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Launch unlimited ERC20 standard tokens and contacts on the Ethereum blockchain

Totally floored by the power of Ethereum and would like your token to be based on its blockchain? Businesses specifically hire our blockchain development team when they need someone totally reliable to work on their ERC20 token and contacts development projects. Unlike independent cryptocurrencies, an ERC20 token does not have its own dedicated blockchain but lives and breathes on Ethereum’s blockchain. It is a standard that is incorporated into your cryptocurrency. All the powerful features that are present in the Ethereum blockchain automatically become an integral part of your cryptocurrency.

Give a big push to your credibility by allowing ether payments through your own wallet and trading platform

ERC20 Token Development
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ERC20 Token Development Feature Highlights

Unlimited token creation

Our programmers can write source code that will enable you to mine an unlimited number of tokens based on the Ethereum protocol.

Full after-deployment support

We provide full debugging services after we have deployed and activated your ERC20 tokens so that you can focus on building your business while we take care of the technicalities.

Benefit from the inbuilt Ethereum blockchain security and efficiency

The tokens and contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain technology inherit all the time-tested features so that, despite having one of the most advanced security and efficiency features, you don’t have to build everything from scratch.

Immutability and trustworthiness

Ethereum is one of the most advanced blockchain technologies in the contemporary world and even to break one block for data breach or hacking would take millions of years.

Hire an experienced ERC20 token development team

We are one of the few experienced ERC20 standard token development teams who have actually implemented real-world solutions even though the technology is still in its nascent state.

Raise funds quickly

Although highly trusted all over the world, compared to many cryptocurrencies and mining coins, the ERC20 standard is relatively new and hence, people are more enthusiastic about investing in it.

Case Studies


Local cab service wanted to reward its users for using its service more often, through ERC20 standard coins.

The challenge was to allow the users to exchange their crypto coins to purchase real items from the partners using the digital wallet of the cab service.


Since we had already worked on four similar projects we were able to leverage our expertise to implement an ERC20 standard-based token system with an integrated wallet for the customer.


The cab business has increased 2x now, with more people preferring to use its services as well as using the wallet to purchase items.

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A real estate development company wanted to provide an incentive in the form of ERC20 crypto coins for early investments.

Although, specifically targeting techies, most of the customers of the real estate development company were not aware of cryptocurrencies and hence, they needed to provide them facility to use the coins to upgrade their apartments.


We were able to implement a rewards-based ERC20 point system where people would get rewarded for early investments and then they could use these coins to get additional features for the apartments.


The newly constructed apartment building is fully booked, with most of the residents having used their tokens to get their dream apartments.

cost to create erc20 token

Faqs about our ERC20 standard token development services

ERC20 stands for “Ethereum Request for Comment”, which is an Ethereum token standard. This standard is used to represent smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Compared to other tokens and crypto coins, building a mining token based on the ERC20 standard brings the power of Ethereum blockchain to your token and cryptocurrency. It is one of the most secure and advanced blockchain technology platforms.

Yes. After developing and deploying your ERC20 standard token, we will provide you full support. We are one of the top ERC20 standard token development companies and businesses mostly hire us for our expertise as well as lasting support.

Yes, an ERC20 standard token can be used with your digital wallet that supports different cryptocurrencies. It can also be used with your trading platform and exchange.

The token will be developed from scratch. Our programmers will basically use the Ethereum blockchain development platform to create a completely customized and unique token for your business.

It is quite widely used. A 2017 study showed that 76% cryptocurrencies in circulation were using the ERC20 standard.

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