can buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies using fiat or cryptos. By using this pre-designed crypto exchange software, one can kick start their own cryptocurrency exchange instantly with fewer efforts. 

This kind of software will come with advanced security features to provide a hack free environment. Based on your business requirements, you can modify features accordingly. So by using this software you can alter the Name of the Brand, Logo, Design, functionalities, and even the ideas in it. Thus, many experts in the blockchain space are suggesting to go with the Crypto Exchange.

Since this kind of platform is readily developed, tested, designed, and available for usage. The primary motto behind this crypto exchange software is, the fundamental back end and the entire database is completely copied to develop the feature-rich crypto exchange under your requirements. So investing in white label crypto exchange software will be the best option. Now, you might ask a question to us like…

Why Should I Invest in White label Crypto Exchange Software Development?

A White Label crypto exchange software allows one to set up their crypto Exchange easily and quickly. The Software comes with well-equipped necessary tools, advanced technologies, and a liquid basis. Thus, this allows you to quickly launch the top-notch crypto exchange under your brand without investing in additional infrastructures and other technical work.

In this software, the exchange owner customizes based on their version of the product to better suit the needs. Also, they can set up their commission fees for trades, establishing a commission for their bids, choosing the cryptocurrency pairs, and more.This software product comes with KYC/AML functionality, advanced liquidity API, and other plugins.

Now, You might ask:

Does the crypto exchange is worth investing in?  The answer is ‘big yes’.

It is a perfect software for startups, entrepreneurs, and business class people to invest in. Thus, use premium software to build a perfect Crypto exchange that is hassle-free & profitable for your business.

Launch your Crypto Exchange in 10 days
Launch your Crypto Exchange in 10 days

Steps to Launch your White Label Crypto Exchange

To build a custom and unique crypto exchange, you need to buy bug-free white label crypto exchange software. Thus, you need to choose the right and trust-worthy cryptocurrency exchange development company. One such company is Zab technologies. There are some essential steps involved to build a crypto exchange platform. So now, let us see them…

#Step 1

The first step you need to follow is to go through market research. Analyze the functions and the types of tradings that take place in the crypto exchange. Evaluate the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. Then, research the existing crypto trends and white label services. For some reason, the price of the crypto might vary daily. So make the final decision, whether this would be the perfect time to get into the crypto industry. 

#Step 2

Requirement Gathering will be a second step. Have a unique business requirement, so you can stand unique in the marketplace. Also, helps you to grow efficiently in a short period. Have a custom and attractive theme design for your crypto exchange. So, it might grab more crypto users.

#Step 3

Check out the laws of the country and identify the location. Understanding the regulations of the country where you plan to launch a perfect crypto exchange is essential. Thus, make sure to know the laws and regulations of the government before creating a stunning crypto exchange. Then Identify the location that you are planning to launch a crypto exchange. Some countries like Russia, Bolivia, Algeria, Ecuador, and Macedonia are saying “No” to cryptocurrencies. But some countries are allowing people to trade cryptos. Such as 

  1. The United States of America,
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. India
  5. Singapore
  6. Malta 
  7. Australia
  8. European Union countries

Thus, choose the right location for creating the crypto exchange platform for your business. 

#Step 4

Selecting the type of crypto exchange that you want to launch is also one of the essential steps. Main crypto exchange types are

  1. Centralized exchange
  2. Decentralized exchange
  3. Hybrid crypto exchange
  4. Ads based crypto exchange 
  5. Peer to peer crypto exchange
  6. User to admin exchange
  7. Orders book exchange
#Step 5

Design the Architecture of your stunning crypto exchange. Thus, you must enable four essential components to design effective crypto exchange architecture. Such as

  1. Trade engine
  2. Crypto wallet
  3. Admin control panel
  4. User interface
#Step 6

Choose the way to create a white label crypto exchange software. There are three ways of developing a profitable cryptocurrency exchange platform. Below are the ways to create a crypto exchange.

  1. Hire an in-house software team and develop the crypto exchange from scratch
  2. Hire freelancer developers to develop the white label crypto exchange platform
  3. Choose the finest white label crypto exchange software from the reputed cryptocurrency exchange development company
#Step 7

From these three ways, choosing the white label crypto exchange software will be the correct option. If you have chosen the software then you can further proceed to the next step

#Step 8

Find the Best Crypto exchange software Development company. There are many development companies, but the essential thing is to identify the best crypto exchange development company. So you can build your exchange platform with well-experienced developers. So choose the finest crypto exchange development company to launch a unique cryptocurrency exchange.

#Step 9

Integrate the must-have features in your white label crypto exchange software. Also, high-level security mechanisms. It would avoid cyber attacks and other fraudulent activities.

