Bitcoin Leverage Trading – Everything you Need to Know

Bitcoin Leverage Trading _ Crypto Leverage Trading Exchange Developers!
Bitcoin Leverage Trading _ Crypto Leverage Trading Exchange Developers!

In this modern world, one of the great ways to make money is by trading digital currencies. Currently, many popular crypto trading platforms are usually available to assist users with trading. These types of platforms will be highly profitable depending on your trading methods. 

There are distinct ways to trade cryptocurrencies in the crypto trading platforms. In recent times, you might have heard of shorting bitcoin, margin trading, and bitcoin leverage trading. All of these terms refer to the features in the crypto exchanges with the same practice. but the working and functionalities will vary.

In simple terms, we know that the cryptocurrency market is more volatile. The price fluctuations in the crypto markets make it possible for traders and investors to turn a profit through Bitcoin leverage trading and margin trading. Users who have only limited resources of cryptos can make use of Margin Trading. This feature increases the amount invested without having to hold the assets. 

This article will be useful for both the traders and entrepreneurs to come up with a clear perception of bitcoin leverage trading.

Now, let us begin this article with…

What is Bitcoin Leverage Trading?

Bitcoin leverage trading refers to trading bitcoin Contract For Difference(CFD) and taking the benefit of the leverage offered by brokers.  If you are exchanging bitcoin with a broker that offers 50:1 leverage on bitcoin. Then you can trade $22k worth of bitcoin at $440 easily.

Even though you do not have any bitcoins, you can still make lucrative money by using the leverage trading feature to bet on the next direction of BTC price. In the crypto exchange platform, many brokers will offer diverse levels of leverage for bitcoin leverage trading. You can get leverage levels from 1:5 to 1:100. But you need to make sure before you choose a broker for bitcoin leverage trading. 

How Does Bitcoin Leverage Trading Works?

Bitcoin Leverage Trading is proven to be one of the dominant trends among cryptocurrency exchange platforms. This feature allows a trader to open a position with leverage. This means that the trader or user can borrow an additional amount of money from an admin or third party based on the money they already have.

Let me make you understand clearly with a small instance. If you make an investment of $2000 in bitcoin but you only have $1000. So, to bring an addition of $1000, you borrow them with a margin of 2:1. This means that for every dollar you invest, you will get an additional dollar to invest.

In case, if the bitcoin price increases by 50%, your investment of $2000 will now be $3000. You can liquidate and pay back $1000 to the lender and enjoy your additional lucrative incomes. On the other hand, if the Bitcoin price decreased by 50%, your investment of $2000 is reduced to $1000. In this case, the lender needs to be protected and he/she has the complete rights to claim them. Now your initial investment of $1000 is lost. Thus this feature might be a rewarding one as well as hazardous. But it all depends on the volatility in the crypto marketplace.  Thus many startups and businesses prefer margin trading exchange development

Now, you might get confused about who will be responsible for providing these additional funds. Thus, you might ask us a question like…

Who will be Lending these Additional Funds?

Usually, individuals and brokers act as lenders here. They lend their fiat currency or any kind of digital currency to the traders at an interest rate. In case, if the trader’s portfolio is poor, then the lent broker has the complete advantage of closing their position for refunding and saving the lenders. So that they get their interests and money. On the other side, if the margin trader’s portfolio is performing well. Then the brokers would be happy to lend some extra funds in the present as well as the future. 

If you look at the prominent crypto leveraged trading exchanges, the bitcoin leverage trading feature is possible with the existing market. For instance, poloniex is a well-known crypto margin trading platform. Here users will provide the loans for the margin market. while in other traditional crypto margin exchange platforms, they provide themselves. 

Popular Bitcoin Leverage Trading platforms in the Marketplace

Here we list some of the top crypto margin trading platforms that are prevailing in the marketplace.

  1. Binance
  2. Bitmex
  3. Poloniex
  4. Bitmax 
  5. Kraken
  6. Etoro
  7. Bybit
  8. Bithoven  
  9. Bitfinex 
  10. Prime bit

Best Bitcoin Leverage Trading Strategies

Basically, the cost of bitcoin leverage trading includes paying the interest fee for the borrowed funds. Additionally, traders or users will also be charged for opening a position with the bitcoin leverage trading platforms. 

