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To be able to launch an initial coin offering and platform building you need a top ICO development company to create an (ERC20 based token/altcoin), White Paper, smart contracts development, cryptocurrency wallet development and cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform that people can use to leverage your cryptocurrency. As people use these digital assets and platforms trust in your product and organization grows and herein lies the success of your ICO since it is unveiled as initial coin offering legal. From concept to design to programming to branding and your online presence in Initial Coin Offering ico market we provide total turnkey initial coin offering bitcoin for businesses of all scales.

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Features of our ICO initial coin offering and platform building

ICO white paper writing services

To ensure the success of your initial coin offering ico script you need to release a white paper. The white paper explains your business, the strength of the coin you are introducing, the benefits of using your exchange trading platform and the technology being used to develop the entire blockchain interface and software. Most of the investors are tech-savvy and prefer to read information about your initial coin offering checklist before investing. Our exceptional-quality ICO white paper writing services will make sure that your prospective investors have all the information they need in a highly digestible manner.

ERC20 token creation service

You can hire our initial coin offering advisory to get a unique altcoin or crypto coin for your business which is basically the building block of your ICO development process. You can have a complete blockchain application without having a coin for your business (you can base your blockchain start-up on smart contracts) but most of the businesses planning to launch a successful initial coin offering setup go for a unique coin.

Smart contracts development service

A smart contact is basically, as the name suggests, a contract between two parties that is validated through thousands of blocks connected with a chain (hence, blockchain). These contracts are immutable and all the necessary information is embedded within the contracts. You need a smart contracts application for your initial coin offering regulation you can totally rely on.

Logo design for the coin

People will need to distinguish your coin from other coins in the market and this can be best achieved through a striking and attractive logo design for your coin. Our team of designers can design a highly professional and eye-catching logo for your coin to draw prospective initial coin offering consulting investors to it.

Digital wallet development service

Once you have a coin you would preferably want people to be able to use it. While there are many digital wallets that support contemporary crypto coins until your coin hits traction and people begin to transact in it and start investing in it, you will need your own digital wallet to support it and this is where our development team can give you invaluable support.

ICO Website creation

Your initial coin offering requirements are going to need an Internet home and for that, you need a website. A well-designed, fully functional website where people can interact with your cryptocurrency, or your blockchain app, and obtain all the necessary information. The website that we will build for your initial coin offering pwc will be highly professional, fully-functional and state-of-the-art.

Case Studies


A nanny service provider intended to create ico initial coin offering for its smart-contracts-based service where parents could use its unique cryptocurrency to not just hire nannies for their babies but also ensure that their backgrounds have been thoroughly checked.


Totally understanding the service’s need to put in place a highly useful and attractive blockchain solution that young, tech-savvy parents would like to use, our team was able to develop the needed ICO in record time to the people with the question of how to make millions with initial coin offering.


The coin of the nanny service has increased in its value manifold. The smart-contracts-based nanny hiring service has been such a hit that it survives mainly on word of mouth publicity. The service was able to raise funds to further improve its services.

How much will cost to Launch my ICO

A green energy trading platform was in an urgent need to launch an initial coin offering venture capital. For every unit of wind power its subscribers consume, it wanted to accept micro payments in real-time and the embedded smart contracts should ensure that the subscribers are also constantly being rewarded.


We create an initial coin offering as a complete solution for the green energy company. From web design to coin design to altcoin development to digital wallet used to manage payments and other transactions, we were able to implement the entire system in two months.


The green energy company has been able to establish its power generators on multiple locations due to the cryptocurrency-based micro-payments and reward system that it can manage from a centralized dashboard.

How much will cost to Launch my ICO

Faqs about our ICO development services

An ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” which is a great way of raising funds for your upcoming project or for your start-up. You present your idea through a White Paper and through your website and people invest in your project through existing cryptocurrencies or even through conventional monetary investments and in exchange, you give them your coin. They can either use your coin to carry out transactions or wait for its value to increase so that they can use a crypto currency exchange to earn a profit. It is just like investing money in the conventional stock exchange through IPO. The difference is, in this case, the major currency of exchange is cryptocurrency.

Yes. An ICO is basically a blockchain project and in a blockchain project you need an altcoin, a digital wallet, sometimes an exchange or trading platform, and smart contracts. You may also need a website to promote your ICO. You will also need a White Paper to convince your investors. We provide all the services to give your ICO a solid background.

Although we provide the best rates in the industry, there is no fixed price for a project because every project is unique. How much we charge will depend on the scale of your project and the complexity of your processes.

Once you decide to hire our team, our representative will spend time exploring your project and drawing out the nitty-gritty. This will give us a fair idea of how much time and effort it is going to take. Accordingly, we will create an estimate and present it to you. If you find our estimate acceptable, we will start the work.

Not at all. We have an experienced ICO development team that has worked on multiple international projects. We are totally reliable. From ideation to deployment and maintenance, we can provide you full ICO development services.

Sure. Although, frankly, it differs from application to application whether a legacy application can be converted to a blockchain software, but if there is a possibility, then sure, we have the ability to convert every legacy program into a blockchain software program.

Zab caters to high-end solutions at a minimal initial coin offering price. Major coins are also delivered as a cost-effective outcome which includes Bitcoin Initial Coin offering Price, ethereum initial coin offering price, etc.

To invest in ICO, there is a certain initial coin offering regulation associated. It depends on the location where you are! sec regulated initial coin offering ico are considered to a perfect one!

With experts onboard, we follow these primary steps for how to launch an initial coin offering.

  • Our Tech-Savvy Team to bring forth ICO employs a Blockchain enable platform such as Ethereum.
  • The platform is powered by cryptocurrency based tokens referred to as Coins.
  • The next step for how to setup an initial coin offering is we produce Whitepaper to elucidate its thought in greater technical deepness for cryptocurrency cluster of individuals to review, which is ideally supported by a prototype.

This is how to create initial coin offering.

Initial Coin Offering usually is a Hassle-Free process. If your query is initial coin offering how to invest we the experts guide you with simple steps such as:

  • Choosing an Exchange Platform.
  • Setting Up MyEtherWallet.
  • Finding and Researching ICO’s.
  • Signing up and KYC process.
  • Switching to Trust Wallet.
  • Receive Token on exchanges
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