#Step 10

After integrating the essential security features for this software, you will get a ready to go live crypto exchange platform. Once your exchange gets deployed with the guidance of the best crypto exchange software development company, start marketing your exchange.

#Step 11

It is the final step, the success of the developed and designed crypto exchange is based on user satisfaction. Thus provide 24/7 customer support and have an expert team to instantly resolve any issues or errors. As a result, you can earn profitable money within a short time.

These are the paramount steps involved to build a secure cryptocurrency exchange without any hassle. 

Reasons to Buy our White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Here we list some notable reasons to buy premium white label crypto exchange software.

  • Faster Deployment

Developing new software can take a longer time, but by using this software, you can deploy your exchange quickly. This can be highly beneficial if you want to build a crypto trading platform right now!

  • Enhanced Reliability

Your software is completely built by an experienced set of team. So, you can be assured of higher reliability for your project. We at Zab Technologies, provide the Best White-label Crypto Exchange software with our high-end experience. 

  • Lower labor cost

The development cost will also be considerably reduced. Thus, if you buy White-label Crypto Exchange Software you will save your money.

  • Boosts Branding

Here customers are not confronted with the name and logo of an external party. White Label software is a perfect solution because you can modify the name, logo, and even the colours. Thus, you can build a unique crypto exchange to stand out from the crowd. As a result, it would boost your brand visibility in the marketplace.

Now, let us see…

Elite Features 

Here we have a list of desirable features that you must enable in your white label crypto exchange software.

  1. Initial Exchange offering module
  2. Security Token Exchange Development
  3. Liquidity API
  4. Mobile Application Support
  5. Payment Gateway Integration
  6. Escrow Services
  7. Investor Console
  8. Customizable Admin Panel
  9. Decentralized Exchange Development
  10. Hybrid Bitcoin Exchange Development
  11. Margin Trading
  12. Crypto Wallet Integration
  13. Atomic Swaps
  14. Cryptocurrency Price Ticker API
  15. KYC/AML Solutions and much more!

High end Security Features 

Here we list some popular and the best security features of white label crypto exchange software that you must enable in your crypto exchange software platform.

  1. HTTPs authentication
  2. Biometric authentication
  3. Jail login
  4. Data encryption
  5. Cold wallet
  6. Registry lock
  7. Two-factor authentication
  8. SQL injection prevention
  9. Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
  10. Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection
  11. Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection
  12. Escrow services

By incorporating these security features, you can eliminate hacking and other fraudulent activities.

Benefits of Buying White Label Crypto Exchange Software 

Here we list the significant benefits of our White Label Crypto Exchange Software

  1. You can launch your outstanding crypto exchange immediately.
  2. You can modify the theme, logo, name, and other front end designs according to your business needs.
  3. Boosts brand visibility in the market
  4. Helps to enter the crypto market quickly.
  5. Instant and secure crypto transactions 
  6. Supports multiple-cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, litecoin, and more.
  7. Avoids spending money and time on developing your crypto exchange. So this software saves your time and money.
  8. Deploying a crypto exchange is simple and does not take more time.
  9. You can get reliable 24*7 technical and customer support through the internet.
  10. An attractive user-friendly interface and peculiar trading features in your exchange might attract many crypto-users across the world.

How much does it Cost to Create a White Label Crypto Exchange?

Our product usually depends on the business requirements you have. The ready-made white label software will be altered according to your requirements. So the price will depend upon the complexity of your project. The cost of the White Label Crypto exchange software ranges between $6000 to $12000. But it is completely based upon some essential factors. Such as 

  1. API integration 
  2. Trading and security features that are integrated
  3. Project complexity
  4. Front and back end development
  5. Advanced technologies used in the development process 
  6. UI/UX development
  7. Size of the development team and location
  8. Type of the crypto exchange you have chosen. 

Also, the cost of the crypto exchange development will widely vary depending upon the company. 

Why Choose Zab Technologies for White Label Crypto Exchange Software Development?

Zab Technologies, an award-winning  White Label crypto exchange software development company in the industry. At Zab technologies, we provide premier white label crypto exchange software with all the advanced features. Our software is 100% bug-free and customizable. Our attractive UI/UX designs are loved by clients and crypto users. Hence our developers work constantly to deliver them effectively. If there is a necessity to build an advanced white label crypto exchange. Then we make it happen with our well-experienced and skillful developers. 

Clientele Satisfaction and Long Term business relationship is only our primary goal. Thus, we provide reliable 24/7 customer support in case of any issues and resolve them instantly. Being a top-rated bitcoin exchange software development company, our primary motto is to assist our clients to launch a feature-rich white label crypto exchange at an affordable cost!

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