As of now, bitcoin leverage trading and margin trading are available in most of the crypto exchanges. Also, they are considered as the essential features in crypto exchange to make more profits. The advantage of bitcoin leverage trading is very clear, with great security. But users must try to minimize the number of cryptos they hold on the exchanges. Because currently, many cyber-attacks and malware activities are happening in the crypto trading platform.

Bitcoin leverage trading allows opening leveraged positions with no need of providing the bitcoin. In this way, one can hold only a few cryptocurrencies in the exchange platform.

If you are an active bitcoin leverage trader in crypto exchange, then here we list a few strategies which you can take into account.

#1 Managing Risks

When trading a bitcoin on a crypto exchange, it is essential to be more aware of the risks involved. Have a backup of money because if you lose your funds, then the backup money might help you. 

#2 Watch closely

As we know, digital currencies are completely considered to be the elements of high volatility in the market. Thus, try to make only short-term bitcoin leverage trading for your business. 

#3 Have an eye on major events

The volatility in the crypto market is mostly impacted by the major decisions and events of the popular ones. Therefore, know about them in advance before you start to trade digital currencies.

#4 Progressively increase trade size 

If you are a newbie to bitcoin leverage trading, then you can connect with experienced traders and begin with smaller position sizes and lower leverage.

#5 Understand order types 

In general, margin traders frequently use combinations of multiple order types. such as stop loss and take profit. So that they can minimize risk and open complex positions. These order types will guide traders by setting specific profit/loss targets. Also, it automatically closes the positions.

#6 Pay attention to fees and interest 

Bitcoin leverage trading exchanges don’t offer leverage options for free. When a user opens a leveraged position, they must pay interest on the capital that they borrow.

Have all these strategies in your mind, before you get started with bitcoin leverage trading. This feature will be more profitable if a user is an experienced trader. If you have an idea on starting the exchange, else you already have a crypto exchange. Then you can enable this bitcoin leverage trading and margin trading feature. So that you can grab n-number of users to your exchange platform easily. Thus, utilize the best margin trading exchange development service to build the powerful bitcoin leverage trading platform.

Desirable Features of Margin Trading Exchange Development

Here is the list of crucial and must-have features that you must enable while developing a bitcoin leverage trading platform.

  1. Perpetual contracts
  2. Matching engine
  3. Market making
  4. Bitcoin wallet development and integration
  5. Standardized GDPR compliance
  6. Risk management
  7. Conditional trading
  8. Multiple account management
  9. Leverage options
  10. Trading bonus
  11. Auto deleveraging
  12. Partial close trades
  13. Social trading

Now, let us see…

Benefits of Margin Trading Exchange Development

Here we list the essential perks of margin trading exchange development.

  1. Enhanced return ratios
  2. Deleveraging options
  3. You can get advanced API integrations
  4. Endless earning opportunities
  5. Reshuffle capital
  6. Wide range of borrow limits
  7. Perpetual profits

If you need these features and benefits in your bitcoin leverage trading platform. Then you must connect with the professional margin trading exchange development company in the industry. One such company in the industry is Zab Technologies.

Why choose Zab Technologies for Margin Trading Exchange Development?

Zab Technologies, the fast-growing and leading cryptocurrency exchange development company in the market. We understand the importance of the bitcoin leverage trading and  Margin Trading feature. Thus, our team of experienced developers has blended these features well into the margin trading exchange development. As of now, most of the traders and investors are expecting this latest feature in the crypto exchange platforms. We made their expectations into reality. Thus, you can utilize our premium cryptocurrency exchange software development service to build your bitcoin leverage trading platform within a few days at the best price in the market. 

In addition to the bitcoin leverage trading and margin trading feature, we have a lot of exclusive features in our cryptocurrency exchange development service. Such as

  1. Order Books
  2. Liquidity API
  3. Initial Exchange Offering Module
  4. Security Token Exchange
  5. Mobile App development for Android & iOS
  6. Trading Bot 
  7. Cryptocurrency Wallet development & integration
  8. Crypto payment gateway development and integration

And much more!

All these peculiar features will be enabled while developing your bitcoin leverage trading platform. Also, they can be completely customized as per your unique business requirements 

What are you waiting for??????

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